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So, I got the idea for this after someone else posted a thread requesting pictures of the Maruchan Cup Noodle costume.

Saturday, my friend Jangular and I were Kyouraku Shunsui and Nanao Ise from Bleach (I was the Nanao with the basket of rose petals). Buuuuut, WE didn't get any pictures.

Mostly, I'm interested in the petal-tossing pics. There were only two instances in when I actually threw the petals on him, and both times we got swarms of people showing up to take pictures, but I have yet to find a single one anywhere on the Internet.

So any pictures at all would make me very happy, but especially ones of me tossing the petals~

<3 Dahlia

Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers / Looking For a Cosplayer~
« on: November 13, 2008, 12:48:11 AM »

So, there it is. not sure if this is where I should post this, but I think so...I mean, we'd have to meet people, hence "getting together"?? Anyway...

So, my cosplay group Okage-Sama De~ lost a member not too long ago and we need someone to take her spot in the group. That link is to the video that gives all the details, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can comment the video, send us a message on youtube or deviantart ( reply here, PM me....anything. ^^; So...yeah. Thanks for taking the time to check this out

Dealers Room / Who Was This Seller?
« on: October 13, 2008, 10:08:07 PM »
>.> I really hope this is the right board to put this thread in, I wasn't sure where else to put it. But basically, I am looking for a seller that was at Fanime 2008. They sold cat ears. The plastic ones with the fuzzy insides, on the elastic bands, and some of them had ribbons and stuff on them. I saw them again a few weeks ago at Yaoi-Con, but I can't find the card I picked up from them. At the time I didn't know what colour I would need, so I didn't buy them. But I really would love to find their website, as those are the only cat ears I will buy, since they, in my opinion, look the best. But yeah, if anyone knows who that dealer was or what their website is, that'd be a big help <3

Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers / Cosplay Tea
« on: July 13, 2008, 10:38:14 PM »
Hello! I am posting this on behalf of Okage-Sama De~ Productions! We are going to be holding what we call our "cosplay tea" in just a few weeks!

When: August 2, 2008

Time: 12:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Where: 2499 Homestead Rd., Santa Clara, Ca 95050

Cost: $7.00

ALL COSPLAYS ARE WELCOME! The staff members will be doing bleach so that we all match, but there is no specific anime theme. So come in cosplay and bring friends! Email us at or tell us on youtube ( or myspace (

This is a fun little event put together by the members of Okage-Sama De~ Productions, and we would be very happy to see you all there! We're aiming for a minimum of 50 attendees, and we are already in the 30's! There will be games, a raffle, karaoke, cake-decorating contest, food, and a masquerade. Also, OSDP's members, and possibly even some of the attendees, will be selling artwork, and Anime 101 will be there as a vendor. We will probably be putting up more info in the near future, so be sure to keep checking our youtube and our website ( so you don't miss any info!

We hope to see you there!!  ;)

~ Cher

I hope I'm putting this on the right board....^^;

Anyway! This is Cher/Druix, and I wanted to let everyone know about the new Cosplay group my friends and I have started, called Okage-Sama De~ Productions!
Some of you may have already heard about it from us, or possibly have even seen some of our videos on YouTube, but we are very new and so we are trying to get the word out about our productions. At the moment, we cosplay mostly Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, and Death Note. However, we will also be doing Bleach in the near future. We currently have 9 members;

~Lily: Naruto/Shippuuden Naruto/Roxas/Near

~Cher: Sasuke/Shippuuden Sasuke/Sai/Demyx/Kira

~Brittany: Kakashi/Shino/Hayate/Zexion/Light

~Grace: Neji/Shikamaru/Haku/Axel/L

~Brian: Rock Lee/Kankurou/Saix/Matsuda

~Rhiannon: Kurenai/Larxene/Misa

~Lynnea: Hinata/Shippuuden Hinata/Tsunade/Misa

~Mandy: Gaara/Itachi/Gai-sensei

~Chris: Zabuza/Iruka/Suigetsu/Aizawa/Vexen

You may have already seen us at Seito Chibicon, AOD 2008 (although that was before we were officially named Okage-Sama De~) or even our own Cosplay Tea a few weeks ago. Our next appearance as a full group will be Fanime 2008. However, many of our members will also be attending the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival, and we would love to see you there! Some of our members are even participating in the Fashion Show, so be on the lookout!

