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Quote from: "mDuo13"
Guys, guys, calm down.

I put </irony> tags on there because I was not being serious.

I was trying to make a joking example of what the panel is about. Yeesh! I guess not everyone can figure out my shorthand.

It's more because... it is totally offbased. So realistically putting </irony> tag on it does nothing but making it even more mocking. Since you seem completely off anyways.

Live Programming and Events / Karaoke Contest 2007 Rules
« on: April 15, 2007, 04:02:14 AM »
Can we have a new rule for Karaoke room?

* Rob cannot sing... ever.

I think that's a good rule.

Gaming / Video game Tier lists
« on: April 10, 2007, 02:27:29 AM »
I was sorta confused by that tier listing for ST as well as MvC2... since they seemed off. So I checked with Watson about tiers and everything. I was closer, but my tiers were slightly off with Ryu and O.Sagat.

Top is more realistically...

Shadaloo Vega

Mid Top is

Pretty much the rest of the cast here

Cammy last

The thing is The rest of the cast can move up and down based on the match. Gief is a threat to a huge amount of characters. Ryu vs. Gief is hardly an easy match for Ryu, and like I've been saying Guile and Deejay have a lot of good matches for them.

The conversation is funny, and apparently Valle/Watson and a lot of others all feel that Ryu is technically #1. The issue is that no one can really play him at top level anymore. If Ryu plays the way he's supposed to he beats every character atleast 6.5/3.5.

I find that interesting.

Gaming / Jo Jo's Bizzare Adventure Tourney
« on: April 10, 2007, 01:22:20 AM »
Quote from: "Ohsu"

And if you weren't reading or listening, the tier list I linked was RECENT. Are you some kind of idiot or something? You just asked where I got my info, and I gave it to you, then you throw it back like if you never had said it by saying "What does it mean to me?" Give me a break son!

Since you were six? I've been playing since I was...uh...5! Yup, that means I'm better than you! =]

Tier lists mean little for a game that no one really played, and that's my point.

Jojo is about counter characters... in the same way that ST is. Ken *IS* better than Ryu against certain characters. ST tier lists suck, because the entire game is about counter character. And counter strats. A turtle Deejay beats Claw Balrog. Claw Balrog rapes about 80% of the cast. Deejay gets raped by og sagat, Shadaloo Vega, Honda... Etc. What part of that don't you get? I've had this talk with Sirlin, Valle, Watts, and S-kill. Hell there was a DeejayChun only convo for about 3 hours a week ago that I was apart of. There is a tier list in ST, but matchups are more important.


You really think the majority of the MvC2 community plays Sim/Ironman/Clops? Are YOU SERIOUS. This is a serious question. I don't even know where to start about you either being the dumbest person here, or just the most naive. I guess you're probably one of those super otakus that analyze each and everything with nothing to back it up, just to soun cool =\

Really? When was the last time you were in Japan, or know someone that was? My friend Jon is there right now and he was watching Marvel players, and... yes, majority of them play Ironman or Sim. What you are saying is based off absolutely nothing. You're just saying that I'm wrong, and I'm an established well known person with all of the older SRK/Capcom people. Hell, I was on the whois list of the old site which only had like 24 people...


I'm glad that you think if a Japanese player throws up on you, it makes you a good player. Yes, he gave you some of his skill juice. I only hope that Tokido would take a crap on me so I'd have his skills. OH YUS.

And friends with ALL the top players? Please...

Uh... the point of this comment is that, I know them, and I talk to them. I'm friends with basically all the older players.

Valle lives a mile and a half from me, he's known me since I was 12. Flipmeign was his old roommate and both of them were good friends with my brother. Valle used to work at SHGL alongside my brother, and I've been playing there since I was a kid. tragic and I were literally the beginning of Guilty Gear X in the US. SHGL was the first arcade to get zechs and tragic and I were pretty much the only ones that played it(when he came down to visit). Ponder and Ink-blot started playing XX along with tragic and Buktooth. I was the one that introduced ShinJN to the SRK crew.


I've also been to almost all Evos as well. And you beat BAS V-Gouki vs V-Mika? I seriously doubt that since #1, I was there watchin BAS play a ton of his matches, and #2, Chikyuu didn't play V-Cody, he played A-Mika.

