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Thanks Ben for the reply before, but I think my main concern would come from getting the badge. I have an event that I need to attend before and so I might not be able to get my badge on time for the swap meet since you also said that we would not have a special line for the swap meet when picking up our badges. Do you know if our friends can help us pick up our badges this year? or if it is possible to check in with the QR code/badge number print out if we dont make it on time?

Another question, I have is about seller check-in. I am planning on registering with a sub-seller to share the spot with. But problem is that I might not be able to arrive at the same time as him. Is it possible for him to get the spot first and then I check-in once I get there or do we both have to be there at the same time? Does it matter who is primary and who is secondary if the one who shows up has the forms for both of us completely filled? Then considering it would be day 0, would I also need to have my badge present when checking in or just having the forms be enough? Thanks

A main question that I have would be if dollys/hand trucks are allowed to bring stuff in to the swap meet hall. Every year, we are told that it is not allowed but people still get to bring stuff in with them. I want to know since this year my friend would be having less help with the items than previous years. And if you were wondering, we were part of the group that had boxes of things but no dollys, so we want to know what the policy is for this year. Thanks

Live Programming and Events / Questions about Swap Meet 2018
« on: March 08, 2018, 03:09:28 AM »
Hi, was just wondering what the plan is for the swap meet this year considering that there still have been nothing posted about any registration for the event. There is pretty much around 2 month left and still no news or update. Thanks

Hey Ben,
So regarding the waitlist for swap meet, just recieved the email about making a new registration but the problem is that the registration wont let us make a new account as the email already corresponds to a primary account. How do we get around this?

So I have questions about the waitlist. While on waitlist for a spot on Friday, should we still bring our stuff to be on standby? or should we wait for a confirmation? How will waitlist be handled?

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