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Ideas and Suggestions / Dance playlist?
« on: February 17, 2014, 02:43:11 PM »
Why isn't there a dance playlist for the Fanime dance? For the black and white ball there is a playlist for the people and we get to put our inputs on which song should be played.

Last year I went to the dance and there was music that could of been played at any club or rave. I didn't enjoy it because I was hoping there would be j-pop songs or j-rock. What I am trying to say is, Fanime is an anime con and most of the attendees there like anime. So why aren't there any dj's that specifically play anime songs? or why can't the attendees put our inputs on which songs should be played?

Some good music that should be played are the one listed in the music fest page where people listed their favorite bands.
Here is the thread,18708.0.html

*Not sure if this topic goes here. If it doesn't please, do whatever you please admins.

I went to Fanime (the building) the other day just to check it out and the front of the building has a huge construction thingy going on! Like I remember last year there was a lot of space to move around in front of the area, but now it looks like there is not going to be any space to move around. Ahh!!! Why did this have to happen? I know they are trying to expand the premise and stuff. But even still, there isn't much walking space for now. I heard back then that there was fountains in front of the convention center, but they took that out. It is sad to see so many changes happen D:

Enough of me talking, how do you feel about the construction going on at the convention center?

Here is the video so you get an idea of what the construction looks like.

I haven't seen a thread for fanime convention videos so I decided to create one. If you recorded the fanime event please reply with your video below. I will love to see it and I'm sure others would love to see it too :).

My video is 16 minutes long and the groups that stand out the most is

League of legends (I got garen to do his skill "judgement" spin to win!).
Vocaloid and the part of the vocaloid gathering,
Naruto (I got most of them dancing in a huge group :D),
Gintama (I got gintoki to pick his nose)
Black Rock shooter (Got black gold saw, strength, dead master, Black rock shooter, and white rock shooter in the video)
Ruroni Kenshin (I got a live action movie scene collaborated with shishio, samurai x kenshin, and sanosuke)

Here is the video

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