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Hi everyone,

Just wondering who'd be interested in a Code Geass gathering this year. =) It'd have to be on Fanime Saturday (between 11-2), since I've got a group going only on that day.



Anyone interested in joining an Evangelion gathering? It'll have to be on Fanime!2008 Saturday between 11-2. My group has already decided that we're only going that day, so we'd love to have other Eva fans join!

I'll update the list as more people post. Thanks!

princessblade - Rei
wpuzzle (princessblade's buddy) - Asuka
Phil (princessblade's other buddy) - Shinji

On the Cosplay.com Fanime Forum, I've posted a suggestion for a General FF gathering (i.e. encompassing all games in the series) to take place on both Friday and Saturday. The purpose of holding it twice is to accommodate those of you who have other commitments on Saturday. :) Here's the tentative schedule:

#1 Friday (5/25) @ 3pm @ the fountains
#2 Saturday (5/26) @ 2:30pm @ fountains/registration area

Please post here if you're interested. :) I'll submit this to the official list ASAP.

The Fanime!Cosplay.com Thread

Registration / 2006 Early Registration Badges
« on: May 15, 2006, 12:23:21 PM »
Hey everyone.

I was wondering how the early registration badges differ from the pre-registration badges. I know the early-reg badges aren't laminated, but is that it? What are the dimensions?
I'm asking because since I did early-reg, I want to get a plastic holder for mine so it won't be ruined.

Thanks for your time.

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