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Serious Business / Re: Harassment at Karaoke
« on: June 02, 2015, 11:10:52 PM »
Hello, this is Michael the Head of the Rover's Department. I am sorry that we were unable to respond to what is obviously unacceptable behavior. Rovers work hard every year to try to make Fanime a welcoming place. If you can remember any other details you can email me at

The texting number listed on the back of your badge is staffed 24 hours while the convention is going, but it appears this was missed. I once again apologizes for for no one taking care of these people.

Hello, this is Michael, the Head of Rovers. I am sorry to hear about your encounter with these type of people (if you can call them people). We work hard every year to keep the convention safe, but with the growing number of attendees, it can be hard to catch everything ourselves. If you or anyone at FanimeCon is being treated in an inappropriate manor, please do not hesitate to report another person to any staff working Fanime. If you can give a description of what the attendee looks like, or if you can see any information on their badge, we (Rovers) will work on finding them and expelling them from the Convention.

If you have anymore questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to post, or PM me.

Cosplay question: the policy specifically mentions that all attendees must where shoes at all times, but what about sandals, more specifically waraji, the traditional Japanese woven sandals, for a Sanjuro cosplay?

As long as you have something on the soles of your feet, you are good to go. So those sandals work perfectly.

Hi there,

I'm planning on a couple of cosplays that involve gun props.

I have a small group planning to cosplay characters from Psycho Pass and carry "dominator" guns made of either medium-density fibreboard or foam. Here a couple of reference pictures from the anime:

Since these "guns" will be rather apparently fantasy props based on their shape and weight (they don't even really have a "barrel" for any possible projectile), would it be possible to carry our replicas without painting the tips orange? We are also planning to add a switch to light up some LEDs for the parts that glow blue, and putting the switch in the trigger was a consideration. Would this be alright?

My other concern is with a cosplay of Akemi Homura from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. I was hoping to carry a replica of one of the guns she uses in the anime (the Beretta 92FS). I found and bought an airsoft gun with an orange tip prior to reading the rules regarding projectiles. (A terrible oversight, I know.) I was wondering if it would be legal to carry this prop gun if I were to render it inoperable as a projectile weapon (eg. gutting it, plugging the barrel, and/or jamming the trigger). If this isn't possible, would you or anyone else have suggestions for what would work as an acceptable substitute while still sticking to the character?


Let me start with the first prop is question. I agree that the profile is fake enough to allow you to carry it. I would still need you to paint the tip. I am sorry, this applies to all props that look anything like projectile weapons. The LEDs are ok, as long as they do not flash, and are not too bright. Think of a cheap flash light level of brightness.

As for the 2nd prop, that is not allowed. Airsoft is general is banned, and since a Beretta is a real gun, its another reason its not allowed. If you want another foam weapon with the same profile, but color it a bright safety color, I would allow that. You can also make something out of cardboard.

Hi there! My sister is planning to cosplay as one of the Organization XIII members in Kingdom Hearts, and we bought a keyblade specifically for this purpose; it's the standard keyblade that Sora uses. But after reading the weapons policy, I have doubts on whether it will be allowed or not. And the chain near the handle seems to be quote longer than normal, but we could easily trim it in size. Will the keyblade be able to pass through peacebonding according to the props and weapons policy?

The 2 main concerns about Key Blades are the chain length/weight, and what the blade is made out of. If the chain is short (around a foot) and is made out of a light plastic, it should be ok. If the blade is made out of a plastic that is not sharp, it should also be ok. If you bought a metal keyblade, it is not allowed.

I am considering going as slade wilson from arrow. I have airsoft gear including guns I would like to bring. My questions is if I gut the internals, thereby rendering them useless for the convention. Will that pass the Prop and Weap Policy? If not, is there anything I can do to further modify or perhaps replace up to 50 percent of the external parts, assuming all internals will be removed.

Our Official Policy is that you are not allowed to bring airsoft weapons to Fanime. The reason isn't just the ability to fire, its also how realistic the weapons are. So if you modify it enough so it no longer works (has moving parts) and no longer looks real, then it should be ok. To be safe, I would make it look really fake as not be allowed to have it. I have been recomending people make cardboard weapons instead since that looks fake.

Will there be any peace bonding stations at Clockwork Alchemy? I was planning on picking up my badge there and figured it'd be easier to get my prop peace bonded there instead of going to Fanime.

There is typically a Fanime Peacebonding station run by Clockwork Alchemy, at the Double Tree, but I haven't had the pleasure of attending so I could not speak to where it is, sorry.

Can I carry my bow & arrows?
If the bow has absolutely no tension to be able to fire something, and the arrows have no tips, then yes, we can let you carry it. Real bows have an ability to fire something, and are considered functional projectile weapons. To carry a “real” bow you’d have to string it with something which could not be tensioned to fire anything.

As that section says, the bow must not be able to hold tension, which is what I said about real bows and toy bows that would be strung.

