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Me and my friend will be cosplaying as the Bankai versions of Hitsugaya and Ichigo from Bleach, and I'll be re-using my sword for a Kenshin cosplay as well..
Just to make sure, are these able to be peace-bonded and brought to fanime? Or are they not allowed?
We would just leave them in the sheaths anyways but I'm just double checking.

Ichigo's Bankai sword:

Hitsugaya's Sword:

Thanks in advance!

I'll be cosplaying as Toshirou Hitsugaya and my friend will be Ichigo (Bankai version)!
I'm so excited!! :D

Registration / If you're planning to bring Kids?
« on: September 18, 2012, 11:21:12 PM »
So I'm going to pre-register for next year (whenever the site comes up) and I'm planning on bringing my younger cousins with me.
Do I have to pay and pre-register them too? Or do they get in for free?
One is 12 and the other is 9.

Also, do they need some sort of ID?

Hotel and Facilities / Re: The Fanime 2012 Hotel Feedback Thread
« on: June 16, 2012, 05:05:35 AM »
Hotel Name:

Would You Book Next Year:
Maybe (??)
I actually wanted the Hilton because I love the Hilton, but the Hyatt was nice too! So If the hilton is booked, then I'll probably stay at the Hyatt. : D

- STAFF was very nice and accommodating!
- Got free parking even though we had 2 cars cause we didn't get a double bedded room as was reserved. Which was nice of them!
- Mini-fridge in the room! Even though the housing said that there was no fridge, THERE WAS. 8D
- Very clean and nice interior of the hotel. It was pretty to take pictures down in their lounge area lol.
- Had breakfast (which we didn't wake up early enough to go to..LOL) and they also had a place to purchase food. It was expensive (as is the Marriot's) but we were ok with it because we were hungry and tired.
- Used the gym to work out at night, which was very nice because there was a temperature setting and hardly anyone was there.
- Bathroom was really spacious.
- Bed was very comfortable.
- Very quiet compared to the other hotels! I liked how they locked the doors at 6pm so only guests staying at the hotel could enter with the key card. Made it good for those of us staying there and didn't have to deal with random/loud people.
- Short distance to and from the con. I think the cop standing at the light was tired of seeing us go back and forth LOL
- Free wi-fi throughout the hotel : D Definitely a plus for us since we were googling up places to eat nearby.
- The con-goers in the hotel were also very friendly. With the bad elevator situations, they let us squeeze in even though it was already jammed (which I know is bad but it saved us another whole 10 min wait!)

- Elevator situation was horrible on Saturday. Literally had a huge line waiting outside. It eventually got better, but it was still a bother. Especially since our room was on the second floor =_= We were told the stairs dont go all the way to the first floor but they opened it on monday cause everyone needed to leave lol.
- Wish they had more blankets and pillows to accommodate us with, but it's ok since it was Hyatt's first year!
- BATHROOM DOORS DO NOT LOCK. I think this was the only thing I did NOT like about this hotel the most. We did get around to being ok with it eventually but it was still kind of weird especially since we had one guy and 6 girls. Definitely not a fan of huge sliding doors that look like you're changing in a dressing room.
- Wish the hotel had more mirrors. :/ Only 2 mirrors in the entire room: one long mirror next to the table and one in the bathroom.

Special Notes to Share:
 If you have special needs when sleeping, definitely bring your own pillows and blankets. They ran out when we asked for some but we didn't mind. Their bathrooms don't lock so just be weary of that if you have privacy concerns.

Other than that it was a very nice and lovely hotel. I love the renovations they made to it.

General Convention Discussion / Re: FanimeCon 2012 Feedback
« on: June 16, 2012, 03:32:15 AM »
LOTS of people this year! Very friendly people as usual that let me take ridiculous pictures with them :)
Loved how even though on Monday people usually start to pack up and leave, there was still sooo many people around! And really awesome cosplays! :D

Registration. Everyone has stressed about it. I heard about the black out but I came in on Saturday and my only issue was that even though I was group leader, each person had to have their ID in order to get the badge.
Just. why. Even my younger cousin had to show her ID, and she was only 11! Luckily she had a student ID on her though.

Organization? I feel like things were very rushed this year. Like their website and the hotels. Usually hotels open around Jan-Feb but this year it was pretty late and we ended up with the Hyatt (Which....was OK. Could've been better, could've been worse!)

Other than that I still love going to Fanime and had a good time.
For some reason I was really tired this year and I felt like a lot of money got put into it lol but it's fine. It was enjoyable as always!

Hotel and Facilities / Re: The 2011 Fanime Hotel Feedback
« on: July 14, 2011, 07:19:31 PM »
Hotel Name:
Hilton [Was supposed to be Ramada]
Would You Book Next Year:
It may not be close to all the main events, but at least its quieter on the Hilton side. Plus the gaming hall was nearby.
We were able to check in at 10am rather than 3pm with ease!
Bellhop guy was really nice to us!! [I bet he felt awkward seeing a box of cup noodles being brought to our room..]
Bathroom had such beautiful lighting and it was super clean!
Mirror is large and there is a smaller mirror for upclose magnification.
Closet sliding doors have mirrors on them too so you can see your whole body.
King Bed was super comfy with tons of pillows and extra blankets in the closet!
There's a red sofa/chair thing in the room that we let my little cousin sleep on so we didnt have to worry about extra bedding for her.
Having a mini fridge was super nice, especially when we'd come back and be dehydrated.
On Saturday [our first day], we went back downstairs and passed the autograph schedule stand and saw that Yuya was having an autograph session that day *__* if we werent at the Hilton I wouldn't have even known about it!
We got a free night + decided to spend another night at the Hilton so it cost = 116$ for two nights.
Not to mention parking was 9$ but they only charged us one night of parking. :DD
Eh...this isn't much of a complaint and it's not the hotel's fault either but our room was supposed to be connected to another room and had a locked door. On one of the nights we were so tired we tried to sleep, but the people next to us were shouting and playing games for a few hours but they eventually stopped LOL.

Special Notes to Share:
The hotel was nice overall with friendly staff and friendly congoers! Elevators weren't a hassle at all.
We were originally booked at the Ramada for Sat-Sun but apparently they were overbooked and gave us a free night at the Hilton as compensation, and I'm super glad that they did! We then had the option of returning back to the ramada or staying at the Hilton and we just stayed at the hilton for its convenience. This was my first time booking a hotel and the Hilton made it super simple for us! I'm definitely staying here again next year.

never heard of that before, at least their compensating you for it i guess. how long after the hotels went up did you book your room? i booked there to at least a few days before it was all sold out so i'm hoping that didn't happen to to many people :x

I think I booked the room in Late February - Early March. : o
I was just surprised that they would inform me this late ; when Fanime is literally only a few days away.

Has this happened to anyone else? I got an email from the Housing Staff that our reservation was relocated to the Hilton hotel and that Ramada will be paying compensation for us. . . not that I'm complaining of course. LOL

I just want to know if this has happened to others? Because I know the Ramada was one of the hotels that was completely booked in the beginning when housing opened and I have a feeling that my reservation for the 29th at the Ramada will probably be relocated too..o_o

Depending on the day [cause we'll most likely be cosplaying DRRR on Saturday or Sunday]
I'll be going as Izaya and we have an Anri, Shizuo, and Kida. ;u;

I'll be going as Dino!
And My Step-sister as Hibari.

Hotel and Facilities / Ramada deposit fee?
« on: January 20, 2011, 07:13:06 PM »
Does anyone know the Ramada deposit fee?
It says on the site that it's a Night's stay + tax but I just want to make sure.
probably might just call them lol.

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