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Specifically, today I went to day 0 and I got the badge with the shirtless guy on it...then I saw others with the penguin badge and I was extremely envious because I absolutely love penguins and would rather have that design instead! So I'm wondering if it's possible on the end of Monday, if there's still badges left, to possibly get a penguin badge printed? I completely understand if it's not possible since this year looks super packed and supplies will probably end up being low ;; But either way, thanks for considering this silly desire of mine!

On a happier note, the line this year was super fast! I got all my group's badges in just 5 minutes and there was no Line-Con at all(which was surprisingly disappointing but everyone probably prefers shorter wait times!). Fanime staff really stepped up their game this year, and they've worked really hard to make this happen! I hope that future years will go by like this as well!

Registration / Registering a new group member
« on: May 14, 2014, 10:45:18 AM »
With the transition to the new system, I can't see where I can add a new member to my group. Is it because that it hasn't been set up yet? Fanime's around the corner and online registration ends on May 24, so I'd like to know how group registration is going to be settled. Thanks!

Registration / Group Registration Problem
« on: February 24, 2014, 04:47:04 PM »
Hello, I'm the group leader for my group and I was just registering my members when one of their registrations somehow got duplicated. Now I have an extra registration that I didn't mean to make at all! I know it says no name changes but this was an honest mistake and I have no idea how to remedy it. This is troubling because now $110 is charged to the same person when it shouldn't be. Please help, thank you!

Live Programming and Events / Underage artist alley attendee
« on: October 14, 2012, 10:31:48 PM »
I'm planning to get a booth in artist alley next year, and I've just turned 16. I know there's a policy where a parent or legal guardian has to be behind the booth with me while I am selling.

I am planning to share a table or two with a friend, so does that mean their parent has to come as well or is it okay if we just have one adult supervising us? My friend is under 18 as well.

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