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General Convention Discussion / Scavanger hunt help/participation
« on: November 17, 2008, 11:45:19 AM »
I want to host a Scavenger Hunt even at fanime but I need people to be found, like certain characters
I need one more person to help me (so that it can happen), and I need people to participate in the even so if you would like to see this happen please post here,
and support this Idea!
also should there be a fee? like a dollar per person or 5 dollars a team?
give me your input and desires!

I want to host a Scavenger hunt at Fanime,
but I need cosplayers who want to be found by the scavangeries
also if you would like to participate (be part of a team that does the finding of things/peoples) just post on that particular thread and or PM me please I REALLY want to make this work

This isn't a set event I'm trying to make it happen!
If you are interested in Participating in this event PM me here, also If you would like to be found (like an actual character) PM me too

Current "Staff"
1. Juliana (Me)
2. Joanna
3. MaryRose
4. Patty
5. Jennifer

I need people who are willing to be one of the people on the list to be found
If you posted on here I will get back to you around January (still working out the details)

Saturday about 12am-1pm  4pm-5pm

Budget: $250 the prizes are about $200 but just incase and pages run from 10c to 20c
We would need a table near the entrance

Maximum of 5 people per teams! Everyone has a 1 hour time slot, SHORTEST TIME WINS, to avoid interruption signing up starts early around 8 am and all teams will be released at 12 (there may be a maximum amount of teams depending on the circumstances)

First Place: worth about $20 per team mate
Second Place: worth about $10 dollars per team mate
Third Place: worth about $5-$7 dollars per team mate
YOU CAN ONLY DO IT ONCE PER TEAM TO WIN A PRIZE, because that wouldn't be fair


1. Teams of 5 or smaller

2. All rooms (except video rooms) have certain items and people that need to be found including people just randomly around that dont belong to any specific room

3. Find certain items that are strategically placed

4. Find certain Costumes and take pictures with them


6. Team with the shortest time wins first

7. Second and Third shortest times win second and third place


9. No cheating (dont help out your buddies) and no running
   cause you know wouldn't want any accidents

1. find the video room get the name of a character description and anime name
2. find the triforce
3. find the maid with (cant think of anything here)
4. find the missing staff member (with clues) (I'm not black and I'm not white, I'm not blue and I'm not green I may not be human but what do you know) Something like that
5. Take a picture with a group of cosplayer's situated in ONE ANIME (aka Bleach, Naruto, D Gray man, Kingdom Hearts)
6. Find (this game) in the game room
7. Find the three dealers who ........
Play one game of DDR and pass it
8. Find a Lolita
9. Find the Random egg
10.Sing The theme song from Yu Yu Hakusho Karaoke, get a signature from a staff member
11. Find a character from a famous anime not same people as group picture
12. Talk to 5 artist's in the artists room and discover their name, sex, favorite food, and their reason for drawing
14. Find one person breaking the rules (aka there are rules everytwhere!)
15. Be suspicious of your team mates and find out which one is actually betraying you! (teams picked early one person will be given the BETRAYAL key :'(
16. Find a person who has gone to the convention for 3 years or more
17. Find the guest speaker next to the random item, make sure to get a autograph!

Staff & Volunteers / I want to be part of the staff
« on: November 17, 2008, 10:19:27 AM »
What do I do to be part of the staff, and when is the next meeting

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