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All i have to say i "I rule".  While only 10-12 pics were actully taken OF me, i still managed to weasel my way into the background of about 1/4 of the pics i have mulled over thus far.  I do have to give some credit to my terrible sence of timing, that and the fact that half the time i was staring right at the camera and it didnt register im my exceeding sleep-deprived brain until the flash.  Still love seeing all the familier faces that i saw at the con.

oh and dont worry snowbubble...its not "Emo", its "In Character" ^_~

Welp, count me in as anouther one of the undoubtably numerouse Renos'.  Ill even bring my spring loaded beatin stick for teh photo shoots...and my real hair too o_O..ZOMG!!

and just out of curiousity (i swear im not gloating!!) how many other possible Renos' will be using their own hair and dying it red for the Con?

ok i dunno if someone addressed thia already and i missed ti ro what.

but in capture the flag you can remove people from the game both permanantly or temporarily.  In paintball for example, you shoot them, at school you tag them, at Fanime you....hell i dunno, throw pocky spears at them (addressing an earlier postee's "Pocky-related Fatalities" concerns ^_~

And secondly (and it goes with concern number one) what about armed characters, for example, i play wolfwood, its hard to run while carrying a 95lb wooden cross-punisher.  and the second costume, an Imperial Guardsman wear tons of real iron body armor so i will be slow, but both those character's carry weaponry, (and this may apply to other persons as well) weaponry that kinda makes them who thew are, do we leave it out of the game (which makes total sense (avoid non-pocky-related fatalities)) or use them to our advantage somehow, i some non-violent way of course?

someone lemme know cus im curriouse how the "tagging out" aspect of this CTF game will work.  regardless of my concerns, count me in, esspecially if possible death by pocky is involved, that sort of death im all for.

AHA!!!...it doesnt happen often but i noticed something i missed (ok so im a dirty liar...).  It seems as though in my last post (second page even though im sure you've read it/dont care) i forgot to mention one of my costimes, and yes that means ill be bringing four instead of three...one for each day you see, a strategy to my madness i tell you!!  Anyway, for all you uber geek Warhammer 40k fans out there, when you see the Imperial Guardsman running around, please dont glomp him, when hes wearing all 108 lbs of that iron armor plating...he falls very hard and breaks thing (like for any of you who witnessed my broken-shoulderness at Comic-Con in 2002) and he gets very upset and usually end up saying very "un-PC" things.

*please note the strategic placement of the above disclaimer/melodrama*

On a lighter note, feel free for hugs (avoiding sharp edges of course) and photo goodness, pocky is also appreciated, the Imperium's standard diet unfortunatly does not include chocolate dipped cookie sticks...something i plan to file a complain about in the near futur ^_^

i have plenty of sins that needs confessing...but no, none that ui want to ^_~ :twisted:

im going to bring my Wolfwood get-up (complete with cross and confessional)

Ill also be bringing an IL_BAN costume from the manga "Identity"

and finally, becuase im an FF7-AC whore, Reno (cus who didnt see that coming)

oh and just for shits-n-giggles I'll whipe out my beatin stick and bring alone my gear to be Kilik from SC2

yeah...thanks for killing my good dreams last night dude

Wow...sup dude...and yes, cat-boy was mildly intimidating.  and im fairly sure what he was doing isnt considered dancing in a numbeer of countries...the US included :shock:

oh...and i almost forgot.....

MONKEY!!!!  :D

oh well...shows how much i watch Captain Planet...oh well, we had a black guy playing the part vus thats all we had -_-;..."adapt, adopt, improve"...yay for obscure monty python quoting!!

whats funny is that i was at the Con with the group that did the Planeteers...wasnt in the Skit though.  What you all missed earlier on was us joking about how if the black kid yelled "BLACK POWAHH!!!" instead of "heart" that Captain Planet would come out black with a huge fro and hammer pants  ^_^^_^

oh fear not Miss Rei.  Twas my first time cosplaying ever.  Next year im gunna have my mini confessional to absolve you of all your sins (while partaking in some of my own).  My lady friend may join me as Milly, im going to be revamping my cross punisher, got the shades at the con, gunna get a pack of cigs on the way down next year.  All that and ill feel more comfortable in character so i should be able to pull it better.  Oh and this year i had long hair so it kinda killed it, next year we're springing for the expensive black wig (cus i refuse to cut my hair, need it for my Reno and IL_BAN costumes)

wow....all good times...good times

now time from some stories from the perspective of Nicholas D. Wolfwood;

I was the Wolfwood running around with the 6 foot wooden cross.  At one point a Vash i was talking to looked ovr my shoulder and said "incoming" and started to dive away.  I looked over my shoulder and this little asian girl (i shit you not, couldnt have been any taller than 4'5") is comming at me at oh...around Mach 6.2.  Anyway, i set the cross and down and jerk it to a .45 degree angle just as she got to me.   she hits this thing and rebounds, rolls, bounces for about 5-6 feet.  Then she just gets up and runs away.  We just stood there for a moment s then i was like "dudes, i feel kinda bad.  As cool as that was, i just deflected someone's kid"  :shock:


We were all at the Trigun gathering and as we walked away i jumped onto one of the Vashi and well, he proceeded to move in lets say *sensual* ways.  Kinda disturbing, yet the fangirl cheers and screams of glee sure made up for the slight embaressment.