Sorry  :oops:

In those finals, Chikyuu played A-Mika against Bas' V-Cody, but this wasn't what I was talking about. During casuals I asked Bas to play me, and I beat his V-Gouki with V-Mika. Chikyuu watched and was suprised as much as Bas was. Chikyuu played me after and raped me with V-Cody. Crowbait watched both matches.

If you were there you should also have seen Tragic and I break out a DC and Bas playing GGX with us on the floor of the arcade for like 2 hours at a time. You would also know that I brought a back pack full of things that a lot of people went through to pass time.

At Evo I was a pixel off from top 16 in igzechs against Row and it was a fluke. Link with May 5k 5S dolphin just to be safe. 5k landed 5S didn't come out. IAD, and I got hit with 6P and I died.

Would have played against Mago's Faust, who I raped in casuals like 20 times the night before when we were playing in their hotel room. If I did, I woulda made top 8.

Yeah... but you're right, I don't know anyone. Haha I remember Evo2k4 the first night I ended up getting so trashed because everyone had me drink with them. I started with just a drink with Heidern, then ended up taking sake shots with RUN, only to have BMORECHUN make me takes shots, to team texas' room where i drank like 4 beers and then the night got blurry from there, ended up waking up in team Florida's room the next morning.

Gaming / guilty gear xx#R/slash tournament
« on: April 03, 2007, 10:07:12 PM »
Quote from: "Lonelykangta"
ill join (beware the best Zappa player around >>)

Fubarduck isn't going to Fanime silly...

though, he stopped playing Zappa and that's only if you mean "US" players. XD

Panels and Workshops / Great Teacher Largo...?
« on: March 29, 2007, 08:09:22 PM »
Cosplay is cosplay, though bad cosplay is bad cosplay. Skits rarely have to do with the series they are dealing with and are parody/jokes usually. Fanart and doujinshi are the same thing.

Gaming / Jo Jo's Bizzare Adventure Tourney
« on: March 29, 2007, 02:14:23 AM »
Quote from: "Ohsu"

Weekly rankings don't mean a thing. It is basic knowledge that Yun is on top of evreyone, then Chun-Li and Ken. Because someone wins a weekly doens't mean tiers change or that means that character is better.

You'd be wrong... Ken ranks higher than Chun. Even Nuki has said that. Makoto's tier doesn't stand because of the character type she is. She is toptier, but she's also mid-tier, anyone who follows the game knows this.

And as I've said. For the 3rd time now. Mitsu and Takayuki who are the top players in Japan in MvC2 agree with the tiers here. It is also common knowledge. And yeah, Cyclops is such a beast with those 2 moves alone. That's why he's owning up people as start char. Yes.

OBVIOUSLY... THAT IS MY POINT. But what Mitsu and Takayuki say do not match up with official JP tiers. That's what I've been saying forever now. Official tiers != realistic and are more or less based off of popularity and play amount of the game. Jojo's tiers are not realistic at all in anyway shape or form. They are based on popularity, and who wins usually(which is based on them being better players since Jojo's characters are all broken). Holhorse and Mariah beat more characters than any other, but they have bad matchups(funnilly enough Jotaro beats both of them), but Jotaro loses to petshop and Kakkyoin. Jolhorse and Mariah beat Petshop and Kakkyoin.


And popularity writes the tiers? Yes, because that means in evrey game Iori is in, fanboys and girls will rank him high and therefore he is top tier. Also that Ryu and Chun-Li are top tier in every game because they're SO POPULAR. Yes. I see your point.

Why do people like you even talk? Fangirls and fanboys have what place in competitive play? Though... Iori has been top tier in every single KOF pre 2001. It's debatable about 2002. SvC, NGBC, and CvS1/2 were the only clear non top tiers and KOF 2001/2003. Well I dunno about Maximum Impact since those sucked nuts...

And 2002? The community that plays Jojo are STILL playing Jojo. There are communities for hella fighting games in Japan, they're even still playing Fighter's History over there for christ's sake. World Heroes, blah blah blah whatever game yes there is some community. It's not a few people, there is a group of peolpe who play it, a good amount to know what they're talking about and doing. I don't think people are that stupid/scrubby in those communities.

