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Based on the wonderful personfication of Rokuzaki webcomic:
Yours truely will be hosting Fanime's first ever JKMM-Midnight Navy gathering.
Come on and all cosplay or not to take photo's and meet other fans of this small fandom.

Date: Sunday
Time: 12pm
Area: Front of convention center


TE-KE: Demetria656

Has anyone planned to host a Assassin's Creed gathering?
If not I would love too!

Assassin's Creed Gathering

Day and time: N/A TBA?
If you guys prefer a day and time please do say so.
I believe we should do it on a early Saturday morning/Afternoon, for photo's the morning would be the best time to take pictures.


Malik- Demetria656

Panels and Workshops / Hetalia panel request?
« on: March 23, 2011, 07:35:00 AM »
Pending approval
Date and time: ?


Quiet honestly right now, I have no clue how to submit a request for a panel and got confused, so I'm going to try this.-

    Dear management of Famine panels,

    "Do you enjoy the anime 'Hetalia Axis Powers'? Do you wish the characters could pop out and answer any question you ask? Well here is you chance!
    Who's Cosplay Production and Studios presents: 'Q & A With Hetalia! '
    Yes! Now you can ask those silly,serious and even strange questions that you have been urging to ask to our wonderful panelist.  Question is are you up to face the world?"

    Hello my name is Demetria Jacob and I am here to represent what I would like to do for an upcoming and future panel at your convention.
    You might know the fan base of Hetalia Axis power has grown over the years. Which is why I plan to create a panel for a  'Q and A with Hetalia' which in a small group of respected and trusted friends of mine will cosplay the countries of the world in the show.
    In the past I have been a panelist in a Hetalia panel, and I've even hosted a panel as Winter Sac-anime 2011, which was a great success.

    Unlike many panels I've been to where fan service is the main focus and little do people care if there is a child under the age with a parents, makes it a uncomfortable experience. Thus is why I plan to limit this and focus more on the 'Q and A's' and dares, even more.

    The panelist that will participate have experience in past panels.

    How long will this panel take?  I wish to have a limit of two hours, seeing how many of those in the audiance ask many questions.

    What will we do? I have this panel planned out in time frames: The first hour or so will be for questions, where in which we have the Audience ask each panelist in order, so that each panelist will have a chance.  After that we will have 30 minutes of 'Free for all' where the audience may ask any character a question or dare and perhaps a small large group game.  The last 20 minutes will be pictures, so that we do not pack the entrance of the panel rooms for those who are booked after us.

    Who many panelist will there be? There will be a limit around 12-14 of different cosplayers answering the questions.
    I have know these people for two years now, so they are very trustworthy and respectful to their surroundings.

    How much room will we need?  Well seeing how Fanime is a very large con and has many people attending, I would expect a audience of 250.

    Rated? I would say this would be around pg to pg13, though I do not like the idea of each dare being a fan service, we will answer two or three audience request if our panelist are comfortable with it.

    Times and day? I would like to request a Saturday if possible, late afternoon around the time of 3, since I am planning to participate in a masquerade skit, I would like to be in the same cosplay the whole day. If not, Sunday afternoon around 3 or early Monday.

    What else? We want this experiential to be fun for both the Audience and panelist!
    I have con experience, I have been attending cons ever since 2007.
    I've won a award for the Beginners skit award from Fanime 2010 and Best Presentation skit Sac-Anime 2011 Winter

    If you have any further questions please be free to contact me via Email.
    Best regards,
    Demetria Jacob

I'm just wondering if there is a Disney cosplay gathering at Fanime.
I'm going to try and do Kida from Atlantis this year.

But if there is one, could someone tell me more information about it, I'm a bit lazy to go through all 57 pages. .w."

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