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I'll be planning the Code Geass gathering, but mostly from the forums.

Planned for Saturday mid-morning or afternoon, depending on which hours are claimed. I put on the boards 1pm, but I already saw the FMA gathering at that time, so obviously some adjusting needs to be done. =)

Hi everyone,

Just wondering who'd be interested in a Code Geass gathering this year. =) It'd have to be on Fanime Saturday (between 11-2), since I've got a group going only on that day.


Yay, a reply! ^^"

We're not planning to do the plugsuits, maybe the school uniforms. Not 100% sure yet...


Anyone interested in joining an Evangelion gathering? It'll have to be on Fanime!2008 Saturday between 11-2. My group has already decided that we're only going that day, so we'd love to have other Eva fans join!

I'll update the list as more people post. Thanks!

princessblade - Rei
wpuzzle (princessblade's buddy) - Asuka
Phil (princessblade's other buddy) - Shinji

I'm looking for any pictures of me and my group. We did characters from Fullmetal Alchemist.

I was Lust, my friend was Sloth, and another friend was Greed. We weren't really separated. ^^" Plus, we were there only on Saturday, and we attended the Saturday FMA gathering.


Registration / Badge pick-up
« on: May 22, 2007, 09:15:07 PM »
Quote from: "Sen"
Since you are a group of three that does not qualify as a group registration. You will be going to the normal pre-reg/early reg pick up line. If they change anything at the registration hall, a staffer will be on hand to direct you.

In any case, the printable postcard should be accessible through your account. You will need that along with your government issued photo ID to pick up your badge. I'm not sure what mailed flyers you are referring to. We did not have any mailed flyers last year.

Ah, the receipt is what I meant instead of "flyer". Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the information. :)

Registration / Badge pick-up
« on: May 22, 2007, 06:13:55 PM »
Last year, I was e-mailed a form that was to be used for me to pick up my badge. It had all my information listed on it. Will these flyers be sent again this year? Or do we just need an ID?

I'm also the designated group leader for my group of 3, so if these forms are sent again, will their information be included as well?

Having 2 gatherings may be the best choice. Some people have commitments on Saturday, others on Sunday. I think this best accomodates everyone.

After all, I don't think the users of this forum, or the forums, will be the only FMA people there. :)

Eh? Only 3 homunculi?? Aww. T.T

I hope there're more during the convention! Only 10 days from now. ;)

AnimeEmperor -
The Saturday gathering is at 12:30! ^^

Really random question -- will any of you be at the Cherry Blossom Festival next Sunday (April 22)? I'm going as Lust with a Sloth and a Greed...same for this year's Fanime. :)

I'm happy to see more interest here. ^^

Just to let you all know, I've been making all the additions and changes on the boards. The link is locate on the first post of this thread.

Thanks again, everyone!

So, you'll be Squall? :)

I'll put you down on both gatherings!

Thankfully, no. ^^ They're meeting at the fountains. We got the 1st floor of the convention center. Wa-hoo!! :)

As luck would have me, BlueSapphire posted the updated list on both the Fanime forums and forums. ^^

I look forward to seeing you during Fanime!! I hope we don't get taken over by the Naruto cosplayers and whoever is gathering before we are. :P

Hmm...for music, why not bring the soundtracks from the musicals too? ^^" It'd be great. XD

Bless you!! ^^ Thanks so much. :)

Would you mind if I go ahead and post on

11:30 (if we're early enough), 12:30, or 2 would be great.

4:30 on Saturday? While I know it's one of the few free Saturday time slots, my group will most likely be gone by then. :(

I hope it's not too much of a hassle to find an earlier time to get together... I mean, I really don't want to impose on anyone. ^^''

Hee, thank you ranma-san!

My groupies will be there as Lust (me), Sloth, and Greed.

Would you like me to report this Saturday gathering and the Sunday FMA gathering to the board? I can probably fish out a time and place for Saturday. Problem is, the Naruto gathering will also be on Saturday at the fountains (I think) around 12-12:30. It'll be huge, so we should probably go inside. :)

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