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So I'm cosplaying Simca and Mikan this year at FanimeCON and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on the best products to use on a cosplay wig? Since Mikan's hair is kinda spiky, I wanna spike the wig but I'm not sure on the best products to use and how to wash them out after I'm done cosplaying with her, or should I at all? Any advice you can offer would be great.

Thank you so much :)

 ;D Alright so with planning for Fanimecon already in action I thought it was about time to ask for help regaurding cosplay construction, thanks to my older brother for getting my into Air Gear. So if your into Air Gear please offer any advice you can give please. A few of my questions are as follows.

I'm not sure but does Fanime allow its cosplayers to wear in-line skates if its part of their cosplay? For example I'm going as Simca (though she isn't my favorite anyway...) she wears AT's and since they don't exist in the real world would it be allowed for me to wear in-line skates? Also is it possible to remove two wheels(the two in the middle) from the in-lines in order to make them appear more like AT's without them breaking or not being able to balance out my weight?

Another question does anyone know where to buy Simca's hat, or could someone offer some advice on how to make it?

Thank you~
Panda of AnimeFans4Yaoi

Registration / Fanime Con 2010 & Artist Gallery?
« on: June 09, 2009, 10:52:02 AM »
I was wondering where is the link to the Fanime Con 2010 online, pre-registeration? I really want to go and need to get it done early before the prices go up way to high. Also I'm interesting in registering a booth at the Artist Gallery where I would like to sell my art crafts(keychains,necklaces,bracelets,fanart...all that good stuff). So if both, or either of those links could be given I would be very greatful^_^

Thanks from everyone in AnimeFans4Yaoi,

So heres whats going on,
For Fanime 2009 my friends and I are making our own costumes(to save money) and we are in need of some tips^^.

Temari Cosplay

1. Hair Products
Temari's hair needs to be styled in four small ponytails, my hair is a lil past my shouders and its very thin. Also my hair is bright blond ontop and underneth is a dark black with blue tints. I have short layers, bangs, and my hair is colored/dyed/bleached. Now I'm having my hair freshly trimmed,re-colored and stuff the week before Fanime so its all neat and clean, however I'm not sure which hair products to use for Temari's hairstyle. I know it won't look the same as her characters, because of my two toned hair but what products would you recomend to get the same volume,height and style that would look the closest to Temari's? Any advice you have would be helpful.

Hinata Cosplay

1. Hair Coloring
My friend Neko is going as a Hinata Maid and her hair is brownish black. Her parents won't allow periment dye for the convention so our question is what type of dye would give her a bright dark blue hair color and is a temp dye?

Sorry for my spelling errors and thanks in advance ^^


Registration / Confused Over Payments
« on: April 03, 2009, 09:59:47 PM »
So my cosplay group and I are going down to San Jose for Fanime 2009. However the payment methods have caused much confusion.
In 06' and 08' it was only 50$ per person by standing in line at the door and buying the tickets. However I only want to buy tickets for Saturday and Sunday. Theres a total of 2 adults, and three teenagers. So how much would the tickets be altogether if we paied at the door? I don't want to register online because the site says it 65$ per person for the full weekend. If anyone can offer advice that would be wonderful.

Thank you,
AnimeFans4Yaoi Cosplay :)

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