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Hello everyone! I just thought I would post my information in case anyone was interested in commissions for the future! A little about myself..
My name is Y-chan and I run a
small commission business known as CatNip Cookie. Currently we do not
have a website so we work mostly by word of mouth. If any of the links do not work please do not hesitate to inform me! Change the (DOT) to an actual . Our card:

For past examples of my work please go to:
Or for a more organized list of our awards and current projects:

There will be some major updates with wigs, full costumes, shoes, and
props toward the middle of November. Projects include:
King Dedede (Kirby)
Dizzy and May (Guilty Gear)
"Gambler" Yuna (FFX-2)
Hamel (The Violinist of Hameln)

We offer free quotes on anything you want if you just send reference pictures (at least of the front and back of the garment) and the words "quote request" to catnipcookie@gmail.com
We answer up to 5 quotes per e-mail, as many e-mails as you like! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail us! We check our e-mail more often than our PM box. Please only send e-mails to CATNIPCOOKIE@GMAIL.COM not to the e-mail listed on this account.
All our quotes include a briefing out business policy, different qualities (to match different budgets!), links to previous examples of our word, etc.
We book up to 6 months in advance for orders under $500 and a year in advance for orders over $500. We do make exceptions, please do not hesitate to ask. WE ALSO TAKE RUSH ORDERS at an additional fee ^_^

Thank you for you time and interest!

CatNip Cookie

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