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Im going to be female rei and my sister is going to be haru.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Housing Page - Service Unavailable?
« on: February 10, 2014, 01:08:07 PM »
Some other site are expedia.com      travelocity.com    and bookingbuddy.com

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Housing Page - Service Unavailable?
« on: February 10, 2014, 12:42:52 PM »
Hey guys dont give up look for the rooms on other sites like orbitz and kayak.com cause i saw some room on there for fanime. And you always keep looking or calling for rooms that people drop because they cant go anymore, thats what my friend does because he waits closer to fanime when people start dropping rooms

Video Programming / New Roosterteeth trailers
« on: May 03, 2013, 03:02:53 PM »
I think they should show the new roosterteeth videos thats called rwby. It's almost better than dead fantasy. Before you guys reply, check it out on youtube.


Buy/Sell/Trade / WTS Got Yaoi Shorts/ WTS Hentai Shirt(female)
« on: June 10, 2012, 12:26:46 PM »
Nice black shorts with the words got yaoi on the back. selling for $22 but am willing to make an offer of at least for $16. Their in great conditon. New without tags. Size M-L.  If interested go on ebay and look for seller inubae101 or type in yaoi and make sure ur looking in the clothing section. You may also ask us to make a shirt for you that says anything you want on it and pants/ Also selling a black shirt with the words Hentai in the front. Size small to a medium. In great Conditon. Cost $20. But can make an offer if u want. On ebay under inubae101.


General Convention Discussion / Harajuku Fashion
« on: April 04, 2012, 09:34:15 AM »
i wonder why people only do lolita. i think it would much more fun doing decora,kogal, ganguro, kawaii lolita and all the other styles of harajuku along with lolita.

i would like there to be just dance 1, 2, & 3. and also the michael jackson game on the wii please.

Panels and Workshops / Ladies Night Panel
« on: March 31, 2012, 01:38:01 PM »
I think it would be cool if someone did a panel for ladies at night, meaning having sexy men who volunteer to strip tease and do sexy dances for the ladies. of course the panel would have to be 18 and over. it would be nice if they dance to music like kpop, jpop, and rave songs. maybe have a competition of who were the sexy top three. of course they can wear their cosplays and strip. of course only down to their boxers.

Would anyone like to do a gathering for harajuku fashion which includes Lolita, Decora, Visual Kei, Kawaii lolita, Gothic lolita, Ganguro, & Kogal. I encourage you to look up each fasion and see if any interest you.

I was wondering if anybody wanted to do a group cosplay of decora. If you dont know what that is just type it in on youtube. You can decide to do dark or light decora. and it is cheap to find all the stuff you need for it. Or you may use google images to get an idea of the style.

Ideas and Suggestions / Parade for Fanime 2012
« on: February 12, 2012, 08:18:34 PM »
I was wondering if anybody wanted to have a big parade marching down the streets showing off our cosplays and anime spirit. I think we should even walk down with our signs saying free hugs, and other crazy signs we can think of. And while we all march down the streets we should have crazy music playing to dance and sing to while we march.

Please bring someone from the K-pop section. I think K-pop should be allowed cause they are getting really popular and some of them are starting to have songs on anime shows. It would be so awesome to have girls generation or Shinee to show up. Or even U-kiss. I think its time for Fanime to atleast change up the musicfest guests.

I definetly would love it if more kpop groups can come cause they are apart of asian culture.
Groups like MBLAQ, Shinee, 2PM, SS501, Girls Generation, Taeyang, Teen Top[/color]. Also maybe jpop artists like Boa Kwon, June, Utada Hikaru and Yuya again.


I would like to see  Hayao Miyazaki because he has really made some great anime movies that everyone even those not into anime can enjoy and relate to.
I would also enjoy seeing Boa Kwon cause she has the most beautiful voice i've ever heard of. Especially when she sang songs for inuyasha and tales of graces.
The other guests i would like to see is more kpop and jpop guests like MBLAQ, Shinee, Super Juniors, Teen Top, Utada Hikaru, June, SS501, Girls Generation, Taeyang, and Yuya Matshushita(again).

Roomate found

i would like to know if you have to pay to get into the musicfest or do you just show your fanime badge and get in free?

Big Event Showcase / Re: Music for the Black and White Ball 2010
« on: May 14, 2010, 11:53:13 PM »
Hear are some songs i would love to hear at the black and white ball please.I know you guys cant play them all, I just hope i get to hear one of them.

Super Juniors: Sorry sorry              Utada Hikaru: Sanctuary                           Yumi Kawamura: Memories of you

K: Only Human                             Utada Hikaru: Simple and Clean(remix)         Ito Yuna: Pure Eyes ;D ;D ;D ;D
June: Pride of tomorrow                 Daft Punk: Technologic

Boa Kwon: Love and Honesty          Back-on: Flower

Boa Kwon: Amazing Kiss                 Seamo: Honey Honey       

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