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Added some things to the first post! If you're planning on attending, please post which character so I can add you to the list! :)

The gathering has been submitted!

Would anybody be interested in a Haruhi Suzumiya/Lucky Star gathering on Day 0? I figure with Aya Hirano being a guest that there'll be a handful of cosplayers from both series again! I was thinking if there's enough people interested that we can have a casual gathering/meetup on Day 0!

Day: Thursday(Day 0!)
Time: I was thinking 3pm?
Location: Art structure at the front of the convention center!

FB event page:

No!! Don't get Vic or Todd! I want Fanime to be a safe convention and not have to worry about any of the guests!

I do second Wendee Lee, though!! Since we have Aya Hirano, it would be so amazing if we had Wendee, too!! <3

Aww, I've been wanting to cosplay Brittany but I don't really have room in my lineup. ;u; Hope you find your group, though!! <3

So, quick question: since I am effectively too blind to cosplay without prescription lenses, I'm wondering which way I should go for contacts.  Original aqua blue for Demyx, or 'Norted gold for the shiggles?
It's up to you, really! ^^ But I think the original aqua blue would be great!

Yeah, you should be fine! XD Anyone from Final Fantasy is welcome!!

Yup, having a Terra will be great! ^^

And I've started working on Lea! :)

Yay, Demyx is my fave next to Axel! :D Will be happy to see a Demyx at the gathering! <3

Panels and Workshops / Final Fantasy 18+ Panel Recruiting!!
« on: February 13, 2019, 11:55:45 PM »
(Panel has been confirmed! Updated details are below! While I am not the leader of the panel I am helping to recruit hence why I posted it here!)

Hello there, everyone! My group is planning on hosting a Final Fantasy panel(18+), and we are in need of characters!! Below I will list details about the panel as well as who we need and from what games, so without further ado:

The panel is basically an anything goes(almost!) panel! There will be questions asked, fun and games, and maybe some truth or dare! I will add more details if needed over time, so do check back here!

Important: There will be a mandatory rehearsal Friday at 6pm! This is not a dress rehearsal so you do not have to be in the cosplay of your character!

Date: Sunday
Time: 10pm-12am
Location: Fairmont

We are only looking for characters from VII and XV since those are the characters we have! If we tried to have characters from all games, it would be too many people!

Now then, onto characters:

Who We Need

Final Fantasy XV
Anyone we don't have!!

-And basically anyone else from VII or XV that we do not have. However we don't want to have the cast of characters be too big as we can only fit so many people on the panel stage!

Who We Have

Final Fantasy
Moogle/Mog x2 (They will basically be hosting the panel and are the only mascot characters we need)

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy XV

So far those are only the ones we are looking for, however I will update this if we are looking for any others! Feel free to post here if you're interested!

Thank you for linking to the Rumiko gathering!! ^^

Yup, but since I already watched the whole thing, secret ending included, it's all good here. XD And by the time Fanime rolls around, a majority of people should have at least played or watched it by then!

I have updated my list in my previous post! ^^

I might be there as KH3 Lea!! ^^

I'm good with Sunday at 11am. :)

Seconding GranRodeo!!

Would also like to see:

How Merry Marry
Jam Project

(I'll suggest more when they come to mind)

Yeah, it all depends on if it turns out decent. :x But I really want to have it finished in time!

So after finishing KH3(watching it not playing it since I don't have a PS4 or Xbox One), I decided that instead I'll be doing Lea! Kairi will happen eventually but Lea will be easier to get done. <3

I'm thinking I might end up bringing KH3 Kairi, after all! So I'll be back at the gathering this year!! ^_^

Bumping this up again!! Feel free to post here if you're thinking about attending the gathering! :]

General Convention Discussion / Re: Fanime 2018 Report - Larger Than Life
« on: January 24, 2019, 07:04:43 PM »
Hey, these forums aren't quite dead. xD But it does feel like living in the past. I still prefer posting in the forums than in the FB group. :x

But nice to see you return to Fanime!! ^_^

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