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ok this coming 2010 gathering for sure the gathering will happen unlike Fanime 2009 I had to leave for family reasons.

So this year, you can show up in your Cosplay or Show up formal inspired Naruto cosplay first we will meet at the fountains where the original gathering takes place

if you have further questions PM me ok

Leaf Village

Sand Village


Special Mix cosplay

okay this is a special note to the one who went last year and no one was there, I'm really sorry that the gathering was canceled due to an urgent family emergency, but I would be glad to revive the gathering just this last time but I would have to talk to Brightheart about this an Bsapphire, I hope they woul let me do the gathering again



Hey guys I would like to start a Cosplay group just like Okage-sama-de or Koi

If anyone is intrested pls. tell me because there are age limits and certain other imprortant stuff (not really)

If you really want to join send me a Pic of your best cosplay and tell me your age (16-20) or (20-22) then give me your E-mail or number

(hotel will be paid :) ) but food will be on your own



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