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Ideas and Suggestions / Badge rule
« on: August 29, 2012, 03:16:12 PM »
Hey my name's Vanessa. Last year I volunteered mostly as door guard for artist alley, dealers hall, and the gaming hall. I noticed a lot of people trying to wear multiple badges from years past to hide that they don't have the current year's badge or they were told that a previous year's badge could be used. My partner and I would frequently try to stop them to confirm that they do have the badge from the current year or convince that person that it would not work;however we have to slow down the line to get this person and people usually get upset when we do this ( people try to get in as fast as they can, who can blame them.) There's also a compromise in security when one of us leaves because if someone else has no badge or an incorrect badge he or she cannot leave to enforce the rules. I would like to suggest a rule against wearing old badgesunderstand people like to wear all their badges to show off seniority but it gets in the way of security. What do you guys think?

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