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Live Programming and Events / Re: -- Artist Alley Announcement --
« on: April 02, 2014, 06:23:22 PM »
When can we expect announcements on selection? It's getting incredibly close and some of us need to know whether or not to begun allocating resources.

On Facebook they said it could take a month.

On AA's facebook page they said they would be evaluating art "By table" meaning that selection will be based on both artists or the solo artist if they will have a table to themselves. This leads me to believe it is unlikely they will allow artists to add people to their table (otherwise artists that are worried they would hurt their usual table partners chance of getting in would just wait to be added until after the table is assigned and just generally open the system up for abuse). But this is the sort of thing you might want to try emailing AA about to get clarification.

What if someone was approved as an individual and wanted to add someone who was put on the waiting list (but could get a table in the lottery)? I would assume that would be ok. Not sure about adding someone who hadn't even applied though...

Personally I'm still curious as to why they had a 48 hour window instead of just saying "Submissions must be in by March 28th"

Probably because they needed a set ending time and "by March 28th" is way too general - it could mean anything from "by midnight on the 28th" to "by midnight on the 29th". 48 hours is a nice, even, non-confusing time frame.

I'm not really sure why they thought a week was excessive. Other conventions, such as AOD, give people a week to apply for a table.

Dude. This isn't 4chan. That much rudeness and hostility is completely uncalled for. EDIT: post in question was deleted (yay)

People don't know if they have tables yet. You'd be better off asking once the staff actualy makes the decision on who actually gets tables. Right now nobody knows for sure if they have a table, so asking to share right now won't really do anything. If you wait a couple weeks and then try to contact people who've definitely gotten tables you might have better luck.

If not, there's always next year.

Live Programming and Events / Re: -- Artist Alley Announcement --
« on: March 24, 2014, 03:12:34 PM »
I have a question about badge pickup for artists. Will we get to bypass the badge line again like we did last year? Because that was super convenient.

Live Programming and Events / Re: Karaoke Contesant Chat Thread [2013]
« on: April 23, 2013, 11:22:10 PM »
Planning on entering with a friend. Doing Artist alley and karaoke contest will make for an interesting Friday. At least I have minions to man my table while I'm away.
Who else is contemplating singing a vocaloid song?

Will the special line be in the same place as normal reg lines? Will it open at the same time? And to clarify: I get my entire group's badges, even the ones who aren't involved on artist alley?

lets hope for the record they have bathrooms T_T!
the last thing I wanna do is run around the venue and found out im lost..

I'm 99% sure I read some post by fanime staff saying that we would have some form of bathrooms in/around south hall.

Question, how long do I have to pay? The FAQ said by the 19th, but I recieved confirmation of table on the 21th.

It says one week, but that may be pre-programmed replied, so I just wanted clarification.

On facebook people were saying we had 2 days to pay.

Just to make sure, we only need to provide the seller permit number on the day of the con--but it would make it a little easier on AA staffs if we provided it earlier? Finally got to step 7! That's the end-end right?

They do tend to base some seating on timeliness of completing your account stuff, and putting in your seller's permit probably earns you some brownie points with staff. I would get it ASAP and put it in just so that you get it out of the way before the con.

@ Alejandro (too long to quote): was that con ALA? I heard they moved their artist alley from its original location and that the results weren't too great. Or am I confusing this with something else?

Live Programming and Events / Re: Artist Alley Business Location
« on: April 19, 2013, 10:53:36 PM »
I'm pretty sure that it's within a few business days. (I don't have the best memory when it comes to time).

Live Programming and Events / Re: Artist Alley Business Location
« on: April 19, 2013, 09:20:01 PM »
Contact the BOE. I actually have a permanent CA seller's permit, and I contact them with the address of the con I'm selling at. They'll send me an updated copy of the permit if I ask for one.

"There is air conditioning and there are bathrooms located just outside the side entrance. We don't know if this is permanent at this time because of construction, but this is the best solution we have for this year."

Are they port-a-potties, then? I'd rather walk all the way to the bathrooms in the convention center.

I don't think Fanime has used South Hall for something as major as the artist alley before. I'm pretty sure there are restrooms there, but I don't know if it will be air conditioned (searching the Internet has only turned up that it is insulated, whatever that means).

Im' interested in knowing how much traffic the artist alley might expect. I don't know if it will be as busy as usual or if it will be a ghost town because you have to exit the convention center to get to it. Is there anyone on this forum who's been to a con using both the convention center and south hall? In general, how many attendees go to South hall?

It looks like people are getting approved now, by what it looks like on FB.

Approvals are going quickly. I'm number 168 and I just got approved.

Sorry for the double post, everyone. I just wanted to let you know tht I'm number 168 and I just got confirmed. They sent me an email along with my confirmation telling me to try to take care of payments and such within a week. Looks like they're being flexible, so don't worry that April 19 is tomorrow.

Yeah! I've been approved as well. My account is #4086.

@chibimonster Yeah, I haven't forgotten and I have no intention of debating it this year. I just wanted there to be a set understanding for fanart. Now the staff have set an official rule. So as long as it's in place, I will follow it.

I was worried that the debate would have caused the staff to resort to a 50/50 rule like Otakon. UGH. I would not have wanted to deal with that. I like how the staff has made their policy clearer, but I'm confused about the mention of pins. Are pins and buttons lumped into the same category, or are buttons treated differently than pins? I guess I'll find out if there are any issues when they review my portfolio...

Just to let you guys know, I've been approved. My ID is 4076 and I made the account within 3 min and activated within 6min =)

Yay!! It shouldn't be too long before I'm confirmed then! Number 168, made within 4 min, submitted before 5.

I assume this part of the online AA agreement is a typo and we are still in South Hall? "Event Space: Exhibit Hall #1, 150 West San Carlos Blvd, San Jose, CA 95118"

Yeah, that's a typo. Exhibit hall 1 is where we were last year.

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