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This was so much fun! It was so amazing being with my grandsons and giving therapy hugs.

I wanted to apologize in advance for the constant old man fanservice Germania and I were giving out. :p The first two times were okay, but I feel like maybe it was a bit much at the all ages panel. But hey, what can you do with dem Germanics. ;p

EDIT: I also was sad there weren't more ancients to join in our shoot.. I thought we'd at least get a China up there or something. :c

General Convention Discussion / Re: FanimeCon 2012 Feedback
« on: May 29, 2012, 02:44:19 PM »

-Pocket guide was useful, even though I didn't make it to a lot of the events. It would have been nice to have the large events more noticeable in the guide, such as the black and white ball, masquerade, etc. I can't remember which ones, but some of the larger events didn't have times, and/or locations on the guide!

-The artist's alley was so awesome! One of the best I've seen, I loved the variety and it was pretty cool in there. Dealer's hall was a little hot, but still nice. I mean, what can you do about body heat, honestly. xD


-The registration line! My girlfriend and I waited over 3, almost 4 hours Friday morning for our badge. Please please PLEASE, mail them in advance! I went to a con last year that msiled the badges, and it's so nice! Fanime is large enough to merit this. At the time, the line for registering was much shorter than the pre reg line. The people who waited to register until they got to con were able to get in hours before thousands of pre reg attendees. Not saying they are to blame, at all, I just think the people who registered first should you know... be able to get in. And not miss some badge only events!

-Not sure how I felt about keeping the location of meetups under locks... you had to go to an info desk to unlock the abbreviations and understand where things are being held. I was in a hurry most con, and ended up missing several events I wished to photograph because it was too much hassle to keep checking the schedule, asking the front desk, and going to the location.

-Food was expensive. I mean not just con expensive, but way inflated. If my gf and I didn't need them so bad, we wouldn't have bought the two small energy drinks that were priced at 5 dollars a piece! They're normally 2 max, retail. It was nice to have a wide variety of food a short walk away, though. The location is fantastic, but there were just SO many people! I also didn't understand why no one could walk on those arrowed walkways either. xD I'm sure if they had worked, it would have been a very good idea.

-Hmm... that's about it. It was a really fun con, and I'd like to say that the organization was pretty good in terms of where each event was held. c: I didn't really have trouble with the rovers, there were one or two very rude ones that made us press nearly flat against the wall while waiting in line (pre reg mostly), which I understand. . . at least be polite, though.

The staff photographer "in charge" of official cosplay gatherings... was extremely unpleasant to work with. He started off by telling us he was not at all familiar with our series so we should suggest poses, yet then went on to boss us around in a not-very-nice tone in poses and formations that didn't at all match our characters or what we were trying to do. Please let the cosplayers pose themselves unless they specifically ask for help.
This. At the Hetalia gathering it was great that he kept calling for more attitude and more expression (which was fantastic, it did help), but some times it would be less helpful and more demanding, especially when the groups are groups that DON'T smile or have a lot of expression. At the old school gathering, he would put people in poses and absolutely NOT let some change, even though he stated several times he had no idea what the series was and what the characters did. If we ever find the photos from that shoot for us we'll never use/appreciate them, because he brought random people in different cosplay into the shot as props. Yes, props.

Overall, it was enjoyable. I know I have far more cons than pros on this list, but they weren't so traumatic that I didn't have a good time. There were a lot of good things, as well.

Alright guys, everything is finalized!

Please double check the time and date of your shoot (make sure there aren't any errors in miscommunication), and to know where we're meeting.

Let's see, when are you cosplaying her?  I may be able to make an allowance if it's on Saturday, but I have cosplay/gathering promises that I need to uphold. :/

I hope everyone is ok with a move with a time change, the new location will be FMS(the tree area on the Marriott side) because the Hilton side isn't available at 11:30am. 
Thought I would stop by here and check on things (photo order :P ) and I saw this... did you want the tree area? I have you listed by the flowerbed in front... (No Shade there) PM me and let me know ASAP cause I have to send in the list to FanimeCon.

Someone in charge answer this !! :D
My two cents worth: if there's shade by the tree area, that might be better. For cosplay and especially photos. c:

Oh my gosh this sounds like a blast!  :D

Unfortunately, you can take my group off anyone that we're signed up for.. Everyone dropped out on us besides me n Yukio, so we're not even bringing Rin and his lil brobro to Fanime at all. :/

You can bet I'll still be around to take pictures though.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. :)
Over this weekend (19 - 20), I'll be sending out messages to each person to discuss times and days. 

I don't know when the official Fanime schedule is usually up, but I'm hoping we can stay in contact for when that is posted so our shoots do not conflict with other events I/you may wish to attend.

We do allow metal armor as long as it's not pointy or sharp, and it sounds like you've worked very hard to ensure it is not. Your costume should be fine.
Thank you!!

"FanimeCon Rovers define “Live Steel” as metal which has, or can take an edge."

