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General Convention Discussion / Fanime HoboRave 2007
« on: June 03, 2007, 01:23:41 AM »
So who went? xD

What is it you ask?  Our own "rave" within the halls of the con hosted by NotN (Ninja of the Night) and yours truly. ^^;  We take donations of glowsticks from other ravers / glowstick wielders and create our own little glowstick campfire.  We talk about random topics.  A colorful bunch & very friendly. ^^;

This year it was held on the 2nd day of the con (Saturday, May 26).  Was curious who attended the biggest turn out the past couple of years. :D

Also a battle circle started too.  That was interesting. ^^;

Oh but of course, the infamous sign in case you so happen to forget what I'm talking about:

See you next year! :D
Stop by and chit-chat.  Make friends.  Rant.  Cause you know the con is already 1/2 done...

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