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You're probably right Dany. I'm pretty sure we're in the clear, but I am hoping for confirmation because my friend and I have alternate costumes we could wear in case our Takarazuka outfits are not okay. We just want to know which ones to concentrate on more :).

(I was actually in the Oscar costume last year XD)

I didn't see it O.o ... I'll go looking for it...

I sent it again a few days ago but I have yet to receive a reply. I suppose I'll ask here then. Is a Takarazuka Revue production, when the source material is NOT anime/manga based (in fact, it's based on an English play) an acceptable source for Masquerade costumes? The play was performed in Japan and we're making costumes based on the Japanese version.


Hi! When can we expect answers to questions we've emailed you? My friend and I are trying to figure out if some costumes we're making are within the rules for this competition and we are hoping we can find out soon since signups are only about two weeks away.

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