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Live Programming and Events / [Gaming] League of Legends tourny
« on: February 27, 2014, 10:01:28 AM »
League of Legends is pretty popular right now.  Are there any plans for a LAN tourny?  I'm sure Riot would be interested in doing something with the Premier NorCal Anime Convention.

Live Programming and Events / Official Swapmeet FAQ (Fans Ask Questions)
« on: February 26, 2014, 10:49:20 AM »
Swap Meet Registration will go live, Friday May 16th at 7PM PST


Welcome to the FanimeCon 2014 Swapmeet FAQ or Fans Ask Questions Thread.

This is going to be a compilation of all questions asked by you, the fans.  Please ask them here and I will add them to the top post.

Questions asked so far:

When is Swapmeet registration?
-Before Fanime ^^;

Sorry I can't give more info right now.  I'm going to be working with our Web team in the coming weeks to make sure that we have a smooth system like we did last year.

Where will Swapmeet be?
-There are a couple of places that we're looking at.  Last year we had an amazing space, however Artist Alley was pushed to South Hall where, I'm sure we can all agree, was not the best place.  I'm doing everything I can to make sure that our next location will be just as good.

I made an error with the previous posting on this, please re-read for accuracy
My friends are going to be selling with me but they're going to wait in line for their badges.  Can I sign in for them?
-Only 2 people per spot.  This is non Negotiable.  They can leave stuff with you to sell if they trust you, but they cannot be in the spot selling or "Hanging out".
-If you are signed up as either the Primary or Secondary on the form, you can check in.  If you are not, then we cannot allow this.  Make sure that both people are listed at sign-up for the spot to avoid confusion.  If you decide after signups that you want to add a second, please email me so that I can make the adjustment in our system to avoid confusion.

How much change do you recommend bringing?

I really depends on how much you're going to be selling and what you price everything at.  Keep in mind that Swapmeet is Day Zero and 1, so people haven't blown all their $20s yet.  If you're selling manga at $3 a pop, make sure you have plenty of $1s to make change for increments of $5.  If you're selling everything in multiples of $5s, make sure you have $5s and $10s.

If you're interested in being able to accept Plastic, you can look into Square Card Readers or Paypal if you have a smart phone.  We will not make access to Wifi available to attendees, so keep that in mind.

Do we need to account for tax?  And if so, do we give you a portion at the end of the night?

We do not take care of your taxes.  If you think you've sold enough that you should give a cut to the government, you should look into that.

Questions I remember from last year:

I need to leave and do something, can this friend watch my stuff?
-My question for you: Are they on the Seller's permit as your second?
>If yes: have fun.
>If no: No, they must be on the sheet as a seller in order for them to sell.  This is not up to me or FanimeCon, this is a San Jose City thing.
Then what do I do with my stuff?
-Take it with you?  FanimeCon is not responsible for your things if you leave them out.  If there is someone stealing, we will do everything we can to identify the individual and bounce them, but at the end of the day, it's your stuff and we can't keep an eye on it for you.

My friend is has registered for a spot, can we be next to each other?
-If you're in line together, then we will try to get you into a spot near each other.  Space is limited so there is no guarantee.
-As a side note, there has been a major problem in the past few years with "Professionals" selling at Swapmeet.  They have purchased multiple spots, either next to each other, or spread out over the hall.  This is not going to be tolerated, if we find you, you will be kicked out, NOT REFUNDED, and Banned from Swapmeet; possibly FanimeCon.  If you are a Dealer, contact Dealer's Hall and do it legitimately.  There is way more traffic in there, you get a much bigger space, many more days for you to sell, and everyone is happy.  We already have a few people flagged as such that are not going to be allowed back, if you try to circumvent this somehow, actions will be taken.

I have adult material to sell, is this okay?
-The specific guidelines will be detailed once we get closer to Registration but it's probably going to be the same as every year.
>1 container MAX
>Make sure you check ID
>Must be covered properly
>Must be legal to sell

I have a bunch of stuff to bring in, it's really heavy, can I use a dolly or hand cart?
-No, this is not allowed due to Union policies that we have to follow.
Can you help us?
-Within reason, we have a ton of people to check in and get to their spaces.  My staff has to be on their feet for hours running the event and we have many people checking in.  Consider the fact that last year we had over 150 spaces filled, if we helped everyone, we would be dying on our feet.  If it's just a poster or shopping bag that we're carrying, probably; but if it's a box of Manga, please bring your own muscle.

I'm disabled.  Look!  Here's an official thing from California stating so!  Can I get help?
-Please email me at swapmeet <at> fanime dot com, we can make arrangements.

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