OH WOW, THERE'S A COMMUNITY... so? I've seen tournament videos for everygame, that doesn't mean much. Small communities do not equate to much. Look at MvC2. That has a community, and again, look at who the majority of that community plays? Sim/IronMan/Cyclops. OH YUS!


That is the tier list I recently seen. Top 3 is Petshop, Kakkyoin and then Jotaro. Low is Joseph and worst is Mariah. Holhorse is mid. I can't read much else.

And? This tier listing means what to me? Should I go look for my arcadia with the MvC2 tiers? Or hell even the 3S tiers it had? Should I go get the Gaming Mook for 3S which stated that Yun was low mid-tier and You-hou is his best super?

And Sim IS top. Rog beats Sagat. Sim beats Guile. And ST tiers are pretty important, lol.

Sim also beats o.sagat. Vega(claw), and Bison(Shadoloo boss) beat Sim though. But Deejay beats Vega. Gief beats Rog, and Chun does super good against everyone except shotos. Guile also beats Rog. Sim is top? Really now? Then how come everyone says O.Sagat, Vega, Rog are top? But Sim beats two of them... But Guile beats Sim.

So how is Sim top?

Look kid, I've been following fighting games since I was about 6. I've been to every Evo and I'm friends with all the top players. I've had 1 Japanese player throw up on me at B5, and I've beaten Bas in Z3 V-Gouki vs. V-Mika and he was totally shocked in awe. Only to have Chikyuu nearly double perfect me afterwards with V-cody ;_;.

It seems you think reading a few websites gives you a good understanding of what things are really like, but you don't have much actual experience in playing and crap.

Quote from: "Barnes"
Jennifer Tsao is gonna be there? If so, I'll ask her why EGM went downhill since 2003.

Try '96 or whenever EGM2 was created...


Panels and Workshops / Great Teacher Largo...?
« on: March 28, 2007, 04:23:49 PM »
I wrote this huge ass thing and the forums killed it... wow... great.

1. I know, I'm a moderator on the forums... remember? I don't really read SD, or the comic... unless my friend asks me to, remember? I said that...

2. Simple, the people that do these panels are acting as if they are representitives and authorities of the comic. By creating these false scenerios and directly using the characters, they act as if they are representations of the characters and thusly the comic.

It's disrespectful. Why? because it's stating that what they say and do are representations of the comic, which probably isn't true. As I said, it's easy to misinterperet the characters and their designs. Let's take Largo. I've written a long time ago, that Largo isn't as simplistic as he seems and his thought process has a lot more to it than being an idiot that (thinks he) is good at games, and computers etc. His interactions with characters and how he feels is rather different than the perspective that he shows in person, so by using him as a base character, it's easilly to disrespectively display the character in an unnatural light.

Atleast on the forums, when people say retarded things, it's only opinion and general discussion, by having a "formal panel" with the actual names and characters, it is stating that it is a representation of the comic despite being unsanctioned by the comic itself.

3. Are you stating that I don't get it? That's kinda cute if you are... because clearly, I'm in the know of a lot more than you are. The reasoning of the panel is simple, the basis of it is simple, and the existance of it is there for a reason. That doesn't make the basis and reasoning correct or even justified. Let's look at it in a different light.

I've played the .hack series(the original 4)... but I have never played the newer ones, or watched some of the series'. It'd be like me running a panel and acting as if I'm an authority of why and how the characters were created and designed, the personality types etc. etc. etc.

I'm clearly not an authority, and it would be disrespectful to the creators, owners, etc. if I acted as if I was one. Even if everything I said was 100% correct, it's not something that's right to do.

I may be wrong...but you certainly do have an abnormal amount of hatred for a webcomic that's full of relatively harmless inaccuracies. Although I find it amusing that a comic that's so full of inaccuracies gets picked up by the #1 manga company in the US...written by a guy who apparently doesn't know half as much about all things Japanese as he claims as well as you. So what exactly is your claim to fame, other then apparently knowing some famous people, because it sounds to me that you're a talentless critic.

