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Greetings all, I think there should be a quad suit gathering for 2013 and I'd like quad suiters to join in on his threat so we can band together for fun and for safety. Sometimes people jump on us and can damage the cosplays we spent so much time, money, effort and love on making!!! We need handlers to be with us and watch our back(literally!).
   For our own safety, conventions and attendees need to be more aware of the damage glomping can do to a cosplay and also a quadsuit. In a quadsuit we can't see or hear very well, so we need a handler and people do not know if there is a strong 200lb man in a quad or maybe an 80lb girl you'll crush if you jump on them!! Maybe the quad suiter has an injury and you may severely hurt them by jumping on them!
   So if you quad suit or want to, please join in conversation here! Lets help each other our, old and new! Discuss quad suit options, materials, safety precautions and experiences and advice. Thank you. :)
 - Ciello

Hi I am Ciello and I talked to a bunch of people at Fanime but didn't get everyones info! If this girl is you or you know her would you let her know I am looking for her? ^_^ I hope she doesn't mind this video but it's all I have of her!
 Please contact Ciello Regalo or Sym Osbourne on FB!<3

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