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Sounds perfect, I will definitely take it! Just let me know how to spot your section in the swap room and I'll stop by. Thanks!

Would you be willing to sell volume 5 of Hell Girl only? I have every other volume of the first season, except 5 and it would be great to finish that collection. What would you be asking for it and if you don't mind me asking, is the disc and case in good condition? Would appreciate it!

Hello everyone, this is Ion from the last three years' Trinity Blood gathering!

It's been a long time since I have logged on here, but I thought I'd come by and let you guys know that I won't be going to Fanime this year. Life has decided to throw me the worst luck this past year and I'm in no way prepared to attend a convention right now. I had planned to retire Ion as of last year and wanted to do something new for the gathering, but it'll have to wait.

It's funny, since I've been doing this gathering for 3 years, and even though I've only seen you guys for a short time during the event I've grown to care for everyone that has been there. So, please have a great time for me, take lots of pictures, and please share when the con's over.

Happy con-going friends!

Isma- a.k.a. "Ion Fortuna"

I'm so glad I was able to see everyone from the last few years and it was great meeting some new faces. I think despite everything, I had a great time and am looking forward to next year :)

I think, however, that Ion is probably going to be retired and I'll be coming back next year as Brother Petros, manga version. As much as I have loved being Ion, I think I'd like to give another character a shot. And I think Brother Petros would suit me a bit more, lol. So here's to counting down the days til next year and to hopefully having a new Trinity Blood cosplay for our next gathering. I'll keep in touch!

Oh! Anyone that has facebook, feel free to add me. Look me under Ismael Ramirez-Macias. Later guys! :D

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: FanimeCon 2010 Feedback Thread
« on: June 01, 2010, 10:39:59 PM »
Respecting personal space

I mentioned my experience to a fellow friend who's been staffing for years, but I felt I would share my experience and I apologize if this is similar to other incidents that may have been talked about.

Now, I know staff cannot control people and their more than hyper personalities, but one day a random girl hugged me, out of nowhere and I had no time to react. I made it clear I did not appreciate it and said "Please ASK if you can give me a hug" and I walked away. I was in cosplay, and while my outfit was not damaged, it's not to say that the possiblity wasn't there. I feel like it should be made a clear, and very important notice to any Fanime attendee to please respect a person's personal space, and make hugging/glomping without permission something that will not be tolerated. The last thing I want to see is someone get hurt, or have their hard work on their cosplay be ruined by someone's ignorance and disrespect.

Other than that, I felt Fanime was fun, relaxing, and I give staff a hand.

I'm bringing my Auron cosplay out of the closet, ( haven't worn it since 2005 ) and hopefully I'll be there :D

@ Kimu - I am loving your photo ideas, and I can totally see these working out. I'm so excited to see you guys again!

Thanks everyone, it's the sentiment that counts more than anything on your guys' part. Luckily, I managed to figure out accomodations through relatives that live in the area. I don't know why I didn't think about it sooner until my parents mentioned "you know your uncle and aunt *insert names here* do live in San Jose" which then followed by a major FACEPALM moment, lol.

But, glad to know things will be taken care of and I'll be seeing everyone there :)

Hey lovely group, it's your fellow Ion.

Hopefully this isn't out of place in this thread, but I was hoping someone might be able to help me out. Situation is, the group I am staying with for Fanime is only going to be there til Sunday morning, and our gathering is in the afternoon. So, I am trying to find accomodations for that one Sunday night. Otherwise, I will more than likely have to make the drive home rather early this year and miss our gathering. So, if you know of anyone that would be kind enough to have room for a very respectful individual Sunday night, please PM me with details.

I really am looking forward to seeing you guys, and it'd be a major bummer if I don't make it to the gathering.

So...I WILL be at Fanime this year! :D

My trip to Japan is still happening this October, but I'm SO glad that I won't have to miss out on Fanime. So, count Ion for sure!

Guys! I will probably not be going to Fanime this year afterall. Why? Because I'll be going to JAPAN!

I've got a potential oppurtunity I can't pass up to travel to Japan this October, and if so, I need to save every last dime to go towards my trip. Right now things are looking really good, but there's still a slight chance I might not go.

I will know for sure by next week, but I just wanted you guys to know that I will miss you guys and hope the gathering and the convention turn out just as fantastic as before. I'll keep you updated!

