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I don't really care what is used to make the process faster, but waiting 6 hours and 15 minutes in line for picking up 2 preregistration badges is ridiculous.  I actually had to wait a bit longer since I was the leader of a group of 2 (myself and my husband) and yes, there was yet another line just for groups!

I haven't been to Fanime for a several years and now I don't think I'm ever going back as I don't even really keep track of current anime anymore.  (The most recent anime I saw was Sword Art Online.)  If I do, I'm definitely not preregistering again just to suffer through another wasted 6-7 hours of my life.  I thought the whole point of preregistering was so you'd get through the registration process faster, not get through it slower than those that just show up without preregistering for it.

Part of me doesn't want to attend Fanime at all this weekend even though I paid $100 for it.

I know that the staff is doing the best they can.  However, unless the registration situation changes, people are going to either avoid preregistration or just avoid Fanime if most of the time is spent on waiting in line.  So I highly recommend figuring out some sort of method that reduces wait time and announcing it ahead of time.

Also, if you expect long lines, please inform everyone so they can adequately prepare for it.  I didn't think of bring something to eat while waiting in line Thursday night, so yes, I was also starving the whole time since I didn't have dinner yet.  Good thing I don't have any serious health issues to worry about.  I saw someone else faint while waiting in line; I hope he/she is okay.  They were far behind me in the line, so who knows how long they waited before fainting.

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