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Staff & Volunteers / General question about staffing
« on: June 01, 2007, 06:31:34 PM »
Hey there, I was thinking about staffing next year but there's a few questions I'd like answered.

I live in Arizona so attending staff meetings early in the year will be really hard (especially since I've just started a new job and working as a contractor and not an perm).  If I was still living in Northern California, this wouldn't be a problem, but, anyways, could I still sign up for staff without having to physically be at a meeting that's early in the year? (like being in a conference call or something).

Also, should I also pre-reg for a member badge after signing up for staff?  And if accepted for staff, do you get a refund back for the pre-reg? (how does it actually work in terms of getting the badges, pretty much).

I might have some other questions further down the line, but if I know the answers to this question would be really helpful, and if it's not possible for me to be on staff, then that's cool, I'll just volunteer then :p

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