I read that a bow is okay. Is a real stringed bow alright? I am stringing an old now that used to just shoot suction cupped arrows. It's not powerful. I'm using a thick string so I can't even knock an arrow. I will also not be carrying an arrow. Just in my quiver but those will be glued to the bottom and are just dowel rods with no ends.

I just want to clarify that it will be fine before I start painting my bow red.

I am not sure where you read that, but unfortunately, you can not bring a real bow, or even a toy bow. If it was designed to shoot projectiles, it is not allowed.

Here is a link to the official FanimeCon Props Policy

If you wouldn't mind, where did you read that Bows are ok?

Where is the peace bonding staton located and when can I get my weapon bonded (is day 0 ok)? Also, is there a chance that a 6' scythe made of foam and a PVC pipe be approved? It isn't too heavy or anything.

There are 2 Peacebonding stations. One is in the Hilton, 2nd Floor, Santa Clara Room. There will be a sign near the elevators. The other is in the center on the convention center, near the escalators on the 1st floor. Both of these stations should open around 7am Friday.

A 6 Foot Scythe will most likely me ok given the materials. Make sure it fits through a standard doorway. Also when you carrying it, make sure to carry it straight up and down. I will suggest given its sign you have a friend around to make it doesn't hit anyone.

Hi, I didn't see anything mentioned about swords made of wood but I want to make sure. Would something like this be acceptable? Thanks :)

We do not have a rule against wooden swords, just make sure you not swing them around. Like always, please stop by peacebonding when you get to Con.

I just have a quick question. I'm making a Flint Lock Pistol replica that is similar to this one:
for my Anne Bonny cosplay from Assassin's Creed. The entire base of it is made of foam board, and the will be covered in craft foam and painted to look realistic as I can manage.
However, I was wondering if I'm allowed to put Aluminum Sheeting on the side panels where the intricate designs are so I could engrave them instead of having to try and carve into some foam. I don't remember exactly the gage of the aluminum sheet I have is, but its very thin and malleable, and I'd make sure the edges where hidden/not sharp.

Sounds like you are covering all the bases. As long as no part of the metal you are using could be called a "blade" and anything sharp is internal or covered, you should be fine. Please remember to bring it by peacebonding when you get to Con.

PS, since its a gun prop, dont forget the orange tip.


I am dressing up as a character from persona 3. I had this Evoker water gun from japan for awhile and not plannin on not using it to shoot water of course!

However it looked a lot more realistic than i realize. Wondering what you all think if it'll fly for peace bonding or just leave it at home?

Alright, I am actually ok with the look, but there are 2 conditions. 1: It needs an bright safety color on the tip to distinguish it as a prop (also if you're whiling, you can paint the grip that color too). 2: It would need to be non-functioning as a water gun. I would remove the trigger since you're not allowed to have any moving parts.

The rules are VERY specific about not dressing as US military/law enforcement.

What about other nations?  My crew wants to go as a Russian fireteam inspired by the Battlefield videogames.  Aside from guns, are we good to go?

I am sorry but that kind of Military Dress is not allowed. While the rules do specifically says American Military, without that Russian flag, someone would be unable to tell those apart from a US Military uniform.

Hello, I am cosplaying as tank girl and was wondering if this gun would be okay, as long as I painted the tip? It's made completely out of resin and has no firing parts 

(Image removed from quote.)

I am sorry, but that is too realistic for the convention. I recommend that you make something like the video suggested.

Hi, I was wondering if a plastic spear would be an acceptable prop for a cosplay, or if there would be a way I could make it comply (like make the tip out of foam). I was looking at something like this:

The spear is ok, just make sure its not sharp. If its sharp, then please file it down. Otherwise, you will be ok.

Hello, would this prop be acceptable/is there a way that I can make it acceptable? It would be made out of wood and plastic (no metal).

If the bazooka looks like the one linked, then that should be ok. Just make sure to paint the end on the "barrel", 1 inch up, in a bright safety color. And of course stop by a peacebonding station when you get to Con.

What about real chains?

Sorry for the slow reply, busy with work, haha... I have no problem with you using plastic chains. You can paint them to look real, but they should be plastic. I am even ok with you having about 1 foot loose to complete the look (/me is a big korra fan)

Would using a Wii Gun Controller be allowed for gun props? I'm thinking about using one for a cosplay and wanted to make sure before I buy it.

Here's the link:

As long as its that version, and you do not change the colors on it. It would make me feel even better if you put a WiiMote in it, or something white and square like a WiiMote in the top. The idea we are looking for is to make it look fake and I feel like if you put a WiiMote on top, it would look fake enough.

Oh well, I guess no smoke is coming out of my cosplay.

Yes please dont. It can make other people nervous, or even worse set off someones allergies or asthma.

Hello. :) I asked about this on the other thred, but I guess stuff was being sorted out, so I'll ask here. XD my friend is doing a Kirby gijinka cosplay and made a star wand and we were wondering if it would need peace bonding or if it would not be allowed. Its made simply out of wood and clay. Thank you. :)

This is it:

gary925, that prop looks just fine. Just please make sure you stop by and Peacebonding station to get it Peace Bound.

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