If you really hate MT that much...go put your money where your mouth is. Go produce a comic like MT and make it even MORE accurate and successful. Show us what YOU can do, instead of flaming other people's work. Seriously go make a life of your own, instead of trying to tear down other people's life. I'm leaving this topic to go to something productive like study for a test Rolling Eyes

Oh this is really cute. Really it is. I don't understand why you don't read my posts. I don't hate the comic because of inaccuracies, I think the comic is crappy due to poor writing and other things. He got picked up by the #1 manga company in the US... wait... he did? I'm guessing you don't know the story and drama that happened with publishing and all that, but I don't expect you to do. I don't care if Piro doesn't know that much about Japan, I joke around with some of the other staff about it a lot though. Talentless critic is cute. Really. You're stating that unless you can create a masterpiece, you have no right to criticize someone else. Sorry kid, that's not how the world works. I cannot cook a 4star dinner, but that doesn't mean I don't know what good and bad food is supposed to taste like. Though I know how to write for an audience.

Go make a life of my own? Curious, what about "my life" do you know about? I don't let on much about my personal life in here unless it applies directly to the topic... I don't want to be a writer, but I know what a good story is, and what a bad story is.

But nope, you're right though. I should only eat terrible food, because I cannot cook 4star dinner, so I should only eat crap that comes out of cans, because I have no right to say that it's bad. I cannot make a hollywood blockbuster movie that nets 20million on it's opening weekend, so I should clearly not think that Manos and Mars needs Women are terrible movies.

Nope, realism exists, so spoon feeding me shit, and expecting me to say it's great, isn't going to happen.

Panels and Workshops / Great Teacher Largo...?
« on: March 28, 2007, 03:53:00 PM »
Quote from: "Ayanami Rei First Child"
I thought the panel was at least fairly accurate in terms of Largo's charecter. I doubt it was perfect, but at the same time, what you're doing now...isn't right. I'm pretty sure you're "Flaming". You hate MegaTokyo? Fine...hate it all you like....but stop trying to ruin other people's good fun.

All you're doing is showing that you don't hate the comic because it's poorly written....but more like you're JEALOUS of Piro!

You're jealous that even though you apparently know a lot more about all things Japanese....he still has a reputation of knowing more about you. He's more popular then you, and more successful I bet.

Of all the people I could be jealous of... he's not one of them. You have to be young, it's the only explaination of the jumps in logic you make. I know Piro, I've talked to him, I could IM him right now and link this and he'd probably laugh at it(though I don't care to because I'm not good friends or anything). If anyone, I should be jealous of say... Akamatsu Ken, who has an amazing wife(of which I've met and had a short discussion with both of them), who is close friends to the same friend I mention earlier. And yet, I'm still not jealous. He doesn't have a reputation of knowing more about me... I've disproved a lot of things he's said and written about fashion, and ideas. ^^ So you're quite off. But it was a cute(failed) attempt at trying to attack me...

I dunno, so many others I could be jealous of.

Panels and Workshops / Great Teacher Largo...?
« on: March 28, 2007, 12:50:47 AM »
Quote from: "joshness"
First off, what is with all your disdain? For someone who doesn't like megatokyo, it seems like you spend a ton of time between reading the comic, being in the forums, and knowing the "inner workings" of megatokyo.

Ah, let's answer questions then. I only read the comic when a friend of mine(who's good friends with Piro/Dom/Cortana etc.) tells me that I should. Why? Because she likes it when I tell the clueless readers that they're clueless and how. I'm a mod on the forums... I do know the inner workings, because I'm friends with some of the staff, but for the most part, think the comic is terrible. Though, I wonder what this has to do with anything?

Also, Dom doesn't like the GTL thing? I heard about GTL through a post he did. I believe it was on oopack or somewhere that he posted a pictures of one of GTL's impromptu panel. He said something about sitting and watching the skit and saying that he found it strange and amusing.

Eh, Dom does this a lot, but I will avoid speaking about his opinions and stuff so he doesn't get annoyed.

However I will quote "I avoided it like the plague... Oh btw, Mikey did you want to play Duel Savior on my laptop?"

Third, why rain on someone else's parade? I don't see why you should be so upset about someone pretending to be their favourite character. Let us megatokyo nerds enjoy ourselves.

Because misinterpretations bother me. Even on the forum of fans, who are supposed to be avid readers, misinterperet the comic. Why is it... that I who hate the comic, have a better understanding about the characters and general plot than people that read every comic multiple times and over analyze the hell out of everything? Besides the fact that doing so would amuse the hell outta me and a lot of other forum go'ers if I did it.

