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I have not decided on what I will be wearing. I may do one of these two. Which should I do ?

UCHUU KEIJI GAVAN! I saw you at Wondercon and your outfit's TOTALLY awesome! I VOTE FOR GAVAN

How big is this G8a? My costume (Geara Zulu) is very big and bulky and may cause problems.

Were you the one at CBF because it was AMAZING. WE HAVE TO MAKE THIS WORK

My original plan was to do Ryuji Iwasaki from Gobusters but since that's fallen through...sign me up as Shintaro Goto from Kamen Rider OOO, complete with Birth Driver & Birth Blaster!

I think we'll be fine where we are. If anything, we can migrate to the business area inside the Marriott lobby like we did two years ago to get out of the rain. We were out of the way and didn't take up TOO much space!

Woolf Enneacle, G-Bouncer, launching (this time for real)! My friend version7.0 will be Banagher Links with my Haro again!

Sunday works best for us (preferably after noon!) since SJSU's graduation is on Saturday and the two of us will be busy.

Alright, my Yuki friend and I are gonna do DUCK variants of Yuki and Natsuki because it's too delicious to resist wearing black suits.

My friend and I were Natsuki and Yuki (respectively) this year at Fanime, so I'm pretty sure we can reprise them for next year!

SUPREME!! I shall put you two down.
P.S.  You guys were SO awesome this year. :D

And do you mean you were/will be Natsuki?

Yeah, I was and will be Natsuki again, same with my friend who confirmed he'll do Yuki again!

My friend and I were Natsuki and Yuki (respectively) this year at Fanime, so I'm pretty sure we can reprise them for next year!

On Friday I was Natsuki Usami and my friend was Yuki Sanada, both from tsuritama. We were in black ties carrying fishing poles doing silly poses.

On Saturday my friend was Ozu from Tatami Galaxy.

On Sunday I was Shinjuro Yuki, my friend was Rinroku Kaisho, and my other friend was Inga: all of us from UN-GO.

I'd deeply appreciate it if you had pics of any of these and PMed me with them. Thanks a bunch!

General Convention Discussion / Re: Missed Connections Fanime 2012
« on: May 29, 2012, 10:20:28 PM »

the tall Natsuki and Yuki: I didn't see you persay, but I saw a picture my friend Haru took of you and you looked fabulous

Oh hey, that's me (Natsuki)! Thanks for the compliment; we loved your friend's Haru as well! If you wouldn't mind, I'd like a copy of that picture, since Yuki and I forgot to get any pictures with our own cameras...

I feel terrible for missing the gathering and not representing AGE, but alas... I look forward to the pictures!

I'd personally prefer the Saturday plan, but I have no conflicts with Sunday morning.

I was just thinking about the fact that we have nearly every animated work/universe represented, and it's pretty exciting! Maybe Judau, Seabook, Uso, & Kira will emerge riding on a white mobile suit to save the day, lol. As for date/time, I'm fine with either day but would prefer the gathering to be later in the afternoon, be it 3 or 4. Meeting at the Marriott side like last year would work as well, especially if it ends up raining again.

Haha, so you took my suggestion? XD

List updated!

Lol yes, your vote was instrumental in my decision. Gunpla Builders can get love some other day!

WELP. I'm formally changing my outfit to Woolf Enneacle from Gundam AGE, specifically the young version from Flit's saga. I'm bringing my little AGE Haro too.

I'll also be dragging my friend along as Banagher Links from Gundam Unicorn because he shall carry my torch my UC Haro to the future!

Shohei Narumi from Devil Summoner 2: Raidou vs Abaddon.

Of COURSE I'll be in attendance! Put me down (hopefully) as Haru Irei from Gunpla Builders Beginning G! If all else fails I'll rehash Banagher yet again.

I'm retiring the Billy head now since it barely fits my fat head now...but now I can return to my trusty white line painter! I had fun meeting you all!


As I'm sure a lot of you know, Tohru Furuya, the voice of Amuro Ray from Mobile Suit Gundam, is a guest of honor this year at Fanime. Unfortunately, they just now posted the times for the autograph session, and it conflicts with the Gundam cosplay gathering. I know that a lot of you who plan on attending the gathering are also planning on attending the Furuya's panel and autograph session, as well as myself.

So, I have decided to move the gathering back an hour at 5:30pm. I've messaged BSaphire to let her know. However, I believe that it will be too late to change it on the schedule boards, etc. So if you have any friends planning on coming to the gathering, please notify them and get the word out. Thank you!

Oh my god YES THANK YOU! I've got a gathering during the Sunday autograph session too so this work out amazingly!


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