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Hi everyone!

Although I have been attending Fanime for years, this was the first time that I brought my sax with me. I have to say that I was blown away by the encouragement and complements that I received from various folks at the con. I was really touched by how many people let me know that my music uplifted their spirits or helped the long lines feel less frustrating. I will treasure this experience for years to come. Among the highlights were:

-Being requested to play "Careless Whisper" (that George Michael song/Sexy sax man song) a total of 68 times. I only turned down 3 requests. XD
-Nearly moving someone to tears after playing Lilium
-Trolling the protesters with a RickRoll and "Why can't we be friends"
-Jammin' with 4 Guitars
-Playing Zelda tunes with an Ocarina player
-Playing "Cupcakes" while a pinkie pie cosplayer sung along
-Making up a song about the pink bubble robot
-Playing in the pre-reg line for 5 hours straight
-Randomly playing with The Super Soul Bros. at Iguanas
-Playing "Eyes on Me" for the Final Fantasy gathering mock wedding/real proposal

For the folks who took video of me: If you are planning to post vids online, would you send me a pm or or hit up my YouTube channel to let me know?

Edit:  Vids that I have found so far are here! Includes the "Pink Bubble" song!, Final Fantasy Mock Wedding, and other randomness! ^__^

Edit 2:  I was rather happy with this jazzy version of Epic Sax Guy. XD

Once again, a HUGE thank you to everyone stopped to listen, chat, request a song or just shake my hand.

Much Love,

Bruce aka Mkali

Edit: This has been one hell of a con. I played sax for at least 7 hours every day, starting with the monster pre-reg line on Thursday. A very enthusiastic thanks to everyone that stopped by to chat, cracked a smile, tapped a foot, selected a song, or listened to me play. Thank you!

Greetings folks!

Finally made enough time to do some practice over the year, and finally bringing my saxophone to Fanime. The playlist so far:
  • Lost Woods, Ocarina of Time (practice preview)
  • Overworld Theme, Super Mario Bros.
  • Lilium, Elfen Lied (practice preview)
  • Music A, Tetris
  • Level Intro, Pac Man
  • Epic Sax Guy, Epic Sax Guy
  • Still Alive, Portal
  • Moonlight Densetsu, Sailor Moon
  • Main Theme, Zelda
  • Sexiness, Naruto
  • Daily Life, Naruto
  • Hedwig's Theme, Harry Potter
  • 90s Cartoon Theme, Xmen (practice preview)
  • Victory Fanfare, Final Fantasy VII

Edit: Additions! (Suggestions that I can pick up quickly)

  • "That George Michael song" (Careless Whisper), George Michael
  • Stone Tower Temple, Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
  • Song of Healing, Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask
  • Main Theme, Pokemon Anime
  • Opening Theme, Pokemon Red/Blue
  • Team Rocket Hideout, Pokemon Red/Blue
  • Want You Gone, Portal 2
  • Baker Street, Gerry Rafferty
  • Sekai no Hate Made Beleive Heart, Uta no Prince-Sama
  • Godot's Theme (The Fragrance of Dark Coffee), Phoenix Wright
  • Space Lion, Cowboy Bebop
  • Active Heart, Gunbuster
  • Chemical Plant Zone, Sonic 2
  • Main Theme, TMNT 90s Cartoon
  • Gun's & Roses (Opening Theme), Baccano!
  • Too Good Too Bad, Cowboy Bebop
  • ...

Edit: Feelin' Crazy List! (Songs that will be tough to pull off, but will try anyway)

Question 1: As you can see, the list is a bit old school. Does anyone have requests or suggestions for a wandering sax player? I have a few weeks until the con, and I will be practicing every day. A: Thanks for all the requests! I will work hard and do my best to play each and every one at the con!

Question 2: Anyone out there know of an obscure anime character that plays sax other than Midvalley, Epic Sax Guy, and Gren? I would like to cosplay, but it seems like these three are done to death.  A: Wow, Ren Jinguji from Ota no Prince-Sama and Igaram from OnePiece added to my cosplay list. Serious Thanks!

Question 3: Is there any kind of nerdy musician gathering in the works? I know there was a small group of drummers/guitar players last year, and I heard about some live music going on at Iguana's down the street from the convention center. I would love to coordinate a jam session with music minded anime/game nerds.  A: Confirmed that Iguana's will have live music/open mic Thursday nite starting at 8pm. I will be there! ^_^

TL;DR: I am a sax player looking for song requests, cosplay suggestions, and a possible meetup with other nerdy musicians. Hit me up!

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