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What I meant is that neither myself or my boyfriend have decided if we're actually going to go to Fanime next year. x3 Since there's so many other cons we haven't been to yet, we're thinking we might just go for a day. Like I said, it's a little early for either of us to be 100% certain.

Boom-Boom is, technically-speaking, about 50-60% done already.

It's a bit early for me to be 100% committed just yet, but I'm most likely going to be there next year as New Mutants-era Boom-Boom. My boyfriend *may* be coming as Blue Beetle (Ted Kord, specifically), but yet again, not 100% sure just yet.

My boyfriend (list as JL, but he's not on the forums) will be reprising his Shadowbolt cosplay from last year.

Apparently, he felt bad that the rest of my group from last year weren't bringing back their pony cosplays, so he decided to tag along. What a guy~ <3

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to drop Toph off my list this year, as right now I don't really have the funds to finish her. I'm EXTREMELY bummed out about this, but right now I'm unable to work (yay, foot surgery), so I decided to drop the cosplay with the least amount finished.

Of course, I could always hope for a miracle. But that's unlikely to happen this far into March.

I've got a question:

I'm thinking of making a small paper-mache "boulder" to carry around/use for pictures with my Toph cosplay (the theorized height & length is around 12-18", maximum). The majority of the pictures will be taken outside, but I'll likely be walking through the convention center with it on the way to/from getting pictures.

It's going to be hollow (unless I build it around one of those bouncy-balls), so it likely won't even weigh half a pound, and isn't going to be a danger to anyone.

Would it still be subject to peace-binding? And how would it be peace-bound? Or is it better to just nix the idea of the boulder altogether?

Toph's base wig came in!

And with the conclusion of Black Friday & Cyber Monday, cosplay work has begun! I couldn't find a pre-made Toph wig that I felt looked good, so I decided to use a tutorial I found on Youtube to construct my own. 8D

I'm starting super-early on things, simply because Toph's going to need the most work. :x

An update on mine...

I will still be going as Trixie, but unless anyone changes their mind, I will be going solo to the gathering (which is rather fitting, when you think about it).

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: Sollux Castor Help?
« on: November 01, 2012, 01:12:02 AM »
Google is your friend for this; you can buy the shirts premade, I've seen horns for sale on Etsy, as well as ebay. If you want to make them yourself to lower costs, you can find tutorials on deviantart.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests I Want for Fanime 2013!!!!!!!!
« on: October 21, 2012, 04:30:53 AM »
Hirohiko Araki would be AMAZING to have at Fanime. My boyfriend recently got me into JJBA, and I know he'd be ecstatic to see him as well.

I'm working on a Last Airbender-era Toph, and I might have someone as either the Ember Island Players Toph (Man-Toph!) or The Boulder.

Might have my boyfriend (not on the forums) as Bolin, but he's not 100% sure just yet.

Just a heads-up for photo-ops: I'm making a false boulder/rock for "earth bending" pictures. Any Avatars and Earth Benders will be welcome to use it (since it's being constructed around a beachball, it'll even bounce (hopefully)!). We could even make a game of it.

For 2013: I'm currently working on Ariel (Kiss the Girl variant).

B1polarAng3l is working on a Tinkerbell.

I'm going to try to ask a friend if he'll bring back his Kuzco.

Loved being there as Princess Luna, even if my dress was in danger of ripping during the entire con (not to mention all the bending at the MLP gathering). as it is, we had to repair my dress no less than 3 times in our hotel room.

Not sure about the rest of my group, though I'm planning on being (The Great and Powerful) Trixie for next year; our Derpy (B1polarAng3l) may be joining again as Photo Finish (I need to ask her if she still plans on it - my wig for another cosplay is perfect for PF, and she was really interested in being her).

If it's not actually in use, I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed. Since it's not creating smoke, after all.

are there any other magma grunts in the house? first time at fanime...i'm pretty damn excited

I have two friends that cosplay Magma grunts, but I don't know if either is bringing theirs with them.

I keep redesigning Absol; finally decided on white pants because I couldn't get the skirt I wanted made. Waiting on my wig to arrive.

Our group lost our Celestia, and our Apple Bloom.

really depressed about losing our Celestia, but seeing that there will be others makes me happy.

Also, confirming that I will be Princess Luna for this gathering, not Nightmare Moon (though she is also in my rotation)

Just a simple question, is anyones birthday on the saturday of fanime? xD Or like... close to it? XD

My birthday is on the 31st. D:

Also, my Absol scythe headband looks pretty wicked... in my sketches. :x Getting together with my Fanime group this week to work on cosplays & actually make it a reality.

How many people would be interested in Pinkie Pie doing a small concert of some of her favorite songs!

because I love singing too much and I know all of her songs...

This would be adorable, omfg. I was actually thinking of possibly snagging my Pinkie's costume for the freestyle karaoke, and doing "Smile, Smile, Smile!"

But I highly doubt my crazy-wide hips would fit her tiny clothes. XD

P.S. Our Apple Bloom has run into money problems, and won't be able to attend. D:My group's Apple Bloom is now a 'maybe'. And unfortunately, it looks like we're most likely losing our Fluttershy, as she's moving to Oregon.... soon-ish.

I have an inquiry in regards to food props. It's probably a no-brainer "NO", but I just want to be sure.

A couple of my group's members are cosplaying characters with an affinity to certain foods (cupcakes & muffins). I was planning on making a few large muffins for one member to have for our cosplay gathering, and to carry around at the con. The other friend would have a small, paper plate with a few (non-frosted) cupcakes that we're going to buy.

I'm asking this because in the past, I've seen cosplays of (example) Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd, carrying around a platter of (actual) mince meat pies.

Would this be allowed at Fanime so long as the food is not being eaten, and is wrapped?

The new grass might not be a bad location for the Pokemon Picnic, actually.

Assuming we can secure it when there isn't a gathering on it.

Some changes to my group's roster:

- Our Big Macintosh is now going to be Vinyl Scratch.
- HOWEVER, we may have a new Big Macintosh. It's a matter of convincing him to go to Fanime.
- We now have a Spike.
- Our Rainbow Dash has been really aloof as to whether or not she's even attending Fanime. So she's being demoted to a 'Maybe'.

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