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Hi guys! On Friday and Saturday I cosplayed as one of the Umbrella Corp mercenaries from Resident Evil. If you happen to take a picture of me or with me I would love to see those photos and add to my album for memories please! thank you!!!

General Convention Discussion / Me and my RE cosplay ;D!!!!!!!
« on: May 25, 2014, 03:51:30 PM »
If anyone took picture of me or with me at the con, and if you don't mind please post those pictures so I can see as well :D

First time cosplaying I will be going as member of the Umbrella Corp from Resident Evil. My gear is pretty much all tactical gear over black clothing and some Umbrella Logos, I know that airsoft guns are not allowed so I wont be bringing my prop weapon anymore. Here are some picture of my cosplay let me know if its allowed please because if not that would be pretty lame cuz i prepared all this since last year Fanime where i didnt get to do a cosplay.

I have just recently started gathering stuff for my resident evil cosplay since the last time I was at Fanime 2012 it was really fun even though I didnt have a cosplay. The question I have today is that will Resident Evil cosplay be allow at Fanime 2014? Because I will be wearing pretty much all military gear "swat gear" with umbrella corp logo all over the cosplay. I read somewhere that military cosplay is not allowed at the convention is that true? Also the gear I have wearing include a prop gun and it is complete black but it does have a 2inch orange tip will that be allow as well at Fanime 2014?
I saw cosplay like this at Fanime 2012-2013 will this be allowed or did these people some how sneak in

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