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Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid Café 2014 Official
« on: March 05, 2014, 12:57:46 PM »
I'll try out again this year, since I didn't have any luck last year.

I applaud your perseverance!  I know a couple of maids that tried out more than once and made it.  We (well at least I) definitely keep in mind that you're trying again and giving it your all. 

Hope to see you at an audition!


Big Event Showcase / Re: Fanimaid Cafe 2013!
« on: January 28, 2013, 03:49:25 AM »
I've been doing Fanimaid since 2010, and it's /amazing/ how much this group has grown.

You really do get an amazing experience volunteering as a maid.  You're able to create smiles on patron's faces, and create an enjoyable, memorable atmosphere for people who normally aren't able to get this sort of experience.  Some of the best experiences I've had at the con was being able to listen to a patron's story about their day at the con, or even just a snippet of what they're doing in their real life.  But along with that, you get to meet some amazingly real and and talented ladies.  And they really help you grow and become a better person. 

Last year at Fanime was hard for me, as I was barely there and was traveling back and forth from and to my home over an hour and a half away for another organization's event.  But the staff and the other maids understood my situation and really helped me out.  And it was because I was barely at the cafe this year that I realized how much Fanimaid Cafe makes my experience at Fanime better. 

Please consider trying out, even if you're tentative about it  Most of us, in fact, all of us were nervous in making that first step.  But once you do, you'll be greeted by warm people.  And for those who haven't made it previously, please try again if that's what you really want to do!  Trust me, they will notice your vigilance! 

- Enju

Live Programming and Events / Re: Dances at other Cons
« on: August 30, 2011, 01:43:57 AM »
(Sorry for bringing up this topic further, but it seems like you guys still haven't had much of a response yet.)

I love Fanime a lot more than Anime Expo for various reasons, so I can't say I'm biased toward AX specifically, but...  The AXDance is definitely one thing I liked more, and just really enjoyed in general.

I can't really say what I like at other conventions (specifically AX) that the Fanime Dance doesn't have because it has a lot to do with the music.  Not musical genre exactly, persay, but the pace of certain songs are better, along with /transitions/.  It's just easier to dance and keep dancing without being interrupted.  

Other than music, it seems to be the environment and the people in it:  I think the venue has a lot to do with it.  (Club Nokia, more crowded so there's less giant circles of people and people congo-lining, a dance pit, elevated stage.)  Granted, I am much more used to clubs and college dances, so maybe that's why I like what AX does more?  That's okay though, since Fanime might not want to lean more toward that and really keep it an "anime convention" styled dance.  And that's fine, just not my thing.  I think having the stage more eye-catching, with the DJ's performance being entertaining and not just their music being entertaining was really nice.  Of course, Fanime can't really do much about that unless they were to say, have the dance be at the Civic Center or something.  You guys already do a good job with what you're given, like having just a regular room at the convention center and all the intricacies I won't even understand with equipment.  :)

You know what we should just have?

Gogo dancers.  An official group of gogo dancers.

Thanks.  <3

(And thanks for asking the forum for feedback.  :D)

Staff & Volunteers / Re: Staff Feedback: The good, The bad, The Ugly
« on: June 13, 2011, 04:09:36 AM »
The feedback I'm giving is in regards to that, even someone wanting to be a staff member seems nice, if they're not socially graceful, that will come across to the congoers, and will put people off.

I really have to agree with Hatter here.  I know it's hard to tell these things ahead of times, but especially with a job like the Rovers, where people-interaction is such a /big/ matter, even small social disgraces can cause big big problems.

But overall, I think you guys did a much better job this year.  Yes, there were still Rovers who, like Ami noMiko mentioned, were very rude when it came to crowd control matters, with extremely loud voices, lack of requests and not even a "please," even to attendees who were trying their best to follow directions.  I am, however, very glad to know that you say this in training, but this is something that really really should be emphasized.  While safety and the general running of the convention is important, many attendees will remember how they personally were greeted and treated.  

I am a little disappointed to hear about Yuu's problem regarding peace-bonding. That is something I saw at last year's convention, and I was hoping it'd be fixed this year.  Then again, I can't complain too much since I didn't send in any feedback last year.  (Honestly, I was too frustrated from the Rovers of 2010 and I didn't want to send an e-mail in because I didn't want to be rude.)  Again, I understand having to ask con-goers if their weapons are peace-bonded, but that's it: ASKING if they're peace-bonded and checking, THEN dealing with it.  This is an issue I even had with a personal friend when I was talking to him while he was on his shift last year: he called out someone who was sitting down, relaxing, and told them to get their gun peace-bonded, even though it already was.  

I understand that the Rovers will always seem like "tattle-tales" by having to keep an eye out for non-peace bonded weapons, but to interrupt in the middle of a purchase/during a game, etc. is a little over the top, especially since sometimes it is hard to tell if the weapon is bonded or not.  I don't know your guys' policy on this, but how I was trained was to greet first, take a knee next to them if they're sitting on the ground (you do NOT want to seem like you're aggressively challenging them by standing above them if you're not actual police hosts or something--I saw this issue so many times), if you're not sure they're doing something wrong, ask them first ("Have you gotten your prop peace-bonded?", "May I see your prop?"), and then politely inform them what they need to do.