Although, I have to agree with you on the forums at megatokyo. I really can't stand it there because there are a ton of pompous asses. I only check to see what people are commenting on for the latest comic.

Oh you don't agree with me at all ^^

General Convention Discussion / Fanime Staff on a Power Trip?
« on: March 28, 2007, 12:41:26 AM »
Quote from: "1Fireforge"
So, just because it's not a "business" gives them the right to be a [select your expletive]?  Is this mindset typical of staff members?  Rei is sounding more and more right all the time.

You actually seem to be ambivalent about the whole situation, where you endorse the idea of being civil at first, but then add a disclaimer by telling us to expect harsh treatment every time a rule is broken.

All I'm advocating is that if someone is breaking the rules, you can at least be courteous but firm at first in asking them to cut it out.  Most people will listen, especially if your delivery is convincing (at least, that's been my experience).  For those children that don't, you can either try to yell to get results (and end up acting like a child yourself) or call another supervisor to help you out.  

P.S.  You're clearly unwilling to accept any other point of view, so I'm disinclined to continue this conversation any further.

Oh please, you expect me to accept your view point when you can't even read my posts correctly. I even line itemed it out for the other guy, and you STILL DIDN'T UNDERSTAND.

I shall do it again...



What part of this do you not understand? What part of most staffers will be polite and nice and all that stuff? What part of some staffers will be having a shitastic day where con'goers constantly disregard what they say, or they think that something dangerour or major may take place and believe they should not be nice because they need the go'er to stop whatever it is due to various reasons?

There are plenty of reasons for a staff member to get piss... You act like them being pissed=you getting kicked out, or you being banned, or you getting into major trouble. Can you not handle being yelled at? How is this in anyway like vlad? That's just f*cking stupid. When did I say that you should be kicked out or banned or anything close to that if you do something bad? I merely said, don't be surprised if a pissed off staff member, yells at you for doing something that potentially pissed them off.

Seriously, if you think getting yelled at is bad and such a huge major thing... ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE IN THE WRONG... I bet you're a spoiled brat that whose parents have done a poor job raising you.

General Anime Chat / Soooo... any Touhou fans out thar?
« on: March 27, 2007, 04:02:47 PM »
Completely finished Perfect Cherry Blossom on normal, beat it with 2 of the characters on hard.

Still haven't beaten Extra Stage in Imperishable... Don't wanna work on Embodiement of Scarlet Devil till after that.

IaMP I've played the hell out of. Can beat it with everyone on lunatic without continuing.

Phantamagoria is the only one that I haven't gotten to mess with enough, though if my friend can beat it on lunatic, I should be able to.

MegaMari and Super Mari Land, the Touhou soccer's etc I've beaten.

Gaming / Jo Jo's Bizzare Adventure Tourney
« on: March 27, 2007, 03:31:50 PM »
MvC2 Japanese Tier ranking have Sim as top, I didn't write them, because I obviously know better in those terms. Sim and Ironman are probably the two most popular characters in Japan(back then and even now) and those two are both listed as top, along with Storm/Mags/Sent... You know who Japan also has as top Tier? Cyclops... why? j.RH and j+D.RH. Again, I didn't write these tiers, but that's what Japan has them at.

And you seemed to miss my point that popularity writes the tiers...

3S tiers changes almost weekly... But some weeks Dudley or Makoto will be in top instead of Ken or Chun. Why? Because in that weeks ranbat or major Kokujin(even though he's retired now ;_; ) and J would rape everybody. Yun is usually on top, because KO, Nissei and Nitto always just everyone.

JoJo's different than 3s, but more comparable to MvC2. Tiers aren't about who wins that week, or which characters are actually the best(since every damned character is so broken) but the popularity of it.

Here's a funner one... Who is top tier in ST outside of Vega and O.Sagat? Balrog... but he gets beat by Guile, Honda and Chun... Ryu rapes Honda but Balrog usually beats Ryu. Gief is almost 50/50 with every character. Sim beats the majority of the cast, but he's not considered top... Deejay is all around good, doesn't have a single bad matchup, but Ryu ranks higher.  To put it short, ST tiers mean very little, because all of them have counter characters.

