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personally I would love to see FLOW back again. I travel specifically to see these guys, and will do it a third fourth and fifth time if they keep coming back. As for other bands I would love to see Orange Range  or maybe a Visual Kei band. I'm not a fan of their music but I'm sure Asian Kung Fu generation would be popular,  though I'm personally not a fan of their music.


I would return just to see FLOW again (I wasn't even their fan until this year's concert!) They really know how to work up a crowd. All my friends (who had no knowledge of FLOW before) became fans immediately after too! Their concert really was a lot of fun.

I know it's their third year but (maybe this is an incorrect usage of the idiom) "Why fix it if it ain't broke"? I really would love it if they came back! And scrolling through the thread I see that a majority agrees with me/would love to see to it become a Fanime tradition :D



Heh and perhaps ANCAFE if thats not too much to ask from the Fanime gods. Should I make some offerings? XD

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