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Big Event Showcase / Re: Black & White Ball Dress Code Discussion
« on: May 29, 2012, 07:11:30 PM »
:/ Making sure shoes don't mark the floor is fine, but the entire restriction of dress shoes is ridiculous. A lot of the times, even if the shoes are not formal, they fit the outfit. I honestly would rather see a semi-formal outfit with shoes that match but aren't fancy than a semi-formal outfit with semi-formal shoes that look stupid or are the wrong color. After all, guys hardly EVER need semi-formal shoes for anything, and if they do, probably only one pair in one color. Us girls get it easy, we buy heels and flats all the time.

*Waves arm* Haaai~! I'll be showing up as P3P's FeMC! Can't wait to meet everyone. ^-^

The one big costume I'm working on this year is Zelos from Tales of Symphonia. I have some amazing shots of his sword, but I know now Idea how to make one. Wood? I don't know how to carve. Does anyone know what I can do? T_T

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