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Hello! I'm starting up a Princess Tutu gathering for 2009. I don't have date and time verified yet, but I will let you know when I do. Please post with your character's name so we know who to look for!


People from

Lady Saru-Princess Tutu
Kawaii Spider-Autor, Femio?
Yunri-Chan- Rue
Yunri's friend- Ahiru
ph1shf00d- undecided
LordMoufMouf- Princess Tutu, Swan Lake variant (?)
grooivexscorp- Princess Tutu, Swan Lake variant (?)

From Fanime forums:

1. capeswirlinggirl-Princess Kraehe
2. cape's friend-Princess Tutu

TIME: 12:30 PM, Saturday.
LOCATION: ??? Suggestions are appreciated.

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