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Panels and Workshops / Re: Watercolor Basics Panel
« on: April 24, 2018, 11:48:52 PM »
I would love to share this too! Unfortunately I filed for the panel possibly too late. However! I am ready with a presentation. It said that I am on the waitlist, so if a panelist decides to cancel/cancel last minute, there might be a chance! If not, I'll try to apply again next year!

Panels and Workshops / Re: Watercolor Basics Panel
« on: March 27, 2018, 10:29:59 PM »
 <3 <3 My advice is to go for it! Keep on trying!

Also the library and youtube is your best friend. That's where I picked some of the basics from. But also you learn things on how you tackle with watercolors as you do it more often. I tend to overwork my doodles sometimes so right now I'm trying not to overdo it.

Hmm Panel signups has ended last Friday Mar 24. Do you think I should still try signing up for 2018 or should I sign up for next year?
I posted here without thinking about the deadlines, was just wondering if it would be a great idea for a panel that I could host.

Panels and Workshops / Watercolor Basics Panel
« on: March 27, 2018, 09:57:42 AM »
I am curious if anyone would be interested in a watercolor basics panel. More like a paint-along at the last 30 mins of the panel if possible . I'm thinking it might be a 2-hour panel if that were the case.

I've seriously started learning (rather waterdoodling) 2 years ago, and its been a blast! And guess where it started? Yes. Fanime. When Kuretake had a booth and I wanted to try watercolors again (I've tried many years ago but it didn't work out too well....but it turns out its because I've been using the WRONG PAPER the entire time). I was pretty hesitant, and my friend just said GO FOR IT. And I did, and I enjoyed the experience when I used better quality materials.

I have a youtube channel posting some of my waterdoodles:

I'm thinking of discussing:

• thumbnailing and preparing for your final work
• watercolor paper choices
• tubes or pans? choosing your watercolors
• how much water is too much water?
• staining and non-staining watercolors (but seriously I go ahead with them anyway)
• inking
• finishing/finalizing

I'm thinking maybe just teaching/showing the basic techniques:

• Flat wash
• Glazing
• wet on wet
• wet on dry
• gradation

And then if anyone's interested in bringing watercolors they can bring their own stuff like:

• 1 pre-drawn piece on watercolor paper
• 3-4 sheets of watercolor paper
• cup for holding water and a bottle of any water (I use tap) OR bring a waterbrush
• tissues/ paper towels - lots of them or at least 3 sheets
• your own watercolors - doesn't matter what type. Tube users just bring a pallete with you.
• 3 sheets of old newspaper - to keep from making a huge mess on the table

Stuff that I recommend to bring but not required to bring:

Watercolor paper : anything with at least 185gsm/90lbpaper or higher. strathmore series 200 and up watercolor paper (doesn't matter if cold press or hotpress) you can get a 30-sheet pad of the series 200 for $5+ in Aaron Brothers. My preference is the Strathmore 400 series 12-sheet pad. Normally costs $12 in Michaels or you can get them on a good sale at Aaron Brothers.

Watercolor Brushes : I don't recommend Artist Loft.... or even the Daiso brush sets.  If a single regular 6 round brush costs at least $5 or more then that's fine you don't need a lot of brushes anyway - you'll be fine with just 2 brushes - one big ...say round 8 and one smal...say round 4. Don't get a brush set that costs $5 entirely, you'll be disappointed. Even a Royal and Langlicker set of 4 brushes for $12 is decent.

Watercolors : Again.. I don't recommend Artist Loft, buf if you really want to go cheap, try getting the Daiso watercolor Tube set for $1.50. If you pick anything better, I recommend trying Winsor and Newton Cotman. WnN cotman tubes cost $5 for 8ml tube, so just pick 3 primary colors. If you're choosing primaries, please make sure that if you get a Cool red (close to purple red) - get a cool yellow (not an orangey yellow) and cool blue (nothing violet-y on the blue) colored tube. Same if you get a warm set, pick warm colors - reddish red, orangey yellow, slightly purplish blue

So...what do you think?

I'm also waiting for the gaming hall 2015 feedback thread to be up :3 I really really enjoyed it this year!

When you begin talking to your parents, ease the information slowly and make sure they're not tired from being back from work.

(my mom used to snap at me and my siblings soon as she arrives from work, so we kinda learned to let her relax for an hour before talking/interacting with her about anything.)

Point out that it has a lot of advantages. And also let them know the disadvantages that you are aware of. Tell them, the when, where, how (you plan on doing this) and what it is.

Things like its something you would really enjoy, and would love to go.
Its educational, as panels would be a thought provoking experience or meeting new people would be a Social Experience to you. There are people your age, older or younger attending.

Tell them your did your research, you know how much is the ticket is, you know the general area because you googled it and won't get lost because you now know where to go if you're lost, share them the information about that so the parents too, know where you are in the general area.

Yes, you know once you're out of the convention premise, it becomes a little dangerous and know to go with the crowds to avoid shady people and such.(my young cousin who started attending a few years back, her parents told her not to get out of the convention building, unless there's an emergency. They drop her there, and they pick her up there, no further argument or you won't have a ride home.)

If anything else is not working out with your parents, make a compromise you can keep. Say you won't do what they don't want you to do during the convention, like misbehaving and doing anything idiotic or stupid, and think 5 times before deciding on something and by being a model attendee. Tell them its worth the experience. (or taking over someone else's chores the next week after the convention. Or telling them where you are at somewhere during that convention day, so they don't need to worry. Or have them come with you like that post above.)