I have a question about this relative to my cosplay.  I was pretty sure it would be fine, but just want to check and make sure I can bring it and even be peace bonded if needed.  :D

For one of my cosplays I've made armor out of sheet metal.  It doesn't have many edges, and the edges have been completely folded over and hammered down by at least 1/4 to 1 inch to create sides that are for sure not sharp or damaging to myself or others.  There's... no way it could be used as a weapon.  I can't think of anything. xD  It's very lightweight (like around 1-2 lbs), and just a breast plate/back plate.

I worked for hours and hours on this, I hope it's okay.. ^^;

A huge thanks to everyone for your interest!

Slots are now closed. . . but if you have a large group, special request, or would like to ask me to snap some shots at an official gathering, don't be afraid to post here or message me.  :D

I dunnoooo if I've posted here yet..
But my gf and I will be coming as Germania and Rome.  :-*

Photoshoots are closed as of now, thank you for your interest.

Hey guys!

Fanime is just 10 DAYS AWAY and I've been reading some posts about people inquiring about photographers.

In the past I've always had at least four private photoshoot slots at each convention I've attended (last convention was more than 10, I think I overestimated myself). These are basically out of the goodness of my heart and to help me increase my skills of photography, while giving the recipient a set of nice photos of their cosplay, costume, lolita, or any other portrait/photo types.

I was considering not including these this time around, but they're so fun that I just can't discard the experience!

****SO with that aside, here are some specs:****
- Private, one on one shoots will be scheduled for 30 - 45 minutes a piece, as decided at a later date.

- There are also group photoshoots available, the normal time for which is normally from 1 hour to 1 and 1/2 hours.

- The set time and day for the shoot will be decided after the official Fanime schedule is up, to avoid any time conflicts.

- Locations can be anywhere within walking distance of the convention space!

- I will ideally set the time sometime in the morning or late afternoon.

- Basic photoshopping is included with each session (skin smoothing, color correction, minor costume malfunction fixes - IE smudged body makeup).

- I can shoot any type of cosplay/costume, poses, but NO: nudity, overly sexual poses, offensive signals or signs, and other possibly offensive content (ask me if you have a question - "other possibly offensive content" is at my own discretion. (I've built a reputation as a cosplay photographer, not a pornographer! :'D)

-Other things may be added if I remember anything later. :)


Slots Available:

1. CrystalRobot____(Solo, Sat. 3:30PM - FoH)
2. Somegirlkatie___(Group, Sat. 6:00PM - FoF)
3. Kannazuki______(Group, Sat. 11:30- FoF)
4. Nikkiolie_____(Group, Sat. 10:30AM - FoF)
5. Lordsnow_____(Solo, Sat. 9:00AM - FoF)
6. Mugenuryu____(Solo, Sat. 9:45AM - FoH)
7. Twilightsora__ (Group, Fri. 4:00PM - FoH)
8. Vasyenka_____(Solo, Sat. 5:00PM - FoH)

FoF = Front of Fairmont (doors)
FoH = Front of Hilton (front doors)


My Facebook account for examples of my work:
Sushisoap Photos  

Other examples (en masse private shoots - both UNEDITED):
Ramona - Scott Pilgrim
1800's France - APH

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Fanime 2012 Roommate thread
« on: April 22, 2012, 03:54:34 PM »
Roommates Wanted!!!!:

+ Introduction:
Hi all! My girlfriend and I (both girls, 20 and 21) are coming down to Fanime from lovely Oregon! We had been coming with two others, but they dropped out on us a couple weeks ago, and we have a two bed room at the Fairmont. :/ Too much for just the two of us, so we're looking for some chill roommates. We both don't smoke and won't be drinking at the con, and we're very relaxed.

+ Hotel Information:

Hotel: Fairmont
Days: Friday - Monday morning (3 nights)

+ Costs:
For these three days, the room costs exactly $393 and some cents.
For three people, that would be 130 dollars a person.
For four people (preferred), that would be around $98

+ Requirements:

- We'd prefer if we had all females in the room, but we'll settle for guys if we can converse a bit and such.
- 17+ please :)
- No smoking or drinking in the room. We're all here to have a good time, and it can happen WITHOUT alcohol or questionable substances.
- Respect other peoples' stuff, body, food, etc. Paws off others' luggage/stuff! This includes no sexual harassment, no gettin jiggy with it in the room. You can bet we'll be respecting these rules as well. :)
- Please don't bring any friends/people who aren't staying in the hotel room into the room unless we're there, and get the ok first! My girlfriend had surgery right before she went to her last con, and someone stole her pain medication. :( It's just a respect thing. I mean, I know your friends are probably trustworthy, but especially if you've JUST met them at con, don't bring them up please!!
- Be respectful of other people in the room, especially if they're sleeping. Con can go late into the night, so the precious few hours of sleep we do get are, well.. precious.
These are all pretty much a given!! Be nice to us, and we'll be nice to you! :D

+ Contact:
- PM me on here!
- Facebook: (I may not add you immediately, but message me ^^)
- dA:
- And if you room with us my gf and I will give you our phone numbers to text, call, etc.

