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    Back by popular demand? XD

Juuni Kokki (Twelve Kingdoms) Gathering

Location: tentatively: FMS = Front Marriott Side of the Convention Center Lobby (up in corner tree area) <-- where we were last year
Day: TBD (Friday?)
Time: TBD

Obligatory Fanime Disclaimer: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

People: (count = 5 + 1 tentative (07/25/12))
  • Charis: Risai (anime formals or novel cover)
  • Kimu: Sairin or Enki
  • seifer-sama: Youko (artbook)
  • seifer-sama's friend: Keiki
  • tatterpixie: Rakshun
  • Tenkage: Shoukei or Yokuhi (tentative)

Photography Order:
Other than starting with a group pic, this'll be played by ear.  We're a small enough group that it hasn't really been a problem to date with doing it that way.  Tentatively:
- initial group pic
- royalty
- kirin
- others
- by kingdom
- request section
- final group pic (aka the Rakshun hug shot XD)[/list]

Registration / Pre-Reg Info Change?
« on: October 30, 2008, 11:28:45 AM »
Clarification: for any changes to registration info that we can't make in our account (i.e. almost everything), do we e-mail registrationATfanimeDOTcom?  I've moved since I registered, and my snailmail address is the old place.

Mod Edit: Anti-spammed our e-mail addy

I've seen these sorts of threads elsewhere, but not here at the Fanime boards, so thought I'd broach the question.

Last-minute sewing, frantic repairs, cosplay emergencies ... we've all had them, or know those who have.  Given that, what sort of things go into your "cosplay emergency kit"?

Mine: needles, straight pins, safety pins, thread (white, black, neutral, and matched to whatever cosplays I'm bringing), extra fasteners (snaps, hooks and eyes, buttons), steam-a-seam, scissors (small fine-point), Tide pen, extra lacing cord, extra twill tape, extra bias tape, moleskin, athletic tape, and sock glue/body adhesive.
If I'm driving to the con and don't have to worry about checking luggage, I'll add a hot glue gun, regular-size scissors, bleach pen, clear nail polish, paint matched to whatever props I've got, and E6000.

Since Kimu demanded I post this. ;P

Juuni Kokki, also known as the Twelve Kingdoms, is an awesome series that exists both as an anime and as novels -- the latter more recently translated by Tokyopop, the former done a while ago by ... um, someone else.  It is also a series seldom cosplayed, so this is a stretch, but ...

Last year, there was one.

This coming year, there are going to be at least two -- Kimu's bringing her Sairin back, and I'll be bringing up my Risai.  I may have some folks coming down from Seattle, but won't know for a while yet.

So it's a stretch, but is anyone else going to be cosplaying it?  If you are, it would be awesome to meet up and get some photos -- obscure seria need more love!  (And if anyone out there knows of the series and recognises us in cosplay, that's awesome too -- those people seem to be almost as rare as the cosplayers themselves. :D )

Thoroughly Tentative and Sloppy List
Charis ~ Risai (formals or novel cover)
Kimu ~ Sairin (formals)
?Rai ~ Kyou-ou or Taiki?
?Tige ~ Kyouki or Gyousou?
?Yuu ~ Shoukei (third outfit)?
?capeswirlinggirl ~ Renrin or Kourin?

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