Alright folks, its official.  Fanime Con 2006 is gone and only 11.8 months to go until Fanime Con 2007 rolls around.  That means now is the time to plan, coordinate, and communicate before we let it down to the last minuet.  So, in the spirit of preparedness, here we go.

I would consider the Trigun gathering at 2k6 to be a pretty successful throw together, esspecially for something most of us didnt hear about until Saterday morning.  So if we let everyone know ahead of time, everyone will know the details and it will just be that much easier.

Now i dont know when they have certain important events schedualed for the 2007 Con.  These events include but are not limited to;
AMV showings
Cosplay Masquerade
Special Panels

However i will go out on a limb and say "ok, heres a time and place, we can change it later if we need to", so, without further adue, "ok, heres a time and place, we can chnage it later if we need to".

I was thinking that we all meet in a spot that everyone knows (if you've been to the Con and cant find it, please stop stealing my oxygen, i need it to live).  If you have never been to FanimeCon there is a nice sized fountain out front.  I imagine that once a Trigun character shows up it wont be too long before everyone gets the idea and the group forms.

So, I say we meet at the Fountain at a reasonable time, say 12 noon, not a hard one to remember (for most of us).  As for a day Sunday sounds good.  That gives us all time to get settled in, get some shopping and artist browsing done and generally sink into the Con for a bit.

So, once again, heres the main deal.  Also again, this can change if it has to, these are just starter ideas, we can build off them as much as we need.

Time: 12 o-clock noon
Place: Fountain outside San Jose Convention Center
Thing: Trigun Cosplay group gathering

Hope to see as many of you there, rock out, and until then...

"Peace and Love"

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Cosplay for 2007
« on: June 04, 2006, 01:19:22 AM »
Returning Costumes:

Nicholas D. Wolfwood (100% and brewed to perfection (and yes, next year i will have to confessional so i can absolve you of all your sins (whilst creating my own)))

Coming Costumes (2k7):

IL_BAN: Identity (0%)
Reno: FF7  (80%)
Kilik: Soul Caliber II  (15%)
Kid: Xenosaga  (0%)

On a side note.  Our 2006 Trigun meeting had in the neighborhood of 12-15 people attend.  However about 80% of them were Vash, not a problem.  But we need more people, we need Milly(s) and Merly(s) as well as Gung Ho Guns members, please take that into consideration when planning for 2007, thank you!!

Sucros....you and your commentary make me happy.  That pic of the Vash(s) spooning was nothing, you missed our crazy outing to McDonalds like 15 minuets later ^_~.  And believe you me, many a person missed some crazy (and sometimes unintentional) vash-on-vash and vash-on-wolfwood yaoi action (sorry ladies, only 353 more days till more ^_^)  Oh and on a side note, more people dress in Trigun attire next year


"I need a Milly (/cry)"

General Convention Discussion / Fanime 2006 image/photos links
« on: May 31, 2006, 11:52:12 PM »
Is this you? Sorry, I only got this one shot, if it is you.

hey Bunofgovt...yes thats me...you = rad

and for all of you who looked at that pic, i have affectionatly named the Vash crouching in front "Attention-whore-a-go-go Vash"

General Convention Discussion / Fanime 2006 image/photos links
« on: May 31, 2006, 11:48:51 PM »
Yes eurobeat i was there but im not sure if i was in it...i know i was ontop of one of them...my cross was too.  If you got pics of that ill have to check up on your site again.

And about the crazy shy guy in the red who never talked.  I feel kinda sorry for him, he got glomped hardcore one day.  Some little chick damn near took him out, knocked the hat off he almost went down.  I'd talked to him a few times and got him to speak once im surprised being around the crowd didnt give him a heart-attack or something.  I wanted to strangle the kid who tackled him.  People really need to learn that glomping has no relation to professional football in any way, you target isnt scoring the winning touchdown of the super bowl.  anyway, enough of my ranting

I feel worthless...the only pic i got was of a car i took in the parking garage,,,the lisence plate said "PWNED" and it made me happy[/quote]

General Convention Discussion / /cry
« on: May 31, 2006, 04:34:23 PM »
ok, i know i posed for like 7,000 pics but i have only seen one of them online, it makes me cry inside, and i dun like being emo.  I was dressed as wolfwood and had the sunglasses, the smoke, the cross everything (some of you know who i am because i was the one with the wodden cross-punisher that weighed about 75-80 lbs).  I was wondering if anyone had pics that they could a) email to me  or b) give me a link to

I really wanted some picsa of myself because i couldnt take any of myself.  Anouther hint at which wolfwood was me was that i was constantly around anywhere between 3-6 vashs at any given time.

lemme know if anyone has the pics and you would instantly be me new besterest friend-person

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