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so do to a hiccup in costuming red hood isn't going to be possible.  so i am falling back on plan b which is my rendition of Bane and/or vigilante. Have not decided weather or not to do both or if i choose one which one.

CANT WAIT! my friend is going to Be Deathstroke and i am going to try and attempt Jason Todd/Red Hood so hope i can do justice

my magna defender costume isnt the best i made everything cause i couldnt find one already made, so everything from the hemlet to the sword is made by me and its the first costume i have ever made  hope it works

hey guys i was wondering if anyone had an easy tip on how to make some wings for Goliath from Gargoyles

hey guys i have a costume question does anyone have an idea for tadakatsu's tail peace on his armour

my friend is going as the green ranger from mighty morphin and i am going as the magna defender from lost galaxy

my friend is going as the green ranger and i am going as the magna defender

i am going to try for tadakatsu honda or zhou tai

i am making ironman  and Magna defender Armor for fanime2010, for iron man i want to paint it a custom color do you think this will piss people off ???

hi everybody this will be my first attempt at cosplay  and was wondering if anyone had any tips for mold making for armour and helmets  any help will be most appreciated  :)

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