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Buy/Sell/Trade / [WTS] KH 358/2 Days for 22 dollars
« on: February 23, 2010, 09:32:55 PM »
I have a Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days game.
Near perfect condition, has the saved data still, beat the game. You can erase it as you please.
Um, $22.00?

+ Introduction: Hello, my name is Zexion, I need a room to stay in. I am 18.
+ Hotel Information: Any hotel, for the whole 4 days
+ Requirements: No drinking or drugs please, that's it
+ Contact: myspace.com/CloakedSchemer (or id 55763782)
+ Miscellaneous: Uh..I am fun to be with. :)

Well thanks everyone.
I will be sure to check those things out
I will most likely be wearing a plaid blue and black shirt
So, if you see me, say hi.
Also, should I bring a backpack or something to bring all my things in?
Where is the best place to go first when I get there?

I have never been there and I am completely new to this, I will be going by myself and I am a shy person so going up to huge groups is impossible for me.

I need some friends.

Ok then
I just want friends
That's all

Heh, well thanks for the info.
Like I said, I cant just say hi (yes, even waving is embarrassing for me)
I heard about "groups"?
And no I do not mind
I don't care who I am with, because obviously, we are all there for the same common interest so we should all get along
It would be better if someone just came up to me and introduced me to everyone, that I do not mind at all, I just dont want to be by  myself when I am being introduced to a crowd.

No cosplaying for me this year
I just want to make friends
It is hard to make friends where I live, no one is interested in anime

I don't know what I would do once I get there
I am a shy person, I cant just go up to people and start talking
How do I meet new people and make friends here?

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