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It seems the power that be at Fanime are taking the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it approach."  Every year, people would suggest mailing out badges and every year, it is shot down.  Granted, the system isn't completely broken... yet.  However, there are about 1000 cracks and the dam is just itching to burst. 

This year, I was in line for about 6+ hours on Thursday.  During those 6+ hours, I noticed a few things.  First, there were a lot of handicapped and special needs folks that were really suffering while waiting in line.  One of the person I was speaking with was diabetic.  He was suffering so bad that he was literally ready to keel over by hour 4.  The whole "line after line" and the "almost there" approach didn't help him either.  Second, a lot of people who took public transportation waited for 3-hours but were forced to give up because the last train left at 10:30pm. 

Three years ago, the line was about 20-min for pre-reg.  Two years ago was about 1-hour.  Last year was about 4-hours (Friday morning - power outage did not affect me).  This year is 6+ hours.  Next year, will it be 8+ hours?  If that is the case, I would not be surprised if one of the handicapped/special needs folks die while waiting in line.  While this might seem like a joke to some people, it is a serious matter.  I have seen events getting canceled (even major ones) because of incidents like these.  The last thing I want is to see is Fanime ending. 

Also, keep in mind that SJ Convention Center construction will be complete next year.  If a major incident like a person injuring or dying in line happened during the first year after renovation, I seriously doubt they will want Fanime back.  Not to mention that they definitely don't want a lawsuit in their hands. 

Construction will be done next year and the staff might believe that the situation will improve.  However, I seriously urge you to rethink this.  Almost always, unexpected events will cause problems.  It is time to seriously look for solutions and alternatives to this "long-lines" issue before it causes a major incident. 



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