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looks like I won't be doing the masq afterall.  so I can make it on Saturday for the gathering, rather than having an extention gathring for Monday. 
So I'll be there Saturday as Pleinair with my bunny.  ^_^  Yay!

Going to my first con [Fanime 2002].  The club officers from my HS anime club cosplayed as the FFX crew.  I've been planning on making my own cosplays ever since. 

Too many to choose from so I can't just chose one. 
From my very first costumes, probably my MOMO from Xenosaga is one of my signature cosplay.
And Talim from Soul Calibur 2:

And from my latest costumes,
Itsuki from Sengoku Basara:
DJ Erika from Beatmania:

I really want to wear my Pleinair for this, but I won't be able to on Saturday because of the masq. 
I'll probably wear her on Monday as I go shopping in the dealers room though. 

I've got my Konata cos for this. 

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: Cosplay for 2008
« on: March 12, 2008, 05:26:12 PM »
My list for this year is still very tentative. 

Friday:  Misa [for the Death Note gathering]
Saturday:  Dagger/Garnet [for the masq]
Sunday:  Refia (Devout) ?
Monday:  Dijiko ?

I also really want to wear

Nagi from Hayate The Combat Butler
Pleinair from Disgaea
Konata from Lucky Star

Panels and Workshops / Re: Parapara Workshop!
« on: October 26, 2007, 01:07:11 PM »
If there was a Para Para Workshop/Panel @ Fanime, I would definitely attend!!  ^^

Hey everyone!  Here's pics from Fanime in my gallery.  :

the music game gathering pics are around page 3-5.  Enjoi!  ^^

Thank you everyone for coming!!  ^^  This was my first time hosting a gathering.  

I've been busy with school since I got back from Fanime, but I will have pics up in my gallery this weekend.  

Hope we can make another Musical gathering next year as well!   :D

I've tried playing Pop'n on a PS2 controller, it'd be cool to play on a the real game pad ^_^.

Does anyone know if Beatmania will be on console gaming?

hmm.  looking at the gaming threads, there will be two DDR machines and a Para Para machine, but there won't be a IIDX machine.  =/

lol.  hmm...IIDX accessories...all i could think of are vinyl records and tote bags.  XD  

We should all perform a Para Para Paradise dance ^^  

Oh and after taking pics at the gathering, maybe we could all go to the arcade and take pics playing our games.   :D

Quote from: "GaMeReVoLuTiOnX"
<- Wants. Commissions? xD

lol.  it'd be cool if we all had IIDX accessories!!  ^_^  

Quote from: "rubymoonIII"
:D  im looking forward to this gathering the most

Yay!  Me too!  ^_^

Quote from: "OniCourseMusha"

cherryteagirl: btw are u gonna use the cd player? If it's a ipod boombox player that would be much easier for me to play my ddr songs on there.

Quote from: "rubymoonIII"
i have an ipod too full of beamania and ddr songs

I've got speakers built into a "Beatmania pad" tote bag I made:  Pic:  

The speakers can play anything that has a headphone jack.  ^^  iPods have that right?   :?:

Quote from: "rubymoonIII"
i almost didnt go through with the emi cosplay XP i had lost faith but its done XD XD i wanted to go as lotte from popn music but i scrapped the idea i got laaaazy

Awesome!  ^^ Yay! DDR Cosplay!   :D

Quote from: "Barnes"
I'm just gonna:
1.Show up to the gathering
2.Take the pictures
3.Leave and take my pad back

Sounds lame, but I'll do the pad thing only for the hell of it.

Sounds cool!  I'll have some Pump it Up K-Pop for you.  ^_^

hey hey!  I sent you all PM reminders about the gathering ^^ check your inboxes!  

I'll have a Beatmania IIDX pad/tote bag with built-in speakers so we can listen to music while we have the gathering.  Let me know what songs you want to listen to (and from which game/version/mix too) and I'll add it to the play list.   :D

LoL.  I like how my postmeter says "Postmania IIDX"  It so fits! XD

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