Hey everyone! It's been a looong time, hope everyone is doing well, nothing too new going on around these parts.

I would like to say, that due to a job change, I know for sure that I will be able to attend Fanime next year, and therefore will like to confirm my return as Ion Fortuna :D

Ion v. 2.0 went very well this year, and will receive some modification, mainly the adding of more details that I couldn't get to on time. Oh! And finally, a SWORD! WOOT!!

Anywho, missing everyone, I'll check in every once in a while again to see how everyone is. Later!

Things in the Universe / Re: Adventure to the Tattoo Parlor
« on: September 09, 2009, 11:11:52 PM »
OMG! I've been gone SO long! Sorry to those that continued to follow this thread, but I just fail at life. I've had lots of work since I've last posted, but still far from done. That's what happens when you're tight on money and busy with work all the time. But! I will share some crappy pictures I took :D

So, here we have Utena Tenjou from Revolutionary Girl Utena. We made the mistake of putting her in the crease of my elbow, so she looks a bit...odd. But! My artist did a great job regardless and made it work, very happy!

Next up, Dio and Luciola from Last Exile. Bad picture, but they came out great!

No more characters done, after those, but I have gotten some of the flowers and waves done!

So there you have it! Seven sessions put in so far, and my artist says we'll finish the rest in two more. So, wish me luck and I'll catch up next time!

Things in the Universe / Re: Adventure to the Tattoo Parlor
« on: June 01, 2009, 10:32:43 PM »
I saw you at Fanime and I only knew who you were due to the tats you were sporting, lol.

LOL believe me when I say you weren't the only one that recognized me solely because of my tattoos. Aside from that, it was a great way to meet new people since they would point out some of the characters on my arm which would lead to some fun conversations :)

Things in the Universe / Re: Adventure to the Tattoo Parlor
« on: May 30, 2009, 10:54:50 PM »
Pain isn't that big of a deal anymore. It's just routine every time I sit in the chair, lol. We would have tackled one more character today, but my artist came into the shop specifically for my session only because his wife was home sick and he needed to be home with her. But regardless, it was great and we managed to tackle a couple more characters. 3 down, 7 to go @_@

( and all the waves, flowers, etc, omfg, death! )

Things in the Universe / Re: Adventure to the Tattoo Parlor
« on: May 30, 2009, 10:25:46 PM »

I sure hope those are good "wows" lol that a P3n0r on your inner arm?????rofl j/k

LMAO, no, there are none of those on my arm. If what you think might be one, it's actually part of Sailor Saturn's leg XD

Things in the Universe / Re: Adventure to the Tattoo Parlor
« on: May 30, 2009, 09:55:53 PM »

I sure hope those are good "wows" lol

*sorry hit modify on accident*

Things in the Universe / Re: Adventure to the Tattoo Parlor
« on: May 30, 2009, 06:29:18 PM »
BLAH! Wow, so it's been a while since I got any work done. Considering that I had Fanime to prepare and pay for, left me with no time and no extra money to do some work. So, now that Fanime is in the past ( sadly, I'm still suffering from post-con depression ) I finally got some more color done. In these crappily taken pics, Sakura and Syaoran from Tsubasa got finished up! I personally LOVE the colors that my artist chose for their colors. And this is still fresh ( 5 hours ) so excuse the fact that it looks like Syaoran is bleeding from the eyes, lol. And it was SO awesome to see you at Fanime Phobia! *hugs!*

Hey lovely people. So, I have to let you know, that I will only be able to make the gathering for the one hour before I have to jet over to another gathering. Not that I don't love you all like the dickens, but when I agreed to the other gathering I didn't realize the times were going to be so tight. BUT, I will be in my Ion cosplay all of Friday and before the TB gathering. So, if you see me walking around, please say hi and take pics with me or something!

Ion version 2.0 is going very well ( lol ) and I should have it done soon ( or, better yet, should be done by tomorrow night as Wednesday I'll be too busy with my sister's award ceremony and that afternoon will be strained *dies* ) But never fear, it's a much better improvement from last year AND I'll be thinner, I am now 48 pounds lighter :)

See ya at Fanime lovelies!

I am so frickin' tired right now, but I thought I would share the progress on my Ciel cosplay. I still have to add some stuff to the cuffs, the collar, and my eyepatch, but for the most part, it's done. I'm super happy with how it's going and with my design :)
Please excuse how tired I look.

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