Sorry for typing so much there.  >o<  Really though, my experience this year was much much better, where as last year I and other people in line were /threatened/ to have our belongings destroyed by a Rover, I heard of staff threatening to pull badges all over the place,etc.  

I can see that you guys are tightening in the training.  :)  And of course, it's always good to see that you are all open to feedback and are always willing to clarify--sometimes many times over--convention policies.

I had hoped I explained enough with my previous post, but I'll try to explain more.

And mind, I am saying this at the very very high risk of seeming ageist.  I apologize for that.  xD  

To make the second dance floor eighteen plus is not as an offense to those under eighteen.  Instead, the idea is that this dance floor will have a mature feel to it simply by stating that it is eighteen and over.  It'll discourage things like conga-lining and running amok and bumping into other dancers (which as I said in my previous post is fun sometimes and really fits the idea of an anime convention, but is not always wanted when someone just wants to just have a normal dance venue.  There has been many times when I was trying to have fun with friends but I've gotten rudely shoved out of the way by someone going a little crazy.)  Also, having an eighteen plus room will allow there to be less restrictions and worries about things such as edited songs, a DJ making adult jokes, and more scandalous dancing (which I'm not into all the time, but whatever.)

And please, don't get me wrong!  I am in no way saying that someone under eighteen is incapable of contributing to a more mature dance floor.  And I am in no way saying that everyone over eighteen will be interested in something like this, or that they don't make up a good portion of the active dancers at the main dance floor.

With an eighteen plus dance floor, Fanime will have a space for adults to socialize.  There is a /big/ atmosphere difference in having something eighteen plus.  An example would be comparing Yaoi-con to Fanime.  It's not just that there's "adult material" everywhere, but people act different, whether that's a good thing or not.  Compare it to a high school dance, to a fraternity party that only lets kids with student IDs in, to a downtown club with older adults.

I know there's lots of points here with which you could argue against me.  For example, why have an eighteen plus dance floor at an anime convention?  Well, because it's an anime convention.  I would love to meet older people who like manga and anime as much as I do in a dance setting.  That's something one normally can't do.

Another one: Why not just change the music to hip-hop or Top 40s?  And this one I do agree with a lot, actually.  Yes, there can be very serious ravers and places that pump electronic music, but in my experience, the electronic music at the main Fanime dance floor make people become more silly.  And that's fun (sometimes)!  And I'm not saying Hip-Hop or Top 40s isn't silly either.  It just once more contributes to the overall feel of the room.  BUT if the room is eighteen plus and isn't just limited to one type of music, then it can be sexy and also sometimes play rave music if that's what people want.

And feel free to bring up arguments against me as long as you're polite about it. I know the things I said aren't quite solid.  I'm just hoping that I brought up some points for the staff to consider.


I'd go to the main Fanime dancefloor to be silly and active.  But I think an eighteen plus dance floor (rather than just a change of music  that allows all ages), could contribute more to a "chill, sexy, and intimate" floor that I would much rather go to, especially late at night.  If Fanime is able to have less hectic dance floor without having to make it eighteen plus, I'm all up for that.

What was the reason for the second dance floor to be eighteen plus originally?  I remember seeing it a couple years ago.  =O  I hope I'm not too far off as to why it was there in the first place.

By the way, I am very scared that me writing this long post might bring up drama.  So just a note: I'll probably take it down if it offends anyone, which will sadly make it so my opinion isn't heard, but I really hate forum drama.  xD

Eighteen plus, please, and maybe hip hop like it was in previous years.

I would love something with more of a mature feel to it, without having to worry about people conga-lining through the middle and all of that.  I mean that's fun and fits the idea of an anime convention, but sometimes I just want to dance and groove, not just simply wave glow sticks around.

I know there was a smaller population because of that, but I think with better advertising you'd bring the right people in.

Big Event Showcase / Re: Official 2011 Fanimaid Cafe thread
« on: January 05, 2011, 11:50:46 PM »
Just wanted to put in some random words of encouragement:

Come to the try-outs!  <3  I know I was all nervous about trying out, but it's definitely worth it.  Just be out-going and willing to work with people.  The people you'll be volunteering with are all super nice and worthy friends.  I know my Fanime experience last year had more fun memories than when I just went to the con as a normal attendee.  If I ever had a moment of confusion on what to do during the Maid Cafe hours, a veteran maid or staff member swooped down and helped me. 

Hope to see you all at meetings.  <3


Also, just a question: Are we going to have in-cafe mini-performances or group games like rock paper scissors?  I think in previous years you guys were able to have this done?  :D  I'd love to help out with those if needed, as I normally shy away from the stage performances.

Live Programming and Events / Re: Fanime Arcade 2010 Request Thread
« on: February 20, 2010, 12:27:18 AM »
I hate to bring up a slightly inactive topic but...
Jubeat/Ubeat, anyone?  >_>

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