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Panels and Workshops / Late Night Mystery Event
« on: April 10, 2011, 08:57:55 PM »
For a good long while, I've been toying with an idea to hold a mystery game on Friday night of fanime, an interactive cosplay event of sorts. It's been gathering speed, and after writing and submitting the rough outline for the story, I was told to post the suggestion here. Would any admin be available to move the topic from Idea and Suggestions to this section, or should I just work on copying and pasting the relevant bits?

Staff & Volunteers / Event Coordinator
« on: January 01, 2011, 08:23:41 PM »
I'm planning on setting up a late night Mystery game for those at the Con this year, and was wondering if I would need to apply for staffing in order to run such an event. The link for my idea can be found at,15227.0.html.

Ideas and Suggestions / Late Night Mystery Event
« on: December 31, 2010, 08:30:28 AM »
Late at night during Fanimecon, I find myself always pondering what there is to do. Anime is a staple of course, along with games of Ninja, the game room and the dance. However, for 2011, I was thinking about perhaps setting up something bigger for the night owls to do. Discussing it with a few friends, I decided on proposing a Mystery game to everybody who wanted to join.

While the idea is still in the planning stages, I was thinking of opening this topic to help gather ideas to hopefully make this game a success. Here however is a rough outline of what I've thought up so far.

The game will begin in a room or location specified sometime at night, with Stage Zero being the ideal location, just due to spacing and proximity to everything in the convention. At that time, a prerecorded video will play, introducing the name of the game, the rules, instructions, and characters involved. Taped upon the bottom of the chairs will be identification cards sorting the players into three teams (I was thinking of main sleuth characters for Team Leaders. I'm going as Professor Layton, so I felt that would be a decent Team #1. However, I'm looking for others, including a Phoenix Wright and an L as Team leaders.) From there, the mystery will be introduced (via live action or video again), and the game will begin.

Hidden around the convention center will be various clues, all coded by various means, whether they be puzzles, logic problems, etc. This is to help the game 'feel' like the various media they are based around (again, Professor Layton here ^_^). Upon receiving puzzle clues, each team will return to their leader for a new lead, eventually leading to the climax of the game, and some pre-determined prize, which would hopefully be decided by the fanime staff.

Again, just a rough outline of what I'm thinking, but what do you all think? Let's get a new game in the works!

Mod Edit: its called a dance:)

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