+ Miscellaneous:
We're cosplayers, but we don't have too much stuff and we keep it to ourselves, we're fairly tidy.
I'll probably end up treating us to pizza or chinese at least one night, so free food!
Umm... yuuup. See you at Fanime!

try using gauze wrap. my friend does tht and it seems to work very well. plus its really cheap  ;D

P.S heres a website tht lists tons of ideas.
^ this. Ace bandage is the savior of many cosplayers, wrap it over a sports bra so it doesn't slide on skin.. They have widths up to 6 and more inches, which wrap nicely flat if you're doing something rather skintight. (no awkward creases and bumps)
Be careful what you wrap with. You need to be comfortable. If something isn't stretchy enough, you can damage your boobs (permanently, sometimes!), hurt your back, or even pass out. On experience, I wrapped tight enough to bind for a skintight wife beater, and my back was hurting so bad by the end of the day. Binding too tight puts pressure in spots that shouldn't..

Another really good idea my friend did was get one of those waist slimmers, and fastened it around her chest. Simple, clean, and apparently it worked really well...

Anyways, yeah. That's my motherly message, be careful! And good luck. C:

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: LED Glowsticks ~Rave Cow
« on: February 13, 2012, 10:57:47 PM »
They're not actually too big and clunky The wire is much smaller than the picture makes it appear. If you don't mind the box, you can use them as much as you like since you just pop in two AA batteries and go. It's got a clip too, to hook to a belt and such. It looks awesome and glows super bright.

I got 9 feet for 5 dollars on ebay, and I'm getting 18 more ft of a different type with a smaller box (uses the small round batteries, and comes with the batts) for another 5 (they were on sale for a day and I got to em). These particular ones are actually "shoelace" EL wire, but you can use them anywhere. It's nice though, because the battery strip is about... 1/2 inch in height, 2.5 inches long, and about an inch wide. (approx) so it can hook onto where the shoelaces loop closest to your toes. I'll be getting 4 lengths of around 32 (?) inches of wire. Still waiting on these pairs, but I'll let you know how good they are when they come in.

The first wire is going to my headgear and shirt, and I'm going to make some ghast pants and incorporate the shoelace EL wire into those.

Yaaay :DDD I would love that. <3 Except it seems like our group ditched us.. so it will only be Yukio and I. :/
But we can't wait to get together with you guys.

I'll be coming as Rin. :D I'll be with a Sheimi and Yukio. Probably also a Bon, Neuhaus, Izumo, and Mephisto.

Can't wait, guys. Srs. And in response to the last post, I'm a semi-professional photographer. I'll be having my camera and one lens on me probably at all times. c: Unless someone REALLY wants me in a photo, like for my group, there are plenty of Rins. <-- I'm so NOT proud of these photos, they're from last Winter so I've improved a lot, also the commissioner forgot the tripod and we used auto maintenance lighting... BUT. I don't really have a tended site, and it's a condensed example.

Yes please, to both chibitalia and romano!! >w< I would love to get pictures with two of my most favorite grandchildren! We should definitely get a family group together. I'm just.. sensing the family portraiture that'll be going on. No one is going to be serious. Ever. 

Updating on steampunk Iggy, I got my base vest AND pants today, a huge success! My gf found this really nifty lock and key set... She wants me to inset the lock over my heart, and she as America wants to keep the key on a necklace. I squeed.

@kohana ichibana
Otherwise I may need advice on making it myself.
Never fear, it seems pretty simple. If you look closely at it and the seams, you can see from the back that there are only a few pieces. Two back panels, Two sleeves, probably only two front panels, and a collar. That's just 7 pieces of fabric to be stuck together. ^w^ (Easier said than done though..)

Rome - Hetalia. I'll be coming with a group of ancestors; Germania, Mama Egypt, and Mama Greece.  :D The only thing special about him is that I'm making the armor from scratch out of sheet metal.. I can't WAIT for the Hetalia gathering to huggle all my cute grandchildren >3<

Rin - Ao No Exorcist. Probably the most complete thus far... which isn't that complete. xD

Wii-kun - Nintendo. I'm going to try and go all out for him, though if I don't know if he may just be used for the rave... Deciding between parachute/raver pants or shorts. Got my blue EL wire yesterday, it looks SO COOL. I'll be hanging mostly with an Atari, but Xbox 360 and PS2 might be around too.

Steampunk!England - Hetalia. My girlfriend is going as aviator!America, and we're going to kinda take the theme "the gentleman and the pilot."

I have two other possibilities that may or may not happen. If I do one, I won't do the other... Hanna from HinaBN, and Electronic Diva Kaito. If I can get down to a 27" waist by April, I'll do Kaito. But that's.. 2 inches. Idk. If I can find a good wig for Hanna under $20, I'll do him. n.n Everyone's cosplays sound awesome!

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