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Buy/Sell/Trade / [WTS] $3 Manga Or Offer on some comics (2012 edit)
« on: May 23, 2011, 08:46:50 PM »
I may trade... Offer.
Currently I'm wanting to buy Striped Stockings of either black and white or black and red. <3
Also buying cosplay items for Characters: Sarutobi Ayame (Gintama)
Also buying Manga: Blue Exorcist.

I shall bring what is wanted to Fanime 2012. If no one wants any of it I'm not bringing it to Fanime or we can figure out some other arrangement.

I shall add photos of items so everyone can see the conditions.
I was donated manga *List Updated* . No I will not be at swap meet I dont have enough stuff to join it.

Manga $3 each or a deal for more than 5
.hack//xxx 1
.hack//+GU 1
.hack// Legend of twilight 1 (.50 or free with a purchase of 3 or more books)
Angel Diary 1-8
Angel Sanctuary 1,2
Bleach 1-4
Beauty Pop 1
Cursed Sword 1
Death Note 1 (x2),2 (x2), 11
Death Note 13 (Profiles)
Demon Diary 1-7
Decedents of Darkness 1-5
Faeries Landing 6
FLCL 1, 2 (very old copies will sell for $4 for both together)
Full Metal Panic 4
Hands Off 1-8
Higurashi 1
Her Majesties Dog 1-3
Imadoki 1-5
Juvenile Orion 1,2, 3 (x2), 4 (x2), 5(x2)
Kamichama Karin 2 - 4
King of Thorn 5
Lollipop 1,2
Megatokyo 2 - 6
Memamoto Kiss 1,2
Meru Puri 1-4
Naruto 1 (x2), 2,5-8, 10 - 12
Negima 3-8, 10 - 20
Paradise Kiss 1-2
Phantom Dream 1
Pita-Ten 2-5, 7,8 (kind of old will sell for $2 each)
Pita-Ten (Official Fan Book) 3 (it looks like a regular manga, I will look into this one)
Peace Maker 1
Prince of Tennis 25
Ral Grad 1-4
Rosario Vampire 1
Shana 1-3
Skip Beat 1-9
Soul Eater 1
Suikoden III 1,2
Trinity Blood 3
Tsubasa - 2 - 18
Tsubasa - Those with wings 1
Uzumaki 1-3
Wolf's Rain 1
Yonen Buzz 1,2
Yurara 1
Zero the beginning of the coffin 1

Tsubasa (RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE) 22

Comics OFFER
Chew 1,2
Haunt 1
Loaded Bible 1

Buy/Sell/Trade / [WTS/T] Manga & FLCL Mamimi Barbie
« on: May 24, 2010, 12:03:51 AM »
There is not a lot of manga on my list but I feel like I may put more on it later. $5 Dollars each, I paid for these full price.
We can talk about arrangements for me getting them to you, I will be at Fanime on Thursday and that would be the best time.
Any other day of Fanime we can discuss, anyone NOT at fanime we can talk about shipping arrangements.
If these items are not asked for delivery at Fanime, I will not be bringing them to Fanime.

Naruto 1&2
(almost brand new, only read once, VERY slight yellowing of pages, small scuffs on edges of cover.)

Angel Sanctuary 1&2
(almost brand new, only read once, VERY slight yellowing of pages, small scuffs on edges of cover.)

Lollipop 1&2
(almost brand new, only read once, almost no yellowing of pages, small scuffs on edges of cover.)

Yurara 1
(almost brand new, only read once, VERY slight yellowing of pages.)

Phantom Dream 1
(only read once, yellowing of pages, original price still on it.)

Beauty Pop 1
(only read once, yellowing of pages)

Yonen Buzz 1&2
(read a couple of times, slight yellowing of pages, small scuffs on edges of cover)

FLCL Mamimi Barbie

I recieved this from a grab bag last year at Fanime. It has never been opened. The box is in mint condition.
Give me a price.

Incredible Stuff I can Make / Gintama Stuff?
« on: April 29, 2010, 02:16:58 PM »
I'm currently working on some chibi Gintama Pins and depending on demand stickers as well.
I'm just curious to know how many people would be interested in Gintama merchandise or what characters are being asked in demand. I'd like to know before I start making pins and end up not selling anything.
(I may also work with D-Gray man or Ragnarok online if I can finish Gintama)

I didn't have time to watermark so I used the pencil tool and doodled on them as my copywrite D:

Hotel and Facilities / Parking
« on: March 15, 2010, 04:55:25 PM »
I booked a room at the Fairmont and some friends and I will be bringing a van. I really am not looking forward to paying $26 a night. Is there anywhere else we can park for cheaper? We are going from Thursday to Monday.

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