General Convention Discussion / Handheld Gaming @ Gaming Hall 2013
« on: May 19, 2013, 09:14:43 PM »
I noticed last year, there's a small place with chairs facing each other in a small divider at the Gaming Hall. I went in there and was able to play 1 pokemon battle with someone, which was fun. I think I appreciate that being there. Think it will be around this year?

Also if its not too much to ask, a power strip or two for gamers who need to charge while battling/trading would do wonders!

I'm bringing my Fire Emblem: Awakening and Kid Icarus on my 3DS this year. We might need a table for the Kid Icarus game...

Omg...I hope that just because I look at the forums at the last minute doesn't mean I'll get no reply...^^;

I wish I could go, guys. REALLY. I mean, seriously, my cosplay is from an unreleased 3DS-exclusive game. But I can't go for more than one day and I chose it to be Saturday. So I'm wondering, since many people are so much luckier than me and can go on multiple days, if this event can be unofficially extended to Saturday?

Because I swear, I probably have the lowest StreetPass Plaza population of anyone...And I need to play Nearby in KI:U to unlock that Treasure Hunt. (Yes, I have not done that yet. What I get for being the only person out of my friends to own a 3DS.)

I haven't played nearby mode either ^^ hope to meetcha! I'll be around the AA most of the time, but once it closes I plan on hanging out on the arcade room or karaoke room till i'm dead tired 8D

Registration / Fanime 2012 Thur Badge Pick-Up
« on: May 20, 2012, 04:40:53 PM »
Hii! I remember for Fanime 2011 Thursday Early Badge Pickup we printed our info on a sheet of paper and presented our ID's, as the instructions said.

What's the protocol for this year's?
There doesn't seem to be any instructions when I log-in. Do I just print directly from the website?

ooh! i have KI:U ^__^v hope I can stay for a bit if my table sharemate can take over by then.

General Convention Discussion / Re: Food Thoughts?
« on: May 14, 2012, 11:57:12 PM »
takoyaki please? I'd prolly buy myself a lightrail pass if there will be some takoyaki <3

cold mango flavored calpis :D, oh oh you're pork tonkatsu sanwich tastes great <3

And no, Nijiya isn't a walk x_x its quite far (if youre leaning on the rounder side, like me), it likes 2 stations away from the convention center on the lightrail). Convention center statioin to Japantown/Ayer Station.

General Convention Discussion / Re: What makes Fanime different?
« on: May 14, 2012, 11:52:23 PM »
To be honest, i like the fact that the convention literally runs from Thursday night (early badge pick-up till 8pm, swap meet begins, video room fires up, arcade room becomes the mecca of gamers) and will not stop until monday 4pm.. Even if the main events finish early, people running the halls left and right in the wee hours of the morning doing their own thing like making their own mini skits for passing audiences, mini-game shows, random DS/PSP battles, people dancing, people talking and sharing stories to whoever wishes to listen.

There are even people who cosplay as their favorite characters IN PYJAMAS carrying a pillow/body pillow/plushie and still in cosplay mode. A lot of things worth experiencing, that is if you can keep awake for 4 days/nights straight (when i feel droopy i just set my alarm for the first thing I want to check out the next day and sleep, most people don't usually show up till like 10 or 11am so they can get some beauty sleep).

Aside from that, i remember the restaurants/some food spots in the area will stay up late in the morning to help provide hungry attendees (hoagy steaks anyone?, buche fries <3, cap'n crunch berry donuts from psycho donuts in the morning). And if you're still bored from ALL of that, there's STAGE ZERO, which literally has prizes offered every other hour to whomever wins their games (private tickets to Guests of Honors party anyone?) as well as entertainment.

So, pack up your stuffs (don't forget hygiene stuff please), hoard tons of beverages, sweets, chocolate and instant noodles! I'd bet you'd have a blast ^_^

Gaming / Re: What MMORPG are you playing?
« on: May 14, 2012, 11:27:07 PM »
Ragnarok Online now and then :)
I play on Ymir and Yggdrasil servers when i'm free. It might be old school, but I love the game.

so...is this the place to find like minded-gamers who just recently discovered Kid Icarus Uprising for the 3DS is awesome :) ?

I'd love to find a gathering of gamers playing this game :D and play local 3vs3 Light vs Dark or, Free for all against 5 other players :")

Gaming / Re: What MMORPG are you playing?
« on: February 02, 2012, 02:32:47 PM »
Ragnarok Online

this would be fun ^^, lets hope i arrive early so i can join in :D
I don't have Mario Kart 7, but I'd love to fill my Mii plaza and complete my Find Mii Quests :D

I got myself a mew from the arcade room, thanks <3

I guess this is the section where you post what you lost at Fanime 2010 in the hope of retrieving it. Someone sticky it when possible.

My bro lost my camera at Dealer's Hall, its a Sanyo Xacti silver in color, strapped to the black casing, white strap's already a little fluffy on one section (due to overuse)

I already reported it at ConOps, but there hasn't been any news Q-Q

If found, please contact me thru PM or email, thanks!!

Mod edit: email helpATfanimeDOTcom lostATfanimeDOTcom

is it okay to twitter by laptop right? I don't have a twitter app for my mobile :'(

or better yet, what's that alternative when you don't have twitter...?

I don't have a mew or a secret key, ill try to meet up with you when i find you roving :D

speaking of which, are you sharing the mystery gifts through event cards..?

ooh! can i be a player?! I'm not going to cosplay, but i'd love to take photos of cosplayers or play tin-pin slammer with gamers. (although i have to leave early, I have a wedding to go to, and ill get picked up from fanime T^T )

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