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Staff & Volunteers / Re: Looking for SOS/Rover staff for 2009!
« on: September 22, 2008, 07:11:58 PM »

I look forward to attempting to do my double staffing of sos and registration, but on another note Unit 51 and I are going to be unable to attend any staff meetings until we're like right up on fanime....seeing as how we're moving out of california to arkansas. Is there some way one of the amazing 'bouncers' could message us any important notes for 09 that are different than 08 or anything they deem important? That way we can keep up? Thanks lotses!

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: Cosplay for 2009
« on: September 07, 2008, 01:42:38 AM » one of my random google words tirades I ended up looking up 'spartan' and was looking at the pics, I got the silly '300' spartans stuff, then I found a funny picture of master chief from a I just HAD to look at what the heck it was...turns out someone made a female master chief and were selling it on e-bay here's the link to the page it was found on.
I found it HILARIOUS and thought...hey that'd be a fun this year, instead of making a couple different cosplays (which overworks me and end up unfinished or crappy) I have decided on doing this version of master chief, just for fun ^.^!

Jerry...talking of bootleg and faux and steve never finished making our shoes! I mean, that's the whole reason you were in the the cops wouldn't see our little asian sweatshop!

Staff & Volunteers / Re: Looking for SOS/Rover staff for 2009!
« on: July 01, 2008, 12:48:55 AM »

Who is your fiancée by the way?
UNIT 51 is my fiancee

Staff & Volunteers / Re: Looking for SOS/Rover staff for 2009!
« on: June 27, 2008, 01:42:12 AM »
So my fiance was SOS this last year and wants me to do SOS with him in 09 instead of registration. I was wondering if there's anyway I could do registration and then do SOS? Like work mornings/afternoons with reg and afternoon/nights for SOS? If so that'd be great, cause we always need help in reg

I think a gathering of the fanime-peeps would  be fun, but I have to agree that it probably would cause parents to  be concerned if their kids  are hanging out with complete maybe have a chat room or  online get together of sorts to help your anime clubers more comfortable with other people, instead of an irl meeting. If we were to do the gathering at a beach I think it's a good idea for parents/guardians to be there...just in case.
But now I'm liking the idea of having a just fanimer hanging out on the same day, you  guys doing your thing and if any of your people wanna hang with us cool people they can, if they aren't comfortable then they can stay with people they know.

I might be doing a samurai from disgaea

Registration / Re: About the ID thing...
« on: January 30, 2008, 12:54:46 AM »
This year I myself will have a License/ID, But my sister will not. Can I show mine to them to also have her get hers? Can she use her school ID? Or do we need our parents to come and show their Identification?

sOrry to bother anyone with such a silly question but I'm rather lost on the whole thing... ^^;
When I worked registration last year we were told that a federal ID is preferable, but having the receipt of your purchase of the badge is fine and having a school ID is just need someone to vouch for you ie yes they are who they say they really shouldn't be a problem

I suppose there's still gonna be some people with their hate talk...oh bad some people need to put others down just to feel superior.
But as requested this is a list of anime/manga/games that I like...or which ones I could think of
Love Hina
Rourouni Kenshin
Sorceror HUnters
Street Fighter
Ghost in the She
Vampire Knight
Angelic Layer
I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
Final Fantasy (all)
Fruits Basket
Air Gear
Jin King of Bandits
Desert Punk
Wolf's Rain
Outlaw Star
Guilty Gear
Witch Hunter Robin
High School Debut
Fighting Spirit
Golden Boy
Cowboy Bebop
Full Metal Alchemist

and yet I feel like there's more...

Well, thanks for the help to those of you who actually understood that I need help picking...I have issues with choosing a single or even three different characters to do because I have too many favorites and want to do all of them, which doesn't help me pick.
And as for those of you who just kinda stood up on your pedistal and basically told me that I don't know what I'm doing and that I'm insulting a characters creator just because I was asking for assistance need to just get off their pedistal and think...what was it like to do your first cosplay? Did you ask an opinion of someone else so that they could help you? And did you ever think that I don't have a lot of free time to go through ALL of the anime/manga I know of to pick some that I like? I rarely have time to do so, I'm too busy holding down a job to pay for rent and watching my 1 year old brother so my mom could go to work...maybe you should think about stuff before you say them...and it's not just me that you've been talking down too...I've noticed that some of you have been going on other forums where people are trying to discuss stuff...maybe trying to use humor about the subject and you just b*tch at them about basically saying that your better and know all so they shouldn't have said this or that cause it's wrong or stupid..blah blah blah, it's just rude and disrespectful

Cosplay a character THAT YOU LIKE because you like the character. Cosplaying just for the sake of cosplaying is a spit in the face of the designer of whoever you're cosplaying as.

I STRONGLY second this.

Don't cosplay a character only because you like its design. Cosplay a character that you like, because if the design is the primary reason why you're cosplaying her, it's not only insulting to the creator, but insulting to fans of that series. I know how it feels to want to at least be able to pull off the character you're cosplaying, but it should be a character that you like, and want to cosplay as because you love his/her character and want to express that. If you're absolutely SURE on the design, AT LEAST watch the series. It's only slightly better if you at least know the series and the character, but not by much if you don't enjoy it.

I hate running into people who are cosplaying a character, where I can assume they actually like who they're cosplaying and believe that we have some sort of common interest by talking about the series... which to my disappointment, they know absolutely NOTHING about the series or character they're cosplaying as. It's disgusting to see cosplay reduced to people simply wearing costumes that look pretty, and to have people tear away at an anime/game's value by cheapening it to its character design.
It's not like I'm looking at these suggestions, seeing what looks "pretty" or "neat" I'm seeing characters maybe I had forgotten about or over looked...if I did see one that I liked the design of them then what I have always done is look up and watch the series with the character in it...pretty silly to just ASSUME that I'm not even gonna find out info about the character

I'm coming from Santa Cruz...leaving all the hippies behind to experience the wonders of fanime! I'll probably be working registration again... :P

thank you guys for all the suggestions! It's very helpful, plus i got to find a new anime from it!
i'm gonna try to find my camera to post a pic so it'll be easier for you guys

Hmm...lets see, you can take your pick of characters from Anime Freaks, Vampire Knight,Aquarius Age, X/1999 (if you have long hair or are willing to wear a wig) and basically ANYTHING from Clamp. Most shoujo ai type of manga/anime out there, most characters in those types are the same basic shape as a loli type....hmm...also Cardcaptors and Tsubasa ...there're a whole bunch of loli small framed type of characters out there, even Bleach has some

I'm trying to get into cosplaying stuff, but I'm having issues finding an outfit to go with my body type. I have an issue finding a character that has the same...well endowments as me...I basically have  an hourglass figure with large boobs...can you guys help me find a character?

i might be doing a female ifrit for fanime so, i might be able to do stuff with yall

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