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Alright folks, its official.  Fanime Con 2006 is gone and only 11.8 months to go until Fanime Con 2007 rolls around.  That means now is the time to plan, coordinate, and communicate before we let it down to the last minuet.  So, in the spirit of preparedness, here we go.

I would consider the Trigun gathering at 2k6 to be a pretty successful throw together, esspecially for something most of us didnt hear about until Saterday morning.  So if we let everyone know ahead of time, everyone will know the details and it will just be that much easier.

Now i dont know when they have certain important events schedualed for the 2007 Con.  These events include but are not limited to;
AMV showings
Cosplay Masquerade
Special Panels

However i will go out on a limb and say "ok, heres a time and place, we can change it later if we need to", so, without further adue, "ok, heres a time and place, we can chnage it later if we need to".

I was thinking that we all meet in a spot that everyone knows (if you've been to the Con and cant find it, please stop stealing my oxygen, i need it to live).  If you have never been to FanimeCon there is a nice sized fountain out front.  I imagine that once a Trigun character shows up it wont be too long before everyone gets the idea and the group forms.

So, I say we meet at the Fountain at a reasonable time, say 12 noon, not a hard one to remember (for most of us).  As for a day Sunday sounds good.  That gives us all time to get settled in, get some shopping and artist browsing done and generally sink into the Con for a bit.

So, once again, heres the main deal.  Also again, this can change if it has to, these are just starter ideas, we can build off them as much as we need.

Time: 12 o-clock noon
Place: Fountain outside San Jose Convention Center
Thing: Trigun Cosplay group gathering

Hope to see as many of you there, rock out, and until then...

"Peace and Love"

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