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Panels and Workshops / Feedback on the Bushido Department / Dojo
« on: June 11, 2010, 09:58:02 AM »
Hiya!  This forum thread is a request for feedback, both positive and negative, about the Bushido Department at Fanime 2010.  This is the second year that the Bushido Department has been running the martial arts demonstrations and workshops out of the Dojo, and we'd like to know more about your experience with us this year.  This is Sergeant JP of the Twilight Knights, by the way, and it was a pleasure meeting so many of you at our panels two weeks ago.

There were three groups that did martial arts demonstrations at the Dojo this year:

The Twilight Knights Renaissance Guild
 - Rapier/Saber Demo (demonstrated real 16th century dueling with epees and sabers)
 - Archery Panel (was just a basic demo and Q&A this year, hoping to expand to actual interactive workshop next year)
 - Armour Panel (history of armor, methods of construction for real, practical armour)
 - Kung Fu Workshop (introductory stances, basic attacks and blocks, kata)
 - Self-Defense for Women (how to avoid being a target, ways to escape holds and grabs and hurt your attacker)
 - Self-Defense for Men (how to avoid being a target, multi-opponent fighting theory, how to escape attackers)
 - Dagger Fighting Workshop (english, french, italian, japanese styles)
 - Longsword Fighting Workshop (english, german, italian, celtic styles)
 - Spear Fighting Workshop (english, chinese, japanese, zulu styles)
 - Q&A and Boffer Sale (answering any of your questions, selling you the boffers we used for all our workshops)

Team Lift
 - How to Make a Fight Scene

 - Fantasy Combat LARP

We are open to to feedback on your experience with any of our panels this year or previous years.  Also, we would be open to listening to any suggestions on future panels, or modifications to our current workshops.  Feel free to be as terse or verbose as you wish.  We here at the Bushido Department are very open to your ideas, and are committed to continual improvement each year.

Hiya!  Me and one of my friends noticed that there are quite a few little 'hey do I know anyone here' threads in the forums, and thought we'd post one of our own.  Anyways, did anyone who's coming attend California High School in San Ramon, attend UC Santa Cruz, or even UC Los Angeles?

My friend Tom Liu and myself (Joshua Percy) both attended Cal High from 1997-2001.  Heading off to college, he went to UCLA (2001-2006), and I to UCSC (2001-2003, 2005-2007).  Wondering if any old class mates are wondering around.  Tom and I'll be hanging with the Twilight Knights (swordfighting group) all weekend, so we'll be there from Friday to Monday.  Hope to see you around.  Drop a line here on this thread and let's see if we can get re-acquianted, shall we?  Heck, even if we didn't meet up at school, always good to be friendly to a pal from the old alma mater, eh?

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