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I just got my material and a brand new non-crappy old sewing machine! So I'll be able to work on Malik now!

OTL I haven't started on my Malik cosplay...BUT! I got 50 buckand I'll be working on it this weekend! wooooo!

Lol yup! I got my hotel booked and everything, just need to pre-reg!

Hey you guys! I need some help!
I am going to enter the masquerade this year, and i need people to fill in positions.

What I need is a France, America(Maybe),Chibi-America,Sealand, Canada(Maybe), and a Chibi-Canada.
If you are intersted please pm me!

Might I suggest the front right hand side of the convention building.
There are many trees. stairs and cool things around there.
If not perhaps I could find us a place in the area near by to take photo's.

If my friend and I make out cosplay's on time. I will be going at Xatu and my friend as Jigglypuff! :3

I might be going as Maggey if I can get my cosplay done on time! :D

Hey folks! I need your guys help!
I'm looking for a France, Sealand , canada, and America.
For the Canada and America, I was wondering if you guys don't mind being the chibi or child version. If you are intersted, please send me a pm!

A cool place would be in the front side of the hotel. Where all the tree's, cool stairs and such are.
If not there is a cool looking park right across the street.

Might I reqest we do the gathering after 1 or something?

I might be Terezi!:D

I might cosplay Malik if I get him done on time.


Ezio - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Tetsuro - Galaxy Express 999
Ice Cream girl - Adventure Time
Prince Mewt - Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance

By any chance, do you know if there is a Assassins Creed gathering?

If you need any help at all, just ask. I love helping with these type of things. :D

Ah, I didn't see that! Lol I feel a bit of a ditz no.
Lol thanks.

Can I fill the spot of Egypt on the list?

Going as :

England (Hetalia)
Egypt (Hetalia)
Terezi (Homestuck)
Rex (Generator Rex)
Malik (Assassins Creed)
Kida (Disney's: Atlantis)

I'm just wondering if there is a Disney cosplay gathering at Fanime.
I'm going to try and do Kida from Atlantis this year.

But if there is one, could someone tell me more information about it, I'm a bit lazy to go through all 57 pages. .w."

I'm not sure who I will cosplay that day, but I am going towards Egypt. So is it alright I sign up for Egypt that day? 
Also I'm not sure if i will be England also. Confusing ya, sorry. .w."

Hey folks, this is Demetria!
I hope I can meet you all very soon at Fanime.

I need some help.
I am #48 of the Skits, we are know as the  "Who's?".
We are planning a Hetalia skit, but i need a charcter!
We need a France!! With out a France and a America, our skit can not work, and i have been planning this since last summer con at Sac-anime.
If you guys can help me out, that would be awesome!
But send me a email at ( )

Hope to see you all there!
Over an out~

P.s. Who will you be at Fanime? Ill be England,Egypt and Cyprus.

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