You can view our videos on our YouTube account, OkageSamaDPro, which also gives information on the individual accounts of each member, or check out our coplay pictures at

We appreciate any support or feedback, and we'll see you soon  ;)

I'd love to meet some of the people here at least once before Fanime, and my school musical is opening next week. Since there is a "Meet-n-greet" with the cast afterwards, it'd be a neat opportunity to do just that.

Show: Will Rogers Follies
Location: Leigh High School
Dates: March 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22
Time: Doors open at 7:00, show starts at 7:30
Price: I want to say.....$10? I'll let you know if i'm wrong

It's a really cute show, and it'd be really cool if any of you could make it. And as long as you read the cast bios, trust me.....I'll be easy to find. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in the cast that made their bio somewhat.....Narutard-y XD

Anyway, hope to see you there! ^_^

Last year, I met a lot of non-anime people. A lot of random pirates, a Valentine from MirrorMask, the Goblin King from Labyrinth, Elphaba from Wicked, two Pouncivals from CATS......I was just wondering what are other peoples' thoughts on non-anime costumes at an anime convention? Personally, I like them, because the people that do them usually do good jobs and it's always fun to see some of those characters, even if it's not 'their' convention.

My friends and I are working on what to do for the Masquearde next year, especially since we had so much fun doing "L's Cake" last year. Initially, we were writing a dating show skit, featuring Kakashi(host) Sasuke("bachelor"), Naruto, Orochimaru, and Itachi (3 contestants) from "Naruto", with possible appearances/cameos by Jiraiya and Kisame if we can fit them in. What we have of the script so far is pretty funny, in my opinion, but a couple days ago our writer called me with a new idea that popped into her head. A while back she did a fanart of Orochimaru and Sasuke using the Dresden Dolls' song "Coin-Operated Boy" as inspiration, and she says she's managed to choreograph a dance to it. This skit/dance would have only three characters, Orochimaru Sasuke and Kabuto, as opposed to the date show skit which has 5, possibly 7. We know that comedic skits are more common, I haven't seen very many dramatic ones at all (not counting that AWESOME Count of Monte Cristo one last year), so we think that entering a dramatic skit would make it more likely for us to win something, but we really don't care about winning. We just want to entertain people. So I figure the bes way for us to make our decision is to find out what people want to see. So please, even if you don't actually write back, at least vote ^^;

Incredible Stuff I can Make / Demyx's Sitar
« on: November 25, 2007, 02:55:19 AM »
I'm working on my Demyx cosplay, from KHII, and I really want to have his sitar. BUT!! The only tutorial I could find for it was ridiculously long. I mean, her final product looked great, but it cost $150+, took 2 months, and wighed 25 pounds. I'd reeeaaally like to be able to make one....not so pricey and, more importantly, much lighter, as I WILL be carrying it around all day. I think it would be fun to make it myself, but I'll commission it from someone if need be. So basically, what I'm asking here is:

a) Does anyone know of any tutorials for the sitar other than the one on's forums/can anyone here tell me how to make one

b) Would anyone make it for me? If you're willing to, then please give me a general cost range, so I know how soon to start saving ^^;

Sunday of Fanime 07, there was a mini-Death Note gathering of sorts. It started with me (I was a Kira), and my L, Ryuk, and Misa, along with an L we'd befriended. We went through the entire convention and rounded up every Death Note cosplayer we could find and went outside to do our own badly-planned gathering. This, I think, eventually turned into what I will forever remember as the Death Note Wars, where the Ls stole a Note, but eventually gave it back in exchange for Pocky XD.

Anyway, was anyone there? And if so, do you have any pictures? My camera was broken at the time, so I wasn't able to take any pics  :(

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