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BTW does anyone have ALL the pics of ALL the poses of the gathering?

Well, if you guys are interested, I made a video which includes the whole Code Geass scene.


The code geass scene is near the middle ish of the video.


Well, if you guys are interested, I made a video which includes the whole Code Geass scene.


FAnime is soooo much better when you rent a hotel.

This was my first year being there with a hotel, and it rocksssss.
Everything is just so convenient and it seems like FAnime is your home!

Ahem anyway
This year was great. I saw many great, cute, and beautiful cosplays this year. I swear, is it me or does FAnime get better every year?
The dealer's hall had so many great things this year as well!
What else, FAnime Cafe could use a little work though, perhaps some better food! Cold sandwiches? :( Come on!
Aside from that, the anime marathons could've been better too.
Masquerade was alright... I could've sworn 2007's masquerade was better. Much more diversity and better ideas IMO.

Other good things?
I WAS EXTREMELY glad there wasn't as much Naruto and Bleach cosplayers as there was the previous 2 years. I mean, talk about overload back then. It's better now, and I saw a lot more diverse cosplayers.

The Black & White Ball was EXCELLENT too. I had an extraordinary time there. Really, I loved it. I was also very glad that the music there wasn't Hiphop/Rap/RnB, yuck, I hate those genres. Will there be a B&W Ball next year? I hope so >_<

Anyways, overall, FAnimeCon 2009 was off the bat. It was worth my 72 hours there. And I hope next year gets even better.
Thank you fellow Anime Fans! ;)

Well, I meant who won the "Best (something" kind of awards :x

I was the Vampire Knight... acting as a Knight. Hahaha I got to kill one person until Anya (bishop) killed me. I'll remember that. ;o

it was fun though, I hope to see you guys again for another Cosplay Chess.

Indeed, it was fun. Who won the awards and prizes?

Woah, so this guy has over 8 arcade machines?

No CvS2? :(

Are you running on PS2console?

If you are, can I bring CvS2 and play :D

Where on SRK did you post? Are you the K-groove player that's been playing with Lionx?

I will play CvS2 at Fanime. There's a "secret" place in Oakland that will hold sessions every friday, just look around Pac North forums on SRK to find out.

Yes. I am indeed him. Hahaha how'd you know? Oakland is very far from me... are you talking about albert_c's place?

are you planning to meet ppl at fanime?

again this isnt a cosplay meet up, but since it sounds like your looking for PvP on arcade gaming it sounds like a legit meeting-up topic.

However, it would be the first hey, lets play video games meet-ups request.

- back on topic ish, i havent played CvS2 since college, and more ppl prefer MvC2 which apparently is making a online comeback since it will be on PSN [Playstation online network] and probably Xbox live...

if you and enough ppl gripe about it, im sure PSN/Xbox Live will eventually possibly re-release CvS2 on those same networks so you can challenge online.

Good luck finding reputable players.

Ok. I hope to see you there playing CvS2. If not, it's okay.

Hey, I'm a CvS2 player, and last year I found some pretty good folks who played. I started playing a lot since then, and I'd love to meet up some challengers and appoint a meeting just like how I did on Shoryuken.Com forums. Is anyone interested? I'll be dressed a vietnamese guy dressed in Vampire Knight (and red streaks of hair) or Organization XIII with an Oblivion keyblade.

I'd love to join.

I have a keyblade as well as an organization XIII coat. Which day and time are we meeting folks?

Wow creative idea. I might want to do this. Sounds fun ^_^

Hey, I'm dressing up in my night uniform costume from the Vampire Knight anime/manga. Would be cool to meet up on a certain day and time, so we could all take pictures or something. Anybody interested? Let me know.

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