Zabel is ranked high, but not many peopel play him. He used to be ranked mid tier... about 5th. Aulbath, Sasquatch, Bulletta were considered top. Zabel was ranked right above Bishamon for the longest time(and I'm a huge VS fan). It wasn't until about 8 months ago did Zabel go to second and sometimes even top above Sasquatch.

A-cho rankings change... nearly every other week. For games that had no following, the rankings don't mean much. In the states especially where the level of interest was near 0, tiers are different. And even in Japan the tiers are not that well set because no one really cared about that game. A few enthusiasts doesn't make a good basis for tiers, and "official" rankings don't mean crap unless the game is huge. Just curious though, which A-cho ranking guide did you use? The current one? Because the one from '2002 shows Petshop as Midtier, Kakkoien and Holhorse as top.

General Convention Discussion / Fanime Staff on a Power Trip?
« on: March 27, 2007, 04:01:00 AM »
I love how some of you choose not to read at all. Do you guys seriously try to completely miss the point of everything that is said, read 1 line, and go "I know exactly what he means"? Seriously...

You should note how I say that I say the majority of staff will not do it, and are usually calm about it.

You should also note that I say that in the case it does happen, usually the staff member is justified, because they are in the right, IF the person on the receiving end did something wrong.

You should also note that I SPECIFICALLY SAID that it's usually for the people that DO NOT LISTEN(like you seem to be doing) to what the staff member says.

But please, if you're going to say that people didn't come in '06 compared to '05 because of maybe 3 incidents of "staff members having a power trip"... then AX members should have atleast decreased by half.

This is totally rediculous. You expect staff members to be perfectly calm and professional, despite attendees acting like 4 yr. olds and defying authority when they are breaking logical rules? If some guys are doing something that the con can get totally busted for, some people might stop if a staff member asks them to stop, some won't... how do you get them to stop right there? Be angry. If they know you're not joking around and you are dead serious about it.. they will stop. Oh they might feel a little offended, but frankly, that's better than something bad happening and the convention getting sued, or someone breaking their leg, or some other crap like that. You are young adults -> Adults... you can take a few harsh words, ESPECIALLY when you are the one that's wrong.

General Convention Discussion / Fanime Staff on a Power Trip?
« on: March 26, 2007, 11:29:55 PM »
Quote from: "1Fireforge"

Respectfully, but I disagree.  Fatigue, long hours, and thankless work do not warrant nor excuse rude conduct, especially on the part of someone supposed to be in charge.  Fanime, like many other organizations, is volunteer run, and there are never enough volunteers to go around, which results in situations very much like what you describe above (yes, I speak from experience =).  One thing that truly marks a good staffer is the ability to grit one's teeth and at least be civil in these instances, even if running on only two hours of sleep over as many days.

- FF

And how many staffers are actually like that? Very few. But the fact of the matter is, this is NOT business run. So they do not have to follow and conduct rules, or anything like that because it is not a professional business. As you said, they're volunteer. If I was volunteering to something, and the attendees of the convention that I VOLUNTEERED MY TIME TO HELP treated me like crap, or disregarded my instructions, or did something to piss me off... then why should I be nice? Why should I be professional to idiots that cannot follow basic rules. I'd call actual security, take their badges and tell the to get the f*ck out. If a staff member asks you to do something, and you're breaking rules, don't be suprised if you get yelled at... simple as that.

This talk of "what should" be done is completely pointless, because you're breaking their rules. Hell they don't even need to say a word to you realistically, they can just take your badge and call security to have you removed. Would you much rather prefer that course of action?

Basically, you are stating that people should not be allowed to put emotion into something when they are not being followed as an authority.

Some people don't listen to authority when authority is nice. Staff has a right to do it, and you bitching doesn't change that. You think staff should be nicer? I think attendees shouldn't be idiots. When my problem is solved, I'm pretty sure your problem will be solved.

Ideas and Suggestions / BEMANI Panel - 10 Years in the Making
« on: March 26, 2007, 09:39:00 PM »
History of Bemani games would be boring as hell.

In 199X Konami makes BeatMania. It does well. So they make new versions.

In 199X Konami makes DDR, it does equally well, so they make new version

In 199X Konami USA releases Beatmania CM1, it does okay. So they stop.

In 199X Konami USA releases DDR(what we call 1.5). It does super well

In 200x Konami USA releases DDR USA... no one gives a crap because every arcade is importing DDR4th mix+ and 5th mix, and soon Max...

