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SkottieCosplayer started a thread for this sort of thing http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,17495.0.html, but it was in September last year and the thread is locked :( And no one has started a new one so thought I'd share the one I started on cosplay.com http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?p=4673544#post4673544

I'm curious to see who is cosplaying SH this year. There's usually some nurses or a PH running around, but the main reason I'm asking is because I'm trying to gather footage for a SH video project. I've done this before at Fanime, only the project was a music video and it was for Resident Evil http://youtu.be/69hinNTjDyQ

The video is at least a couple of years old now and was my very first attempt at doing a live action anything. Since then I have for a while now been in hopes of doing more live action projects like these, including one for Silent Hill.

The SH project is going to be a mix of a music video | creepy pasta video so it'll be a lot longer than 3 mins and I will need a LOT OF FOOTAGE. So no, this will not be finished for at least another year as I'm doing traveling and location pickings outside of Fanime.

If anyone is cosplaying SH and is interested in being part of my video (which I have a preview of already) http://youtu.be/z1cuavJJAy4 then feel free to contact me or ask me anything in regards to the project.

I'll be at Fanime all weekend long, so getting footage isn't necessarily stuck to one day per say, but I am cosplaying James Sunderland Thursday as well as my friend cosplaying Heather Mason. Anyone SH peeps willing to wear their costume Thursday and do an hour or more session of video footage?

Keep in mind (since this is being done outside of Fanime as well), that if you want to be in the video project, but can't do it for Fanime, I would love to get a list of SH peeps together for some time after the con. I live in the Sacramento area so we'd have to plan a meet up time etc etc. I have no problem driving to SF if you live there, and getting footage there. My favorite city and perfect for location shoots. So there's always that option as well I need as much footage as possible.

I'm not seeking to start a gathering, but there's no reason someone couldn't personally step in and start one :) I'm just more or less seeing what is out there, either for making new friends/hang out purposes or working on and off on my video project. ^_^

I want to stress however, that this is a video project and not a photoshoot project. If you're looking to do photoshoots than that will have to be set up on your own personal time and planning (unless someone puts together a gathering). Just so we're clear lol.

Big Event Showcase / Masquerade and B+W Ball time conflict
« on: February 24, 2011, 11:38:45 PM »
I, like many other con goers, have been going to Fanime for a long time. For me personally, I've been going since 05 and the time set up for the Masquerade and the Black and White Ball was just fine the way it was. But now the masquerade has been moved to Sunday. This is bad for several reasons.  >:(

As was posted in another thread, an explanation was given as to why the Masquerade was changed to sunday. That wouldn't necessarily be a problem if it weren't for the fact that the B&W Ball is set on the same day around nearly the same time. The Masquerade usually lasts 3 hours so it cuts directly into the B&W Ball. By the time the masquerade is done, so will be the B&W Ball. So now you're forcing cosplayers to choose between two major events so most people that might have more than likely attended the masquerade to fill in with a great audience, now they'll be stuck at the ball. But those who had major plans for the ball, but practiced really hard for their skits are now stuck at the masquerade.

Not only that but Sunday is usually the day most people decide to leave because they have work the next morning, or they need time to get back home etc etc. Sure there's event panels and gatherings to keep people amused, but the biggest highlight that people usually go to the con, whom have paid registration, is for the bigger more main events.

In doing these time over laps and event change screw ups, the con will possibly loose money as well. For example: For me? the ONLY reason I even bother to pay for registration is mainly for the masquerade, dealers room, and guest panels which I rarely go to since most of the guests I don't care for anyway, and the B&W Ball. The ONLY reason I get a weekend badge is because those events are set on different days. But if the major events are set on the same day, then there's no reason for me to pay for a much more expensive weekend badge, when I can just pay for the cheapest day for a one day badge and do everything on sunday? Are you guys sure you want to loose money instead of gain money?

I freely admit that I have never run a con myself so I don't know all the details that go on behind the scenes and I won't pretend to know, but the only major issue with running the ball or the masquerade is to set up a placement slot with the people that run the theater and the hotel? Fanime has been able to accommodate for both for the last some odd years and now all the sudden its an issue?  ???

I may be one person speaking here right now, but I know this situation is true for MANY other people. Quite a few of my friends have already been raging about it on facebook. Seriously, if nothing else can be done about the timing of the masquerade, then for the love of god and cosplayers, move the Ball to Saturday while the masquerade is on Sunday.

Mod edit: thread title.

Live Programming and Events / EVENT TIMES
« on: March 03, 2010, 10:09:17 PM »
Maybe I'm not looking or digging hard enough, but I've been going through the different threads for the main events like the masquerade and or events like for guest panels, but nothing is telling me ANYTHING about the timing of these events.

I even tried the main website and it didn't tell me ANYTHING.  ??? So whats the deal? Have the timings for each event not been posted yet, especially the list of guests that are attending the con? Or is there a thread with this information that I just simply missed?

If there is a thread like that, just post the link and I'll simply lock this one.

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