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I'll be attending with Splatoon group of my own! I can't wait!!!

Yo everybody!

Fanime is around the corner!  The great opportunity to meet new people, discuss fandoms and express our passion for them. All for the sake of good fun!

Besides the official Hetalia gathering, I thought it would be fun to get to know some more fans of the Hetalia fandom, and meet up, take pictures and in pursuit to network.  (Let's bring the world together!)

The meeting place can be discussed, but I vote the open park area with the statue next to the San Jose Marriot.  I also do not mind verifying contact information such as e-mail or texting, to keep up to date.

I have two awesome friends coming as China and France, this will be our France's first time attending! (Woohoo!)

If anybody is interested, just comment below. Hope to hear from anybody at this point. For the most part, I'll be cosplaying Cowboy America.   :)

Hello everyone!

I'm glad to see Hetalia gathering 2014 has a pulse.

I am willing to help any way I can, in addition I want to vote for Sunday after 4pm.

Looking forward to hearing you all.

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