DDR USA loses until Japan stops caring about DDR, so DDR USA releases SUPERNOVA.

Throw in a bunch of other games that generally failed outside of Pop n' Music and you have the history of Bemani.

General Convention Discussion / Fanime Staff on a Power Trip?
« on: March 26, 2007, 07:43:48 PM »
Quote from: "1Fireforge"
Quote from: "trooper715"

If someone doesn't comply, that doesn't give a staff member permission to go psycho though.  Like I said before, a degree of professionalism needs to be maintained.  Besides, there should be no need to go psycho when particularly stubborn people can simply be ejected if they continue to insist on their course of action.

Yah, that's what I was really getting at =)

You can't expect all staff members(or people for that matter) to hold their temper. A lof you seem to not understand what staffing(especially for the higher ups) really means, and how thankless the job really is. Your average staff member will get about 3 hours a sleep a night at a convention, and not by choice. Most of them barely have much "fun" at the convention itself, but do more work. It's expected that some of them get irritable. If you are in the wrong, you are in the wrong. Suck it up, you act like being yelled at is so wrong, when you were doing something you shouldn't have been doing in the first place. Most staff members won't get all crazy and yell at you, some will... deal with it.

If you did something wrong, you did something wrong.

Gaming / Jo Jo's Bizzare Adventure Tourney
« on: March 26, 2007, 04:24:37 AM »

Japanese tier listings have Ironman as top tier. He's playable, but barely. You know who else is top tier? Dhalsim.

Again, barely playable at best by US standards.

Everyone in JoJo has doable infinites in competitive play(vs. combo vids only) or 100%. Holhorse can land 100% with 1.5meter off s standing jab. And just zones with bullets all day and a full screen nearly instant super that leads into a 100%. Jotaro's and Dio's are dash in.

Why do you see so many Jotaro's? Because tiers say he is top tier, that's why. How many Eddie's were there in Japan in tournament, and a lot of them sucked during #R time.

In Xmen vs. SF who do you think is top tier? Realistically, it's Bison/Storm/Magneto. But so few people play Bison because he's fucking hard to play right(timing teleports and fly stances). But Mags/Storm is the majority of who people play. In most tier listings, Bison is top mid tier, even though he's better.

Petshop only needs one super and has super fast rush down. Mariah beats Petshop though, and quite easilly. Jotaro rush down is better than Petshops for the most part, but Petshop rapes Jotaro because all he can do is super to get out after one knock down, and after that one knockdown, mix up to hell.

Here's a funner example. Top tier in VS is Zabel and Sasquatch. Zabel is hard as hell to use, and only a few of the top players are Zabel players, the majority are Bishamon and Sasquatch. If you go by older rankings though, Zabel was mid.

Tiers seemingly are more based(most of the time) on popularity and how well they did recently over actual tiers.

Gaming / Jo Jo's Bizzare Adventure Tourney
« on: March 26, 2007, 01:45:24 AM »
Quote from: "Ohsu"
There's still communities in Japan that still play this. They had All capcom game event at A-Cho again this year, and a game that's not taken seriously...yeah not as much as others, Toukishima, Osaka and whatever other place I forgot play this and even have their rankings/diagram for it, so there still is a competitive scene.

And a game not taken seriously? Well, SF EX2 isn't a game taken seriously, what do you think the tiers in that are? They've played EX2 and of course dropped it because it was horrible. D.Dark explosive mixups; Excel combos, excel off safe pokes, etc.

Yes, and tiers vary differently according to play amount. Look at Japanese tiers in MvC2 in Japan compared to tiers in MvC2 in America. The tier standings are totally different because the Japanese didn't like MvC2 enough to really figuire out everything about the game enough to make realistic tier lists in that respective.

Realistic tiers in overall usage, Jotaro is not top, because he's far too hard to use for like 99% of players of the game. And it's not a major offset of reasoning, it's just that his rush down game is harder to beat than most others rushdown. I find it funny that Bas and I were talking about Jojo 2 years ago at evo, because I like the game even though it's so terrible, and he said the same thing to me. It's fun but so bad.

Holhorse and Mariah are top because they're stupid easy to use and have the same infinites and 100% as everyone else but it's a little harder to land the infinites, but to play them, is far easier.

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